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Cover letter.

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1 Cover letter

2 Why a cover letter? A cover letter adds value to your application
-> The cover letter is your first and sometimes your only opportunity to grab an employer’s attention -> it is an addition to your CV (not a copy) and includes information or facts relating to your desired job or industry -> the cover letter is a unique personalised document that has to be tailored for the job you’re applying for (no generic letter for all your applications)

3 => Read the job description carefully!
Why a cover letter? -> it allows an employer to get an idea about your profile and the elements that match the job requirements and about your motivation -> for a candidate it is an opportunity to sell himself and his credentials => Read the job description carefully!

4 The content of the cover letter ?
Aimed function Information about your training / education and your professional experience Professional experience / Additional experience Skills and qualities motivation

5 How to structure your cover letter?
Your address Contact person, name and address of the company Date Subject of the letter Letterhead Introduction Arguments Incitation to action Conclude with Yours sincerely / Yours faithfully signature

6 How to structure your cover letter?
-> Introduction: present yourself briefly. Design your opening to get the employer to pay attention to what you can do. -> Next one or two paragraphs: outline tour qualifications, skills and experiences and match them to the requirements of the position. Also comment on your motivation. -> Final paragraph: indicate that you will be in contact to determine the next step Proofread your letter !

7 Example of a cover letter


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