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Capacity Building on LCA-Eco Design

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1 Capacity Building on LCA-Eco Design
UPS Product LeoNics Co.,Ltd.

2 Overview UPS: Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS is the equipment that protects your electrical and electronic equipments, particularly computers and peripherals, from unpredictable microsecond's damages. These damages are caused by the irregularity of electrical power such as brown out, black out, surge, over voltage, etc. And when the electrical power turns to abnormal status, besides protection, the UPS also supplies backup power from its batteries to the electrical equipments and computers. LINE INTERACTIVE UPS WITH STABILIZER (350 VA VA) ULTRA Series DISCOVERY ACURA RANGER ASTRA OA extra Series GREEN Alpha BIDIRECTIONAL LINE INTERACTIVE UPS WITH STABILIZER (1050 VA - 5 kVA) ULTRA SINE Series TRUE ONLINE UPS (500 VA kVA) Ultimate-X Series (500 VA - 5 kVA) NB-series (1.25 kVA - 15 kVA) NBP-series (3 kVA - 10 kVA) NB31-series (8 kVA - 40 kVA) NCT-series (10 kVA kVA) μPS Series (10 kVA kVA)

3 Pilot Project UPS: GREEN • Surge protection for Laser printer
No load shutdown option switch Overload and short circuit protection UPS start from utility outlet (AC Start System) or UPS start from battery (DC Start System) Restart voltage checking system Low battery shutdown UPS test switch Extremely compact UPS: GREEN Sample applications of GREEN 500 VA 1 set of computer with 15" monitor and printer

4 Functional Unit • Power rating: 500 VA
• Input Voltage 220 Vac ±25% ( Vac) • Output Voltage 220 Vac ±10% ( Vac) • Backup Time: min. (depend on application)

5 Analysis by Eco-Indicator 99 in UPS product








13 Compare to new product which uses PCB (Lead free)





18 Conclusion In this case, UPS, we reduce Lead in PCB following RoHS-EU Directive. When we compare to present UPS, we can reduce impact obviously following as: Respiratory Inorganics Minerals Fossils Fuels (** see Normalization Tab) In single score tab, Overall impact can be reduced > 40% of present product.

19 Constraint Impact assessment can be reduced by selecting appropriate material. Use phase is not included in the analysis.

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