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The Army Equal Opportunity Program

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1 The Army Equal Opportunity Program

2 OVERVIEW policy and concept affirmative actions
behavior characteristics impact of individual & institutional discrimination identifying & countering sexual harrassment

3 OVERVIEW Legal consequences participating in sexual harrassment
program components Individual responsibilities of EO and Sexual Harassment importance of honesty and open interpersonal comunications

4 POLICY equal treatment without regard to race, national origin, color, gender, or religion applies both on/off post applies to working, living and recreational environments no provisions for age or physical disability.

5 CONCEPT responsibility of leadership
ensure fair treatment of all soldiers based on merit, fitness, and capability maximize human potential contributes to unit cohesion and is a readiness issue

6 COMPONENTS command support & leader commitment clearly stated policy
sequential & progressive training

7 COMPONENTS effective and responsive complaint system
frequent climate assessments evenhanded enforcement of sanctions

8 IMPLEMENTATION policy guidance prevention of sexual harassment
staffing on-post activities

9 IMPLEMENTATION off-post activities complaint procedures
affirmative action plan equal opportunity training

10 RELATED ELEMENTS extremist organizations Army language policy
accommodating religious practices

inconsistent with responsibilities of military service participation is prohibited chapter 4, para 4-12, AR

12 LANGUAGE POLICY operational language is English
English is required while performing military functions personal conversation not regulated chapter 4, AR

13 RELIGIOUS PRACTICES It is the Army’s policy to approve requests for accommodation of religious practices when they will not have an adverse impact on military readiness, unit cohesion, standards, health, safety, or discipline, or otherwise interfere with the performance of military duties. DA Pam

14 SEXUAL HARASSMENT definition types of sexual harassment
behaviors subject to UCMJ

15 DEFINITION A form of sex discrimination that involves unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal, or physical contact of a sexual nature when: submission to conduct is made explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of job, pay or career, OR submission or rejection of conduct is made as a basis for career or employment decisions, OR conduct interferes with an individual’s performance or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment.

16 QUID PRO QUO “this for that” examples:
demanding sexual favors in exchange for a promotion or raise disciplining or firing a subordinate who refuses sexual advances threats of poor evaluation for refusing a relationship

17 HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT offensive, unwanted, and unsolicited comments and behavior examples: derogatory gender based terms comments about body parts suggestive pictures, posters, or calendars explicit jokes of sexual or sexist nature assault or rape

18 UCMJ ACTIONS Article 89 disrespect toward a superior officer
Article 91 insubordinate conduct toward an NCO or WO Article 117 provoking speech or gestures Article 134 bribery and graft, indecent assault, or communicating a threat Article 127 extortion Article 133 conduct unbecoming an officer Article cruelty and maltreatment

19 TYPES OF COMPLAINTS informal formal

20 INFORMAL not in writing resolved at lowest level
may or may not involve commander no suspense/not reportable no less important than a formal complaint

21 FORMAL may be filed with other agencies
sworn statement on DA Form 7279-R subject to timelines requires a follow up assessment complaints filed with the IG are processed IAW AR 20-1

22 RESPONSIBILITIES Commander Individual Equal Opportunity Representative
Equal Opportunity Advisor

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