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Fawzy Al-Alami G200903430 Term Paper.  Introduction.  Effect of Teamwork in Design-Build. Construction Contract.  Factors Can Enhance Design-Build.

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1 Fawzy Al-Alami G200903430 Term Paper

2  Introduction.  Effect of Teamwork in Design-Build. Construction Contract.  Factors Can Enhance Design-Build Team Relationship.  Selecting Design-Build Team Members.  Team Agreement.  Defining The Responsibility.  Communication.  Trust.

3  Design-Build Contract: is a method where the owner has only one contract to complete the project.  Responsibility of the Contractor: 1. Design the project 2. Construct the project

4  Other designation to design-build system: Design-construct. Single source.  Why owners are using design-build contract?  Mainly to reduce the construction period (Fast Track Project)

5  Teamwork: is work performed by a group of people.  Cooperated team members helps:  improving the quality of the project.  Continuity of the project.  Enhances the creativity of individuals.  Reduce project duration.  Reduce the cost of the project.

6  Design-build Required full cooperation between all team members at all phases of the project.  Alpert Chan studied the factors can enhance the successes of design-build system:  Project team commitment.  Contractor’s competencies.  Risk and liability assessment.  Client’s competencies.  End users’ need.  Constraints imposed by end users.


8 1. Selecting design-build team members. 2. Team agreement. 3. Defining the responsibility. 4. Communication. 5. Trust.

9  Selection of individual should be based on his ability to perform as team not only on individual qualification.  Two Criteria has to be consider before selecting the team member: 1. Diversity of the team member. 2. Technical experience of the member.

10  Advantages of diversity: 1. Creativity: different idea and different point view will be more effective if you have people from different countries. 2. Eliminating of group thinking:”it is a good idea because everyone believes it is a good idea. 3. Alternative solutions: due different construction method in each region

11  Disadvantages of diversity: 1. Language: different accent may lead to serious misunderstanding during team communication. 2. Trust: people trust more the person from same country.

12  Technical experience of the member 1. The team member should be experienced in design-build system. 2. The whole team has to have some knowledge of overall work and expertise other than his area of expertise

13  How to select design-build team members?  Monte Carlo Simulation Approach to Support Alliance Team Selection :found a method for the owner to select the contractor team.



16  Team Agreement: the vehicle for structuring the relationship between the parties in design-build project.  Objective of team agreement:  To establish work relationship between constructor, designer, and subcontractors and that will permit the design-build team to satisfy the owner’s requirements.  To establish ground rules between all parties involved in the project.

17  Topics to be included in the team agreement meeting  Role of each member in the project.  Team communication method and communication and interaction with contractor’s members in addition to sub- contractor and owners representative  Partnering.

18  Defining the responsibility is to distribute the task equally among the team members and according to their experience to achieve maximum productivity.  Defining the rules distributing the unforeseen work among team work.  Defining the rules that allow cooperation between all parties in design-build project.

19  Defining the responsibility will reduce the conflict between team members.  Responsibility matrix is a schedule used to assign the responsibility task to each group member.  It has to be prepared by the project manager of the project.


21  Communication: is delivering and receiving information or knowledge in convenient way.  Communication play a major rule for cooperation between design-build team.  Proper communication helps solving the complexity of design-build system.

22  Feedback: to evaluate the receiver understanding.  Communication is two way process: failing to listen means failing to communicate.  Provide training course to the design-build team to enhance their communication skills.

23 A. Past Experience And History. B. Competence and Ability. C. Similarity and Differences. D. Character Trait. E. Relative Power and Authority.


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