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Dare To Dream Exploration Planet Media Group. Key aspect of a new revolution will come from the further blending of talents from the movie, computer,

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1 Dare To Dream Exploration Planet Media Group

2 Key aspect of a new revolution will come from the further blending of talents from the movie, computer, music and electronic games industries, linking those abilities to good educational practice. But so far, traditional school systems have been left far behind in the race. -Gordon Dryden - Author of the Learning Revolution Exploration Planet Media Group

3 We have long held that the normal gap between what is generally regarded as entertainment and what is defined aseducation represents an old and untenable viewpoint. -Walt Disney Disney The Beginning of the Magic and the Marriage with the Media Walt Disney certainly knew a thing or two about public relations and promotion. In 1961, the Disneyland organization was about to embark on its most ambitious building project to date: the creation of New Orleans Square -- which included both The Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion. Walt wanted to insure that Disneyland remained: In the news. In the imaginations of the world's youth. And of great importance: That the cash flow would continue. To accomplish this, Walt did a number of things: First he launched a new television show -- "Walt Disneys Wonderful World of Color"-- with a new network (NBC). Then he introduced a new line of toys -- Disneykins. One of the main reasons the Disneykin line was created was to spread the allure of the Disneyland theme park. It is no coincidence that the tag line for Disneykins was "Put Disneyland in Your Pocket." Worldwide, the Disneykin figures were seen as traveling ambassadors for the Disneyland theme park and all things Disney. The early Disneykin television commercials showed a child placing a Mickey figure in a miniature Main Street USA setting and ended with the "Put Disneyland in Your Pocket" tag line. The show, "Walt Disneys Wonderful World of Color," was a cross-marketing promotional bonanza.

4 Exploration Planet Media Group Exploration as a community developer is responsible for the local, state, national and international awareness of Exploration as a mixed use development, both residentially and commercially, and will utilize the Exploration Planet Media Group to administer a very high profile promotional and marketing campaign. Prior to the opening and through the growth and expansion of the Exploration community, the Exploration Planet Media Group will utilize live programming, broadcast television, interactive web based programming, educational toy production and theatrical movies to create and expand the awareness of the community of Exploration. Prime Time TV Dare To Dream Touring Live Show EP Encounter Television EP TV Publishing EP Kids Club Educational Toys Learn and Earn

5 Our promotional and marketing effort is unique in that it provides a significant profit center to ultimately assist in supporting the financial expansion and vertical infrastructure needs of future Exploration communities. Technical Products EP Interactive Movies Exploration Films Theme Parks Exploration Planet Schools EP Institute International EP Experience

6 Launch VehiclePrime Time show entitled Dare to Dream Dare to a one hour prime time television series in which the trials, tribulations and triumphs of 13 high school seniors, who have struggled, but overcome a variety of challenges and/or disabilities to graduate at the top of their high school class, are celebrated for their accomplishments and rewarded as they look ahead to the dreams of their future. In the style of reality based shows such as Extreme Home Makeover, Dare to Dream is a series of heartwarming stories of youths triumph over near tragedy. Dare to Dream utilizes the power of reality television to demonstrate to our youth that they are not alone in the world, that people from all walks of life care about their happiness and future and that, therefore, they should too. Dare to Dream humanizes and celebrates education while embracing its real purpose to create a society of individuals acquiring knowledge and working together to make the world a better place. Produced by Mark Burnett of TVs Survivor and The Apprentice. In each episode our student profiled will have faced and conquered one or more of the following challenges and/or disabilities examples might include: learning challenges and/or disabilities, physical challenges and/or disabilities, emotional challenges and/or disabilities, cultural challenges and/or disabilities. In the opening segment the host will enlist the assistance of a well-respected, beloved celebrity with a parallel or similar story to the student being profiled. Targeted Celebrity Guests:. Bill Clinton. Jim Carrey. Drew Barrymore. George Lucas. Queen Latifah. Marley Matlin. Oprah Winfrey. Haley Berry. Joaquin Phoenix. Shania Twain. Clay Aiken. Henry Winkler. Steven Spielberg

7 The students story will be the primary focus including interviews with family members, close friends and key educational influences. The celebritys story will also be briefly introduced and profiled to reinforce the conquering of the odds and overcoming adversity as well as add the excitement and entertainment value to the show necessary in capturing and retaining a youth viewing audience. The host and celebrity will then visit the student at their school, home, athletic field, church, etc. to begin revealing their identity and purpose for the visit. They will enlist the assistance of the school principal and/or administration, any teachers and peers who have been particularly instrumental and special to the students emotional and academic success. Let the celebration begin. The host, celebrity guest, other featured guests, school faculty, teachers, peers, family members and corporate sponsor representatives participate in showering the students with gifts to celebrate their accomplishments and assist them in following their dreams. Example: A Fortune 500 corporate sponsor representative would present the student with a giant check to be placed in trust to cover four years of tuition, room and board, books and related supplies and weekly spending allowance. A new car would be gifted by an automaker sponsor such as General Motors, Ford or Chrysler. Related taxes would be paid and maintenance and fuel expenses would be paid for the 4 years. A new computer, related accessories such as software and printer, and 4 years of internet access would be provided by a sponsor such as Dell Computer and Microsoft. An all inclusive dorm room make-over would be provided from a retailer such as Bed, Bath and Beyond or JC Penney. A gift card for a new clothing wardrobe would be provided from a major department store such as JC Penney or Macys. Cell phones and cell phone service for the student and parents to communicate during the four years would be provided by a major telecommunications provide such as Verizon or Sprint. Airline travel would be provided by a major airline sponsor such as American Airlines or United for travel for the students and parents when school is located a great distance from home. Future Follow Up Specials Where Are They Now – Updates on the life stories of our student award recipients The Exploration Planet – Dare to Dream Awards - ceremonies for teachers of the year, administrators of the year, community supporters, corporate leaders and corporations as well as students that may one day become recipients of the Exploration Planet awards and have their stories profiled on an episode of Dare to Dream. Game shows and academic challenges.

8 Explore Us Live The Exploration Planet Encounter The Exploration Planet Encounter is a live touring school show, proven through test marketinf to be a very effective, foundational promotional and marketing tool for creating early and intimate awareness for our products. Encounter If you cant go to the field trip. Let the field trip come to you.

9 Each Exploration Planet Encounter has a specific educational objective and is designed to actively engage audiences using a variety of learning techniques. The Exploration Planet Encounter is currently scheduled to begin touring in 2009. In the top 25 American Cities (To address local awareness and visitation marketing, the cities of Orlando, Tampa and Miami are represented in this initial launch strategy). This represents 220 shows per city in the first school year, which translates to 4.4 million children in 5,500 schools, an impressive market penetration of 10% in the first year. In the second year of touring, American cities increase to 65, of which 15 will be served by domestic franchises, for a total market penetration of 25% Year three, American cities will increase to 105, 60 owned and operated by the Exploration Planet Media Group and 40 domestic franchises, with an increased market penetration of 40%. Following the Exploration Planet Encounter Live stage show each child receives an Exploration Planet Encounter Explorer Pack, which includes: a workbookfull of trivia, puzzles, quizzes on show content, coloring pages, the Exploration Planet Encounter Learn and Earn catalog and Exploration promotional materials. Our product are engaging, not just to kids, but moms, dads and grandparents. There are no candy bars, gift wrap or ceramic frogs in our catalog, only carefully selected, strong educational products including high quality traditional and electronic games and toys that are designed to stimulate a childs intelligence, teach at each developmental stage and improve overall educational acumen. We develop products that are unique, safe, non-violent, educational and fun. The product mix is quite varied, from science and nature to games and puzzles, to arts and crafts, construction, trains, books and toys. Each live encounter invites children to continue their learning adventure by joining us for our block television programming, EP TV, airing each weekday afternoon and on Saturday morning. The majority of our taped programming as well as our live programming will be produced and broadcast from our Florida production facility located on the Exploration Property, at various shooting locations throughout Exploration Planet, the Exploration Planet Institute, resort facilities, further extending the opportunity to introduce children and their families throughout the world to our exciting new community.

10 Explore Us In Broadcast EP TV Exploration Planet will broadcast a weekday afternoon block of educational television programming from 3:00 pm until 5:00 pm and will extend to a Saturday morning block from 7:00 am to 10:00 am. The block will be entitled EP TV. Television is the most powerful form of promotion available today. Recent data shows that television reaches 98% of all American homes. Data shows kids from ages 2 to 17, watch on average more than 3 hours of television each day. Our television strategy provides the Exploration Planet brand with the opportunity to be broadcast on a major US television network with the potential to reach over 90% of US households. The television block will enable EP TV to promote an impressive line up of properties. EP TV will produce and distribute 4 different programs beginning in the Spring of 2009 on domestic television, expanding to 10 total programs and ultimately a 24 hour educational network, making Exploration Planet one of the largest on air suppliers of educational broadcast content for children. EP TV will introduce EP an on-air and online animated mascot to integrate one television program to the next and introduce tie-in opportunities to the Exploration Planet Encounter and EP Interactive website. The EP TV television block is based on the concept of connected learning helping children find learning in everything they do by connecting key educational content with experiences that they know and love.

11 Our initial block will contain the following programs: Gearheadz a brand new hilarious animated comedy series targeted at young boys 4-10. Gearheadz is a character driven series which follows the adventures of a group of amazing talking cars with outrageous personalities. Mugsy, Big Al, Sally, Spike and Butchas they work to protect themselves and their favorite human, Billy Sterling, from the dastardly plans of Bertrand Sneed and his son, Kyle. Sneed wants to capture one of the Gearheadz, take it apart and learn how it works in order to build himself a fleet of smart cars that will make him rich and famous, but the Gearheadz always manage to stop him with teamwork, quick thinking and a lot of laughs. Target: Boys 4-10 Category: Comedy Action Curriculum Conflict Resolution.

12 Whats Up With That? Whats Up With That? Is an FCC friendly half hour of information and entertainment hosted by two dynamic teens who take the audience on a fun journey in search of all sorts of answers. The journey will take us from a satellite launch at Kennedy Space Center to a Roller Coaster in Exploration Planet so that kids can discover the wonder of learning. Whats Up With That? Will use humorous interviews, hidden camera set-ups, cool field trips and interactive participation to search for answers to the questions kids want to ask. Attitude, pacing and humor keep it all flying along until the end, when the biggest question of the day is answered. Entertaining, to keep kids interested and informative to satisfy parents Whats Up With That? Will be a destination for kids who want to have fun while learning a thing or two about the world around them. Target Audience Kids 6-11 Category: Kids Reality Curriculum: General Knowledge Defenders of the Star Stone Two young teenagers are chosen by a wise old master to cast aside their mundane high school lives and train to become the key warriors in the escalating battle between good and evil and be known as the Defenders of the Star Stone. Thus begins this action adventure series where our teenage heroes dont battle invaders from outside themselves, but must master their own inner villains and learn to help others battle theirs. Envy, jealously, hatred, pride and fear are the monsters these Defenders must battle as they enter the Star Stone arena and test themselves in contests of will and discipline. Sometimes they win and sometimes they lose, but whatever the outcome, the Defenders of the Star Stone must face the consequences of their actions. The series takes place in the homes, school and hangouts of our teen heroes as they face the trials and tribulations of being teens in the 21st century. As they encounter moral dilemmas and life choices the Defenders are suddenly transported to the Star Stone arena where they face off against the dark villains of their own lives. Skill, perseverance and self-discipline are required if they are to prevail. If they win, they are returned to their regular lives to act out the positive choices they have made and the forces of the dark side are diminished in their power. If they lose, they must face the consequences of their loss in the real world and the power of the dark side grows. If the dark powers are allowed to grow too much, goodness will recede and the world could become a dark and soulless place. The ultimate goal of the Defenders of the Star Stone is to become strong enough to help others battle their own inner demons and diminish the dark forces which threaten the world. Target Audience Kids 6-11 Category: Fantasy Action Curriculum: Ethics

13 Explore Our Products Licensing and Merchandising The Exploration Planet brand licensing and merchandising sales include the production, distribution and licensing in the United States of software, interactive software such as Play Station and X Box and consumer products as a result of product awareness created by Exploration, Exploration Planet, Exploration Planet Encounter and EP TV including but not limited to, manufacturers and retailers of apparel and accessories, food and beverage, gifts and novelties, health and beauty aids, home furnishings and housewares, publishing and stationery, sporting goods, toys and games, hobbies, giftware and novelties and premium incentive goods. A strong branding campaign is created for each property under the Exploration Planet brand umbrella. Television programming is coupled with a comprehensive licensing program to support the property, strengthening the brand and generating additional sales of books, toys, videos, CD-ROMs and various consumer goods. In connection with its branding campaign the Exploration Planet Media Group partners with industry leaders in consumer promotions, creating high quality consumer promotions based on specific properties. The Exploration Planet Magazine The large customer base created by the Exploration Planet Media Group provides an opportunity to introduce, market and secure circulation for its magazine. Our magazine covers subjects such as: personal development, English, reading, literature, math, science, current events, social studies and foreign language and is supplemented by a Parent Newsletter. The Exploration Planet Magazine will be licensed to a magazine publishers, specializing in childrens publications. Total circulation by 2010 is anticipated to reach over 2,000,000.

14 Explore Us Online EP Interactive What is EP Interactive? EP Interactive is virtual re-creation of both the physical assets and content assets of Exploration, Exploration Planet, Exploration Planet Institute, Exploration Planet Encounter and EP TV. EP Interactive serves two very important functions: Comprehensive data and communications management system where students, parents, teachers and administrators coordinate their efforts for maximum student achievement. An interactive massive multi-player online role playing game (MMORPG) that delivers exciting, engaging and rewarding content to the students. Student What is my science homework? Parent Is my son/daughter passing science? What grade did he/she receive on the test today? Teacher Have my students mastered a specific science concept? Administrator Is my district incorporating the new science standard? How are we doing aligning to all of the district, state and federal standards?

15 The EP Interactive data and communications management software CAMPUS) - answers all of your daily educational questions by automating educational instruction, assessment and administration. However, EP Interactive has added a very unique feature that capitalizes on dynamic content and interactivity through a massive multiplayer online role playing game in an animated environment. Therefore, EP Interactive provides all of the necessary and functional features for a child, parent, teacher and administrator to maximize student achievement, but its the interactive environment that fills a child with a sense of wonder and excitement, bringing education to life. In EP Interactive our fun love webelrousers led by the king himself, EP, is joined by Wide Willy Web Walker, Lotsa Dotty Com, Adaptaconda, The Glitch, Kid Vid, Roller Mouse and Giggle Byte as they escort their young audience and family through EP Interactive. Features of EP Interactive include: Guided tutorials Creation of customized avatar to become your online visual identity A virtual recreation of the Exploration Planet Theme Park as a place to go for all of your supplemental educational needs Monitored email and chat features Downloadable screen savers, stickers, binder covers and computer wallpaper Reward system Age appropriate voice-overs Clever themes Fun multimedia lessons Robust and meaningful content Ability to play games with friends and fellow students

16 Ability to conduct and gather independent research information Locate study resources Collaborate on class projects Create multi-media presentations Participate in nationwide eventsSpelling bees, Academic Super Bowls, Fitness Challenges, Project Day Presentations Project day rewards ceremonies Additional Resource Features: Parent Central Teacher Central Business and Community Central

17 Special Broadcast Services: EP TV Today A morning broadcast very much in the tradition of adult morning programming such as the NBCs Today show. The working title for the program is EP TV. EP TV Today is primarily broadcast from various locations throughout Exploration Planet and resort, hosted by two child anchors, with special reports brought to you from time to time on location throughout the world. This service would be broadcast directly into the classroom providing children with up to the minute current and historical world events. EP TV Special Reports This service would also provide EP TV Special Reports. We have learned by the events of 9/11 that our children need information provided to them concerning events and tragedies that directly and indirectly effect them, but they need the information presented in a different manner. It is documented that many children seeing the planes fly into the buildings over and over again on the news could not understand and comprehend the replay and therefore believed that each time the event was replayed it was another plane and more deaths, just increasing the level of misunderstanding and anxiety. Teachers and parents struggled to find ways to comfort their children and create minimally an elementary level of understanding. We responded by keeping our children isolated and away from the broadcast of the event, but isolation breeds fear in children, just as it does in adults. EP TV Special Reports and its staff of educators would be able to disseminate this information and its presentation and provide it in a relevant and age-appropriate format for a child. EP Interactive would then be able to provide a direct link to counselors and pen pals to help children in their understanding and healing process. EP TV would also provide schools with access to our library of programming and complementary curriculum for inclusion in their classroom. Some curriculum will tie directly into our pre-show, The Exploration Planet Encounter, coming soon to their school, as well as multiple post show follow up curricula. Other programming will be available on demand for assistance tools in their own curriculum schedules. EP Interactive utilizes the strength of our marketing efforts through academic intellectual property and content development to capitalize directly on all of the high profile assets of the Exploration Planet brand.

18 Explore The Exploration Planet Experience International Expansion The Exploration Planet Media Group will apply its proof of concept to international marketing, creating small distribution outlets under franchise agreements that are turn-key and linked with broadcast outlets and licensing and merchandising products in major markets throughout the world. In 2009, the Exploration Planet brand will be positioned to license the live show franchising rights, television broadcast rights, home video rights and merchandising rights on the international market. WHAMO Entertainment, an international television distribution representative specializing in educational programming, is currently contracted to represent the international television broadcast right sales and home video distribution of products produced by the Exploration Planet Media Group. An international division of the Exploration Planet Media Group will represent the product licensing and merchandising rights.

19 Explore At the Movie Theatre Exploration Films An early afternoon and Saturday morning feature block whereby an exclusive cinema chain would feature Exploration Planet theatrical releases on thousands of screens nationwide.

20 We sincerely hope you have enjoyed your journey through our wonderful community. Come visit us soon and dont forget. Take time to Explore...... Exploration Holdings, LLC 4654 East St. Rd. 64 Bradenton, FL 34208

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