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Problems/Questions/Assumptions s missed: pls use Basic.

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1 Problems/Questions/Assumptions E-mails missed: pls use Basic definitions not always clear (relevant for intercity comparisons) –when do policies step into force (2005)? –multiplicative or additive growth rates (Multiplicative)? Use of Astra Poles results? –Why the A-P national RC figures differ so much? Is RC just Pump price – Excise Tax? VAT? –Davide recommended (RC+Tax)*VAT. But the FIN figures include VAT? Not done in Helsinki as pump price 2000 would be 1.2 (20 % too high).

2 …Problems/Questions/Assumptions Coping with elasticies –To follow the scenario description an iterative process has been used in order to achieve the scenario figures. This was necessary because of the many elasticies in the model. Is this the intent?. –Davide recommended to use Astra-Poles for petrol RC/Tax /l. Results include some elasticities (prices differ from Scenario defs)? –Also the Helsinki Model has elasticities -> av. travel cost changes still from A-P. OK?

3 …Problems/Questions/Assumptions Definition of pricing system (distance based with zones with different price levels) Definition of C scenarios? Output reporting (Also valid for intercity comparisons) –What are exactly the indicators, their units and table formats that we aim at? –What is the report structure?

4 Astra-Poles Resource Cost Excise Tax (No VAT) Production Cost VAT (inc. excise VAT) VOC - Person/GV Fuel Consumption - Diesel/Petrol - Car/Van/Lorry/Truck HELSINKI MODEL - Car Ownership - Relocation - Modal split - Congestion Energy Eff. Pricing Fares Veh-kms Emissions Speed Reg. Speeds Alternative veh Travel Cost

5 Investments

6 Distance-based pricing system City 3 units/km Inner 2 units/km Outer 1 units/km

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