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3D Analyst, Spatial Analyst, and Image Analyst: Looking at Rankin Ridge Lookout Tower in 3D By Andrew Stickney.

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1 3D Analyst, Spatial Analyst, and Image Analyst: Looking at Rankin Ridge Lookout Tower in 3D By Andrew Stickney

2 Display a point representing Rankin Ridge Lookout Tower and a line representing the trail up to it on top of a park brochure in 3D. Scenario

3 Procedure I. Aligning and resizing the park brochure to match a line feature theme of the park boundary using Image Analysis. II. Shrinking a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) to the size of the brochure using Spatial Analyst; converting that to a Triangulated Irregular Networks (TIN) theme using 3D Analyst, and converting existing themes into 3D themes. III. Displaying and exploring the data in a 3D scene, and making the lookout tower look as big as it is in real life, using 3D Analyst. IV. Creating a layout of the tower and 3D scene to take home.

4 Part 1: Aligning the Park Brochure Image Analysis used to: Align the Park Brochure to the feature theme.

5 Themes Used: Rankin.shp (Point theme) Lookout Tower Park_boundary.shp (Line theme) Park Boundary Brochure.jpg (Image Analysis theme) Brochure Feature Data Projection: NAD27 UTM Zone 13 (meters)

6 Screenshot of Alignment View

7 During the Alignment Process Use the Align tool to link matching features in the image to a control theme

8 After the Alignment

9 Part 2: Resizing a DEM, Converting it to a TIN, Creating 3D Content and Converting the Lookout Tower to 3D Spatial Analyst used to: Re-size the DEM to match the brochure 3D Analyst used to: Convert the new DEM to a TIN Convert the Lookout Tower shapefile to 3D. Create the new 3D line theme of the trail.

10 Re-sizing the Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

11 Themes Used: Elevation (Grid Theme) Original DEM Brochure_aligned.tif (Image Analysis theme) Brochure DEM = Digital Elevation Model TIN= Triangular Irregular Networks

12 Screenshot of DEM Resizing View

13 Setting Spatial Analyst Properties After you set these options, you only have to create a copy of the DEM because the settings specify the extent. Analysis menu Properties choice

14 Creating the new (smaller) grid Using the Map Query would have created a true/false theme, which is not the correct method for this procedure. The expression in the Map Calculator is very simple.

15 After Re-sizing the DEM

16 Converting the new DEM to a TIN Make the DEM theme you want to convert the active theme. Choose the Convert Grid to TIN choice from the Theme menu. Choose the z-value tolerance (how much you want the TIN values to vary from the DEM values Then choose where to save the new TIN theme on disk. Create it and add it to the view.

17 After Conversion (TIN shown used a z-value tolerance of 10 meters)

18 Converting the Lookout Tower Theme to a 3D shapefile

19 Themes Used: Park_tin (TIN theme) Park TIN Rankin.shp (2D Point Theme) Rankin Ridge Lookout Tower Brochure_aligned.tif (regular Image theme) Brochure DEM = Digital Elevation Model

20 Screenshot of 3D Creation and Conversion View

21 Converting the 2D Rankin.shp Choose Convert to 3D Shapefile from Theme menu. Choose where you want the values to come from. Choose the theme that contains the values Choose where to save the new shapefile. Create the new shapefile

22 Creating a new 3D Line Theme Choose New 3D Theme from the View menu and choose the feature type. Save the new theme, and make the TIN theme active. Click the Interpolate Line tool and trace the trail. Copy the features and paste them into the new theme. Stop editing.

23 After Creating the new 3D theme (New 3D theme has pre-defined legend)

24 Part 3: Displaying and Exploring the Data in a 3D Scene 3D Analyst Used To : Display the data in a 3D Scene

25 Themes Used: rankin_3d.shp (3D Point) Rankin Lookout 3D trail_3d.shp (3D Line) Rankin Ridge Trail 3D brochure_aligned.tif (Image) Brochure Image park_tin (TIN) Park TIN

26 First you select 3D Scene … from the View menu. Setting Up the 3D Scene Next you choose to add them as themes. Set the Properties of the 3D scene from the 3D Scene menu and the 3D Properties of the themes from the Theme menu.

27 Exploring the Data in the 3D Scene Using buttons and tools in the Viewer window you zoom into the trail. Use Ctrl key and right-click on the tower to zoom in onto it. Rotate viewer to see the whole trail. Save as JPG.

28 Part 4 Creating A Layout: Putting It All Together to Take Home

29 Visual Display of Layout Components

30 Looking at Your Tools The layout buttons and tools… and the Symbol Window… (Note: Only one palette shown at time in actual Symbol Window)

31 The Components Property Window

32 The Components Property Window (Cntd.) Second North Arrow is the upside-down arrow shown to the left of the 3D Scene Snapshot.

33 The Final Product

34 Lesson and Data Available Online The lesson and data are available online at the following address: Thank you all for coming! Questions?

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