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Sales Techniques.

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1 Sales Techniques

2 Online Education and Distance Learning
This is the Right Industry To Be In! In fall 2009, a record 18.4 million students are expected to attend the nation’s 2-year and 4-year colleges and universities, an increase of about 3.1 million since fall 2000. In the fall of 2008, more than 4.6 million students took at least one online course—a 17 percent increase over the previous year. The 16.9 percent growth rate for online enrollments far exceeds the 1.2 percent growth of the overall higher-education student population. In , the majority—66 percent—of accredited colleges offered distance learning courses. Stocks continuously rising

3 Why would someone choose to continue their education?
Discussion Why would someone choose to continue their education? Make more money Career Change Move up in their companies Better Job Better retirement package Job security Significance Autonomy and empowerment Contribution to society Personal Growth Role Model Life long learner

4 Motivation Firstly, determine what is motivating the prospect by asking why he/she is looking to obtain their degree. 95% of the time you will hear : Career or Money It is your job to BUILD on these answers; ask more questions so that the student will see they are looking for ALL of the above.

5 Group Activity Student: “I am looking to get my degree because I want to run the floor of nurses instead of just BE a Nurse.” Rep: “Really? That’s a great goal; we need more motivated people like yourself. By becoming the manager, will you make more money as well? Student: Oh yes; I will get paid a lot more per year. Rep: “Great! And it sounds like you really enjoy helping people. You could probably help more people in this position, right” You have taken the students initial “want” or “dream” and built on it! LATER IN CONVERSATION: Input sales points wherever and whenever there is an opening. You are selling the student on the BENEFITS of education. Student: “I’m looking to go online because I have 2 children to take care of at home and I’m a single mother” Rep: “That make sense to me because going online is so flexible and accessible. Even better, you will be a role model for your children. They will realize how important education is”

6 Pain vs. pleasure  The number one reason people do not go back to school: Pain It is your job to take the ‘painful’ association with school and turn that into ‘pleasure’ Where does the pain originate from? Possibilities He/she is afraid of change He/she is afraid of failure He /she only has a HS diploma or GED He/she hated be in a classroom in the past He/she only sees a 20 year old as a college student. He/she hates to take quizzes, test, and study

7 We have all heard the cliché, “No pain, no gain.”
Pain vs. pleasure People associate pain with school. You must identify all pain points and then correct them. How do you change the way someone feels? Let the student speak and identify their pain point Ask them if they are afraid of going back to school Explain that everyone has fears about anything that’s important in life Use this as a rapport building moment; give an example of how you were afraid to go back to school and how you overcame it Focus on the pleasure that education will bring; minimize the pain We have all heard the cliché, “No pain, no gain.” No one ever did anything important without being scared first. We get over our fears by focusing on the outcome; or the pleasure associated with completion of a task. You need to find out what the student really wants out of getting this degree.

8 Pain VS. Pleasure MAKE SURE THE STUDENT ANSWERS QUESTIONS BELOW AND ENSURE YOU WRITE THIS IN THE NOTES SECTION AS WELL AS TIE INTO THE SOLUTION OF GOING BACK TO SCHOOL. The ability to make more money? If so, what will that money get them? Is it about pride? To show someone, or themselves that they can do it? To improve their self image or low self esteem? To obtain a better job? To advance in a current job? The answers to all of the above questions will allow you to TIE IN THE SOLUTION (_______ ONLINE DEGREE PROGRAM) at any point post speaking with the student.

9 Unwillingness to make change
Student’s mindset Fear Unwillingness to make change Resistance Student: “I don’t have enough money to go back to school and I don’t want to take out financial aid” Representative: “Okay, I understand taking out financial aid can be scary for people; but you did say earlier in our conversation you were looking to provide a better life for your children, right?”  Student: “Right, but I can’t do this right now” Representative: “John, let me ask you this; where do you think that you will be five years from now if you have this education?”  Student: “Better job, more money, new house, new car” (Could be any of these answers) Representative: John, if you were not accepted into this program and you never went on to get your degree/education/credential, etc. where do you think you will be in five years? You must ask both questions.

10 Student’s mindset Things you must remember on every phone call:
People want what they think they can’t have This is why we make the student “sell us” on admitting them to our school People don’t have money because they don’t make enough money. They don’t make enough money because they lack education. They will never have enough money unless they get educated. People don’t want an education, they want the things that education provides. Create a sense of urgency and make sure your prospect feels the same urgency.. Never ask a question that you don’t know the answer to.

11 Your mindset Always be positive, negativity comes through on the phone
Clear your mind, focus on the student Know that you are helping every caller you speak with; there is no downside to getting more education. Each student is unique and will have a unique set of problems, deal with each as you would deal with your younger sibling NO does not mean NO Expect resistance and don’t let it get you down Treat every call as if it is your only call, the most important call Provide solutions You are the expert Be ambivalent, you are an advisor – the only job you have is to advise the student what is best for them Remember the student’s name and use it often in conversation

12 Sales Points During your conversation with students, you will have 2 major opportunities throughout the call to insert the school’s sales points. When a student makes a statement about their life When you are “tying in the solution” of the school they have been matched to Example Student: The only reason I’m a little bit nervous about going back to school is because I have 2 children and work full time – and of course have not been to school in 20 years. Advisor: I completely understand. We’re going to look for a program that is not only flexible and doesn’t require you to be online at any specific time, but we can also look for one, like NECB, where you have your own personal academic advisor as well as one on one tutoring if that will help your nerves. At the end of the script, when you are explaining to a student WHY you have connected them with a school, you will use Sales Points.

13 Overcoming Objections
There are numerous ways advisors may overcome objections. Based on the personality of the rep as well as the personality of the student, it is your job to know which ‘response’ is the best to use in any given conversation. Common Objections I’m not ready to start school right now I don’t have time to go to school online right now I don’t have time to talk (student says at beginning of call) School is too expensive right now Please mail / me information I’m not interested (anymore) I don’t have enough money for the application fee I need a job before starting school; I was on a career site How long will this conversation take? I have to talk to my husband (wife)

14 Overcoming Objections
I’m not ready to start school right now Going back to school is like going on a diet or quitting smoking; no one wants to take the first step to get started, but as soon as you do, you’ll feel confident, proud of yourself and know you’re doing the right thing. What is holding you back from starting? (Find out if ‘time’, ‘fear’, ‘money’ – whatever the reason – this is the student’s “pain” and you need to find the root of why they wanted to go to school in the first place; the ‘pleasure’ they can associate with going back to school) Really? That’s surprising as the schools and the government have worked together to make this so easy for people; you can go online at your own pace and you can utilize financial aid if you qualify. These perks may not always be there. Why would you wait? Is there ever a right time to start school, “life” will always be happening. Look down the road, ___ years from now – you’re complete with your degree – how has your life changed? (student to respond). Ok, now look down the road _____ years from now – you don’t have your degree, has your life changed? (Student will say ‘no’). So why are you waiting?

15 Overcoming Objections
I don’t have time to go to school online right now. Many people feel the same way which is why over 2 million adults are taking online courses. If you would like to better your life, we may want to discuss a couple of your scheduling options with some of the online programs. The average online students works hours / week and has 2 children; does this sound like your situation? “Let met ask you this; Look down the road…five years from now…you have your degree…how has your life changed?” (Allow students to say, “make more money, have a better job, have a bigger house, better car, etc). THEN – make sure you follow up with this question: “Let’s look down the road 5 years from now…you DON’T have your degree…how has your life changed?” Student will say…”It hasn’t”. You respond; “So, now you see why it doesn’t make sense to wait on this. You may never get this opportunity again” Perhaps I haven’t done MY job here. Have I explained to you that all studies show that with a higher degree level, you will have an extra $600 / week in your pocket? If someone off the street offered you an extra $600 / week in your pocket, wouldn’t you stop and take the time to do what they tell you?

16 Overcoming Objections
I don’t have time to talk (student says at beginning of call) You can acknowledge and say, “okay then, I wont take up too much of your time” and continue to speak. I understand. You must be looking at online education because you are so busy, right? (Try and engage in conversation and build rapport quickly) School is too expensive right now We all know that college is an expensive undertaking, however is there any better investment you can make than investing in yourself? This is the one investment you actually have control over and the government may support you in this by offering financial aid options. Let’s discuss that option. If school is too expensive right now, it will really be too expensive in a year or two; tuition prices are raising each year and while the country is in a recession, you do have financial aid options available right now – today – that may not be there the next time you think of going back to school.

17 Overcoming Objections
Please mail / me information That’s actually what I’m here for. You can think of me as your live course catalogue. While our website can give you information about the courses you will take, it cannot walk you through the day in the life of a student and what I’m here for is to ensure I answer all questions that pertain to how the program works on a day to day basis and if it would fit your schedule. That’s what I’m here for; the catalogue is 100s of pages long and most students don’t have time to read it; I can answer specific questions real time and then when I know what you’re looking for after we have our conversation, I can put together a customized that only has the information you are looking for in it. I’m not interested (anymore) What has changed? Even if you just thought about going to school for a brief 10 seconds, it may be worth reviewing some of your options. School does not get any less expensive and the government is pushing financial aid right now; this is a better time to go than any and we can match you to a school to speak with directly once you tell us your schedule and what you’re looking for.

18 Overcoming Objections
I don’t have enough money for the application fee Have you spoken with anyone else yet about going back to school? If you have people that are supportive of your going back to school, perhaps they would let you borrow it. Let’s take things one step at a time; we may have a scholarship for you or may have some suggestions. I need a job before starting school Do you think one of the reasons you may be out of work is because you don’t have a higher level degree? Even while you are looking for a job, employers will like to see on your resume that you are enrolled in school as this shows ambition. Online schools are very different than residential schools. You don’t need to take the time to drive, park, sit in a classroom, or anything like that. If this is something that interests you, you need to do it now. This is really a good time to start school. If you put in the process of getting a degree on your resume potential employers like to see that –shows you are a person who motivated and disciplined.

19 Overcoming Objections
How long will this conversation take? This depends on you and how many questions you have. We can make the call as short or as long as needed to find the right school that meets your needs.  I have to talk to my husband (wife). Absolutely. If you’re going to go back to school, you want to make sure the people closest to you are supportive of what you are doing. Let’s go through step 1 – matching you with the best program. Then you can get all the needed information; this way, you can go to your spouse prepared and he/she will know how serious you are about this.

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