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- 1 - August 12, 2008 THE ATLANTA BELTLINE. - 2 - Why is the BeltLine important? Where is the BeltLine? What is the BeltLine? How is the BeltLine happening?

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Presentation on theme: "- 1 - August 12, 2008 THE ATLANTA BELTLINE. - 2 - Why is the BeltLine important? Where is the BeltLine? What is the BeltLine? How is the BeltLine happening?"— Presentation transcript:

1 - 1 - August 12, 2008 THE ATLANTA BELTLINE

2 - 2 - Why is the BeltLine important? Where is the BeltLine? What is the BeltLine? How is the BeltLine happening? What has been done so far? How can you be involved? Questions AGENDA

3 - 3 - WHY IS THE BELTLINE IMPORTANT? ATLANTA FACES CHALLENGES POPULATION GROWTH: Atlanta is the fastest growing metro region in the country since 2000. TRAFFIC CONGESTION: Atlanta experiences some of the worst traffic in the country, which hurts air quality and quality of life. INSUFFICIENT PARKS: Atlanta is one of the most under-parked cities in the United States, with less than 4% of its land devoted to parks. UNBALANCED ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Development has been uneven throughout the City. And, there is development already underway that requires infrastructure and a framework to create smart, balanced growth. WHYWHEREWHATHOWUPDATEQ&AYOU

4 - 4 - THE BELTLINE WILL Improve Quality of Life: Its a way to improve the quality of life for all residents by adding parks, improving transit and encouraging balanced development. Promote Intown Redevelopment: It is the largest urban redevelopment project currently underway in the United States. Foster Complete Communities: It provides a holistic solution for managing Atlantas growth in a smart way. Invest in Infrastructure: It is Atlantas most important infrastructure investment since Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Connect Atlanta: It is a way to connect Atlantas people and places and improve our quality of life through the visionary use of our rail legacy. WHYWHEREWHATHOWUPDATEQ&AYOU WHY IS THE BELTLINE IMPORTANT?

5 - 5 - The BeltLine is in the heart of metro Atlanta WHYWHEREWHATHOWUPDATEQ&AYOU WHERE IS THE BELTLINE?

6 - 6 - I-75/85 I-85 I-75 Piedmont Park I-20 Westview Cemetery Bellwood Quarry Water Works It creates a necklace around the center of town WHYWHEREWHATHOWUPDATEQ&AYOU WHERE IS THE BELTLINE?

7 - 7 - Trails 33 miles Affordable Workforce Housing Transit & Transportation Infrastructure 22-mile loop Historic PreservationStreetscapes & Public Art Parks ~ 1300 new acres Jobs & Economic Development 20 areas, 30k jobs Environmental Clean-up WHYWHEREWHATHOWUPDATEQ&AYOU Key Elements WHAT IS THE BELTLINE?

8 - 8 - Overview Trails: 33 miles of trails connecting parks, businesses, neighborhoods, and cultural destinations New Parks: Up to 1,300 acres of new parks and greenspace Existing Parks: Connects and improves existing parks Arboretum: 22-mile linear collection of trees WHYWHEREWHATHOWUPDATEQ&AYOU New Parks and Trails WHAT IS THE BELTLINE? New Parks and Trails I-75/85 I-20 I-85 I-75 North Ave Park Peachtree Ck Park Boulevard Crossing Park Intrenchment Woods Park Hillside Park Maddox Park Westside Reservoir Park Waterworks Park Colonial Park Ansley Sq. Glenwood W. Park Southside H.S. Park Stanton/ Four Corners Lawton St Park Enota Park Piedmont Park Expansion Murphy Crossing Park Tallulah Park

9 - 9 - WHYWHEREWHATHOWUPDATEQ&AYOU I-75/85 I-85 I-75 I-20 Overview Existing rail line: 22-mile loop of transit using historic railroad corridor Circles the city: 2-3 miles from downtown Connects to MARTA in 4 places Connects to Peachtree Corridor in 2 places Connects 45 neighborhoods Transit WHAT IS THE BELTLINE?

10 - 10 - Economic Development Areas Overview Ponce/Old 4 th Ward University / Pryor Boulevard Crossing Memorial Dr. / Glenwood Inman Park / Hulsey Yard Midtown / Virginia Highlands Ansley Armour Yard Lindbergh Peachtree Northside Upper Marietta / Westside Park Upper West Side Lowery / Hollowell Simpson / Maddox Park RDA / Cascade West End / McDaniel Glenn Oakland City Murphy Triangle University / Metropolitan 20 compact development areas Complete Communities promoting urban style development with mixed income housing Pedestrian friendly and transit- oriented Appropriate transitions and scales to compliment existing neighborhoods WHYWHEREWHATHOWUPDATEQ&AYOU Planning & Development WHAT IS THE BELTLINE?

11 - 11 - Overview Brownfield Revelopment Areas Clean up of contaminated industrial properties Reuse of old railroad lines Adaptive use of historic structures WHYWHEREWHATHOWUPDATEQ&AYOU Environmental Cleanup and Re-Use WHAT IS THE BELTLINE?

12 - 12 - WHYWHEREWHATHOWUPDATEQ&AYOU P artners C ommunity F unding HOW DOES THE BELTLINE HAPPEN? It takes all of us working together to make the BeltLine happen.

13 - 13 - PARKS: Over 200 acres of parkland have been acquired, with help from Trust for Public Land. Design of West Side Park, Boulevard Crossing, North Ave Park, and Stanton/Four Corners is underway. TRAILS: West End Trail is being constructed by PATH and will open in October. Construction will begin on two more trails this year. TRANSIT: 20% of railroad right-of-way has been acquired and negotiations are underway for remainder of railroad right of way. MARTA and ABI are performing Environmental Impact Study – a key step in the federal funding process. ARBORETUM: First mile of the BeltLine Arboretum has been planted by Trees Atlanta. WHEREWHATWHYHOWUPDATEQ&AYOU PROGRESS UPDATE YES! The BeltLine is Happening

14 - 14 - PUBLIC INPUT: Citizen participation is happening through BeltLine Study Groups and planning sessions that are underway. FUNDING: The City of Atlanta has invested over $180 million. The first TAD bonds, estimated to net $92 million, are scheduled to be issued in October. Nearly $30 million has been donated to the BeltLine capital campaign. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Over 40 residential and commercial projects have already begun around the BeltLine, exceeding expectations. WHEREWHATWHYHOWUPDATEQ&AYOU PROGRESS UPDATE YES! The BeltLine is Happening

15 - 15 - Go to to learn more and sign up to receive BeltLine emails. Take a FREE guided tour of the BeltLine. Visit, email or call 404-446-4400 to make a reservation. Inform your friends and neighbors about the BeltLine. Volunteer! Contact the BeltLine Partnership at or 404-446-4404. Invite the BeltLine Partnership to come speak to your organization. Attend public meetings about the BeltLine and join a Study Group. WHEREWHATWHYHOWUPDATEQ&AYOU HOW CAN YOU BE INVOLVED?


17 - 17 - Additional Questions? ABI and BLP Affordable Housing & Displacement Bellwood Quarry Capital Campaign Citizen Participation CLTs Historic Preservation How else you can get involved Implementation Detail Other Studies Partners Real Estate Incentives Schools Security Supreme Court Ruling Taxes and TAD Transit WHEREWHATWHYHOWUPDATEQ&AYOU Q&A

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