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Canada EnGenius Technologies Canada Office Location: Markham, Ontario.

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1 Canada EnGenius Technologies Canada Office Location: Markham, Ontario

2 Canada Who Are We? EnGenius Technologies is a subsidiary of Senao International, a 20 year old, Taiwan Fortune 200 company with over 1200 employees and 2 manufacturing plants. EnGenius Technologies has four offices in North America: Toronto, Los Angeles, Miami, and Seattle. EnGenius North American product portfolio is designed and engineered at our Seattle R&D Facilities. EnGenius products have been specifically designed for long-range performance in demanding environments.

3 Canada Frequency – 900 Mhz Frequency – 900 Mhz Power Output – 708 mW 4-line/extensions EP- 490 Long Range Cordless Telephone System OVERVIEW NEW

4 Canada EP-490 Position: Longest Range Multi-Line Cordless Telephone & Two-Way Radio System in North America Selling Features: 1.Best Range for the Best Price $$$ 2.Digital Two-way Radio Capability (full-duplex) 3.Four Lines and up to 36 Handsets 4.Automated Attendant 5.Text Messaging 6.Line Selection and Line Indicator 7.Excellent Integration with Nortel KSU/PBX Systems Target Audience: SOHO (Stand-Alone) Enterprise (Use behind PBX system) EP-490

5 Canada The EnGenius Difference…

6 Canada EnGenius Power EnGenius Range SN 920 ULTRA – 1 Line/Extension System Milliwatts EP 490 – 4 Line/Extension System

7 Canada Strong Vertical Penetration Strong Vertical Penetration Up to 12 f loors in-building penetration KSU/PBX

8 Canada Unique To: EP-490 System Features

9 Canada Digital 2-Way Radios Digital 2-Way Radios Digital - Full Duplex

10 Canada Short Text Messaging_ Short Text Messaging_ 50 Letters/Digits Can Be Sent Between Two Handsets

11 Canada Auto-attendant Auto-attendant Ability to direct calls to specific Users or Departments without using the Receptionist.

12 Canada EnGenius Systems Target Markets

13 Canada Offices Immediate access to information Client calls will be directed to the person rather than being transferred into voicemail. Employees can communicate more efficiently within the office and also with clients with less delay.

14 Canada Warehouses Increased efficiency and productivity Warehouse staff can quickly respond to order changes and inquiries in real time, without costly delays. Managers can track shipments and make direct calls to suppliers quickly.

15 Canada Agricultural Connecting the workspace Farm and Greenhouse workers can deal with Customer calls and other support staff at all times.

16 Canada External Antenna External Antenna The use of the omni-directional antenna can increase range by up to 20%

17 Canada Optional Accessories Lightning Protection Kit Omni-Directional Antenna Rugged Case Leather Pouch

18 Canada THANK YOU !!!! Contact Mr. Joe Wang Exclusive Western Canada Agent at or call 1-604-303- 6866 for more information!

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