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Writing in Ancient Egypt

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1 Writing in Ancient Egypt
DANIEL INTRIAGO AND RUSHABH KAMDAR Why, How, and When Egyptian Writing was Invented The Egyptian Writing Materials A Mystery Unlocked: The Rosetta Stone Where You Would Find Egyptian Writing

2 Why, How, and When Egyptian Writing was Invented
Why: The Egyptian scribes needed to keep record of the wealth of Egypt. How: The Egyptians at first came up with symbols standing for something. As the kingdom grew, more symbols had to be invented for the complication. When: The first hieroglyphics were found on pottery and were dated back to about 3100 BC(E)

3 Egyptian Writing Tools
The object written on: There is an old form of paper that the Egyptians used called papyrus paper, made from papyrus reeds.

4 Egyptian Writing Tools (Continued)
The object written with: The object that Egyptians wrote with was an old type of pen made of a reed. The ink was black, indestructible, and made by mixing water, soot, and vegetable gums.

5 A Mystery Unlocked: The Rosetta Stone
The ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics were lost around the year 400 AD (CE). A soldier found a stone near the city of Rosetta, near the Nile delta. It was named the Rosetta Stone.

6 The Rosetta Stone (Continued)
The Rosetta Stone has three languages. The uppermost text is known as Egyptian hieroglyphics. The middle writing is known as a later Egyptian writing called demotic, which is not as significant as Egyptian hieroglyphics. The lower part of the Rosetta Stone contains Greek writing.

7 The Funny Part Is... All of the languages have the same meaning written on the Rosetta Stone… Weird, huh?

8 On the other hand… Guess what

9 Quiz Time!

10 1. What material did the ancient Egyptians invent to write on more easily?
Bricks Thin-Cut Clay Papyrus Paper Their Ruined Clothing

11 2. What is the ancient paper made of?
Homogenized milk Clay and silt Papyrus reeds Papyrus skins

12 3. Why did Egyptian scribes create a form of writing at first?
Some people can’t talk To keep track of the kingdom’s wealth To keep record of trade Because they needed to send mail

13 4. Where was the Rosetta Stone found?
In southern Egypt The Sahara Desert The Rosetta Desert A rose garden near the Nile River

14 5. What are the three forms of writing on the Rosetta Stone?
Roman, Algonquian, and Greek Demotic, Hieroglyphics, and Indian Hieroglyphics, Demotic, and Greek

15 Thanks for Watching! We Hope You Enjoyed It!

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