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EmPowerment21/P-20 Initiative Paying For College/Financial Aid/FAFSA.

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1 EmPowerment21/P-20 Initiative Paying For College/Financial Aid/FAFSA

2 ADMISSIONS MATTERS iPad Presentation!!! Bowl Tickets… Reality Check Google Searches Examples Strategies To Get the Best Aid Package FAFSA ( Paying Taxes on Financial Aid Govt direct loan program (forgiveness 10-yr) Military VA Scholarships – Dependents Good Websites to Review 1-800-4-FED-AID or hand-holding 10 Things You Gotta Know – revisited

3 Reality Check $ Based On The People You Hang Around Dont Forget Why Education (Job or L/S?) Hot Majors (pg 38) HBCU/HSI Paying for College Exact match (School Specific Scholarship) Not an exact match, BUT!!! Find Schools who are looking for you Scholarship mining at schools you REALLY want to attend

4 Strategies To Get Best Aid Pkg Lay Your Groundwork Early (pg 84) Target Your Applications Ask For Aid Dont Stop w/FAFSA Beat The Deadline Weigh The Aid Package (Ratio) Loans/Grants/Work Study/Entrepreneurs Final Offer Mind The Gap/Appeal

5 Google examples junior college scholarships texas Click Texas Scholarship and scroll to Texas Armed Services Scholarship Program (TASSP) (not encouraging you to join the military, but some of you are going to, SO….!!!) xerox scholarship Shell IBM, etc. Google Search Ideas

6 Website Resources to Review 5 Reasons why scholarships are essential coach/2011/7/7/5-reasons-why-scholarships-are-essential.html coach/2011/7/7/5-reasons-why-scholarships-are-essential.html Paying for college colleges/paying-for-college colleges/paying-for-college Where should I start my search? admissions-experts/2011/05/18/where-should-i-start-my- scholarship-search admissions-experts/2011/05/18/where-should-i-start-my- scholarship-search Twitter Handles for scholarships coach/2012/08/02/10-more-twitter-handles-for-scholarship-seekers coach/2012/08/02/10-more-twitter-handles-for-scholarship-seekers

7 More Website Resources to Review Paying for college without going broke out+going+broke&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en&client=safari out+going+broke&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en&client=safari Paying for college without parents parents.html parents.html 015a-45a5-bc97-5e90f5d1e4c6 015a-45a5-bc97-5e90f5d1e4c6 Financial Aid Wiki ited_States ited_States Review the outline (esp "No-Loan financial aid)

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