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2 Essential Standard Students will understand the function of a major system within the body and how it enables and carries out the basic functions of life.

3 Curriculum Framing Questions
Essential Question How can a disruption in a human body system contribute to an imbalance in homeostasis? Unit Question What happens when your body is not in homeostasis? Content What is homeostasis?

4 Objective You and your team of doctors have been presented with a mystery case in the emergency room. Your initial task is to analyze the symptoms and determine which human body system is being disrupted. You will then use multiple internet sites to identify the disorder that is affecting the maintenance of a stable internal environment in the body. You will explain how this disorder affects homeostasis in this particular human body system. You will explain the primary functions of the system affected and how it provides for the needs of the body. Your final product will be to present your findings in an informative brochure, powerpoint, or create a video of a talk show that presents the diagnosed condition and how it affects homeostasis.

5 Pre-Assessment Your grandmother has a friend that is constantly complaining of pains in his arms and legs. This pain is centralized around the joints. Your grandmother thinks that her friend may be suffering from arthritis. Based on your knowledge, make a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting the skeletal system in homeostasis and the characteristics of the skeletal system not in homeostasis.

6 Formative Assessment Gauging Student Needs
Matching Game (Identify the Functions of the Human Body System) Encouraging Self Direction Scientific Literature Review (Use Think Pair Share to Analyze Human Body Systems Described) Monitoring Progress Project Time Line (Complete Worksheet to Ensure That Tasks are Met and Information Has Been Found) Check for Understanding (Rubric Will Be Used to Assess Understanding)

7 Practice Let’s watch a video from Untold Stories of the ER and create a concept map of the symptoms. Video:

8 Practice Concept Map Symptoms Numbness in feet
Moving other extremities Cannot sense pain in extremities Paralysis in feet

9 Independent Practice Now it’s your turn to determine what type of disease or disorder the person in the video was suffering from. Useful websites are as follows:

10 Independent Practice Possible Diseases or Disorders
Guillain Barre Syndrome Poliomyelitis ?

11 Rubric for Final Product
Criteria 4 3 2 1 Diagnosis Determined the correct diagnosis Determined diagnosis was very close Determined diagnosis was not in the proper system Did not determine a diagnosis Functions of the Body System All functions were correctly stated and explained Some of the functions were stated correctly and explained One function was stated and explained No functions were stated and explained Compare and Contrast Homeostasis Explained completely with examples Adequately explained with examples Adequately explained with no examples Did not explain Cooperative Effort All members worked together The majority of the members worked Some members worked None of the members worked well Overall Product Met all criteria including creativity Met most of criteria Met some of criteria Did not meet any of the criteria


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