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Lecture 16 Marketing Can Help Defuse Malpractice Threats.

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1 Lecture 16 Marketing Can Help Defuse Malpractice Threats

2 Introduction The medical profession is in the midst of a malpractice suit crisis Physicians are defensive rather than pro-active Many malpractice suits involve the patients misunderstanding of the service provided by the doctor

3 Why they sue Satisfaction in healthcare involves the well-being of patients and affects even family and friends When patients, their family or friends feel that the patients well being was sacrificed, they may tend to sue

4 Why they sue Depending on the degree of dissatisfaction, clients may –Do nothing –Spread the news –Sue Researches show that people tend less to complain about services than goods, but when they do, they tend to take drastic action

5 Preventive Measures 1.Doing your best to keep your patients would help prevent malpractice suits 2.Keeping in mind how patients judge quality would help prevent malpractice suits

6 Keeping your patients Address patient beliefs that predispose them to sue 1.Doctors dont explain matters adequately 2.Doctors do things they do not understand or agree with

7 The need for explanation Suggested Actions 1.More quality time 2.Always explain critical areas a.Illnessd. Costs b.Testse. Possible outcomes c.Therapy 3.Dialogue with patient and family

8 The need for consent and involvement Suggested Actions 1.Adequately explain all options to patients 2.Allow patient to take part in all important decisions 3.Respect the patients decision

9 Judging your quality The doctors education or training is NOT the best deterrent to malpractice suits Patients actually judge a practice using surrogate criteria that are not based on doctor competence

10 Judging your quality If you want to be judged by patients as having good quality, dont forge to focus on 1.Convenient and comfortable clinic 2.Accommodating staff 3.Friendly patient-doctor relations 4.Adequate time

11 No place for deception While we do focus on surrogate criteria, we do not negate the need for competence At the end of the day, no amount of surrogate criteria could cover for true malpractice The doctor should not neglect the development of competence

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