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UKRAINE Investment Destination. Ukraine is the largest country in Europe Kyiv Odesa.

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1 UKRAINE Investment Destination

2 Ukraine is the largest country in Europe Kyiv Odesa

3 Key macroeconomic indicators Source: World Bank, National Bank of Ukraine

4 Why to invest: BIG, EMERGING MARKET 46 million population, the largest country in Central and Eastern Europe One of the highest GDP growth in the region

5 Foreign Direct Investment in Ukraine

6 Why to invest: STRATEGIC LOCATION Belarus

7 Why to invest? Still many other reasons… High-qualified and inexpensive labour force Rich natural resources (black soil, shale gas, granite etc.) Well-developed transport infrastructure Developed aerospace, aircraft and shipbuilding industries Competitive IT & BPO industries Higher Education ranking of the Global Talent Index CountryPlace USA1 Ukraine10 Russia22 Hungary25 Poland29 Slovenia37 Turkey39

8 Investment climate: Privileges and Guarantees Membership in the World Trade Organization Free Trade Agreement with European Union to be signed Free Trade Agreement with CIS countries to be ratified Privileges and guarantees under the Foreign Investment Law

9 Investment climate: Positive facts and Changes New 2011 TAX code Reduced CPT rate: from 23% to 16% by 2014 Reduced VAT: from 20% to 17% by 2014 Tax holidays for 10 years for following industries: consumer goods, shipbuilding, aircraft, agriculture, hospitality, alternative energy Automatic VAT refund

10 Who had already invested? and many others…

11 Our servicesONE-STOP-SHOP &Project Marketplace

12 One-Stop-Shop: Mechanism

13 One-Stop-Shop: Services Information services Information Supply Research & Contacting Aftercare BD & Networking Troubleshooting Getting started Site Development Support Local Government Relations Pre-investment support Investor Visit Arrangement Location Selections Services

14 Project Marketplace Interactive database of investment projects Different forms of ownership: state-owned private municipal Launch – 2012

15 Opportunities National Projects

16 Priority Areas Energy Infrastructure Winter Olympics 2022 Quality of Life Agriculture

17 What is National Project? Nation-wide scale Strategically oriented Establishes a new industry and becomes a growth driver for existing sectors and industries

18 List of National Projects

19 In conclusions Ukraine as an investment destination - one of the best emerging market in Eastern Europe New IPA Services greatly improve investors journey Ready-to-take strategic projects are under deployment to move the industry ahead Multiple regional opportunities are emerging

20 Thank you For more information please visit:

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