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Information Processing

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1 Information Processing
Memos Information Processing

2 What is a Memo????? A written record or communication, as in a business office Used WITHIN an office for communication purposes Is being replaced by

3 Parts of a Memo TO: FROM: DATE: SUBJECT: These should be in ALL CAPS !
All Memos contain the same basic parts: TO: FROM: DATE: SUBJECT: Body Reference Initials These should be in ALL CAPS !

4 What a Memo looks like…

5 So…how do I do it? Open Word
Set your top margin to 2” and side margins to 1” Begin typing your memo… TO: Who the memo is for (DS) FROM: Who the memo is from DATE: Spell out the date in full – do not abbreviate SUBJECT: SHOULD BE IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in– YOUR initials as the person who is typing the document

6 Like this … FROM: Mrs. Kerby DATE: March 11, 2010
TO: Information Processing Students FROM: Mrs. Kerby DATE: March 11, 2010 SUBJECT: FORMATTING A MEMO (DS) mk

7 Let’s Review 1. A memo is … a. The same as a letter b. A document that you send to another company c. A document that is used within a company d. Something you write when you are bored.

8 2. The parts of a memo do not include:
a. TO: b. FROM: c. Dear Mr. Jones: d. SUBJECT: You should ______ between the lines in the heading a. Single Space b. Add color c. Double Space d. Use a hanging indent

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