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Basic accounting I recap.

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0 Basic Accounting II (BAII)
Level 2 Certificate in Accounting AAT

1 Basic accounting I recap

2 Terminology UK International Fixed Assets Non-current Assets
A summary of the equivalent international version to the UK terms which are used within this assessment. UK International Fixed Assets Non-current Assets Stock Inventory Debtor Receivable Creditor Payable It is also important for you to be able to use the terms “main ledger” and “general ledger” interchangeably. Progressing through the AAT qualification and other accounting qualifications requires a knowledge of both UK GAAP terms and International Accounting Terms

3 Ledger accounts Run through terms eg Assets, Liabilities, Expenses, Income Stress difference between Purchases and Expenses

4 Ledger accounts

5 Ledger accounts

6 Every DEBIT must have an equal CREDIT
Debits and credits Every DEBIT must have an equal CREDIT

7 Balancing a ledger account

8 Balancing a ledger account

9 The trial balance List of all the ledger balances in the main (general) ledger Debit balances and credit balances listed in difference columns Total debit balance must equal total credit balance

10 The trial balance

11 Debit balances Credit balances
The trial balance Debit balances Credit balances Assets Liabilities Expenses Income Drawings Capital

12 Journal adjustments

13 Journal adjustments A written instruction by a bookkeeper to write a double entry into the general ledger accounts Generally for adjustments therefore a narrative usually accompanies the double entry as explanation for the purpose

14 Journal adjustments E.g. £170 has been debited to insurance instead of motor tax Journal: Dr Motor tax Cr Insurance Being motor tax posted to insurance in error

15 Journal adjustments Other adjustments: Bad debts Contra entries

16 Journal adjustments Bad debts
Arise when a debtor fails to pay and the debt is written off DR Bad debt expense CR Sales Ledger Control Account Being the write off of a bad debt

17 Journal adjustments Contra entries
A business is both a debtor and creditor of another business if it buys and sells with it. Both parties have to agree to “net” balances off i.e. Reduce both the creditor and debtor balances DR Purchases Ledger Control Account CR Sales Ledger Control Account Being the adjustment for a contra entry with ABC Ltd

18 Contra entry - example

19 Contra entry - solution

20 Suspense account

21 Suspense accounts Used as a temporary holding account when
Destination of a posting is uncertain The Trial Balance does not balance and an error has to be investigated Review producing a trial balance

22 The trial balance

23 Errors identified by trial balance

24 Errors not identified by trial balance

25 Journals Used to record unusual items such as error corrections or to clear a suspense account Dr Cr Account to be debited £XXX Account to be credited £XXX

26 Journal entry

27 control accounts

28 Sales ledger control account

29 Purchases ledger control account

30 Control Account Balances
Reasons for differences Casting errors Posting errors Bad debts Contra entries Talk around casting/posting errors Next slides cover bad debts and contra entries

31 Petty cash

32 Imprest system

33 Petty cash voucher

34 Petty cash book

35 vat

36 VAT VAT is charged on the taxable supply of goods and services in the United Kingdom by a taxable person in the course of a business carried on by them.

37 VAT Control Account VAT INPUT VAT (on purchases) OUTPUT VAT (on sales)

38 Calculating VAT Net 100% VAT 17.5% Gross 117.5%
Explain and work examples on calculating VAT

39 Calculating VAT

40 payroll

41 Gross pay and deductions

42 Employee payslip

43 Entering payroll in the ledger - 1

44 Entering payroll in the ledger - 2

45 Entering payroll in the ledger - 3

46 Banking procedures

47 Bank accounts

48 Cheques

49 Cheque crossings

50 Standing orders and direct debits


52 Credit and debit cards

53 BANK Reconciliations

54 Bank reconciliation - 1

55 Bank reconciliation - 2

56 Bank reconciliation - method

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