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Public Transportation & Fleet Management - UK/ Europe Experience March 4, 2003 Philip Chan Regional Director Asia.

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1 Public Transportation & Fleet Management - UK/ Europe Experience March 4, 2003 Philip Chan Regional Director Asia

2 The Challenge To provide accurate Public Transport Information for: - The Transport User - Passengers - The Transport Operator - Bus Company - The Transport Regulator - Government To enable effective journey decisions to be made. Thus Increasing Bus rider-ship through high quality, accurate services and information.

3 Linaria RT Real Time Passenger Information & Fleet Management System

4 Linaria RT Member of the Linaria Family

5 Linaria RT Increase Customer Value and Manage Cost Inform your passengers accurately Manage your fleet performance Inform & relieve your drivers HIGH Quality Service + HIGH efficiency = HIGHER Ridership HIGHER Ridership

6 For passengers … Increase customer value Short and frequent travel times Comfortable and safe trip Punctual operational performance Widely available accurate information

7 For Bus Company … Manage Costs Effective deployment of vehicles and drivers Operating costs of vehicles Fleet size reduction Remote fleet management as money generator through location based advertisement

8 Linaria RT System Deliverables Real Time Passenger Information At HomeAt Home SMS/ WAPSMS/ WAP InternetInternet At StopAt Stop Driver information and CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) Fleet & Operational Management

9 Linaria RT System Components

10 Hardware Configuration GPS

11 Bus Priority Total solution – vehicle specific design Rugged environment proofRugged environment proof Intelligent vehicle systemIntelligent vehicle system One terminal accommodates all vehicle functionsOne terminal accommodates all vehicle functions

12 MVS Functions Now GPS Ready registration of events

13 Passenger Information In-Vehicle

14 Example: Passenger Information In-Vehicle or Bus-Stop

15 Example: Passenger Information In-Vehicle or Bus-Stop

16 Passenger Information at Bus-Stops

17 Bus-stop Information Kiosk

18 WAP/SMA Cell Phone

19 Passenger Information at Work through Internet

20 Operation Benefits Very little data communication capacity required Contingency mode / Exception ReportingContingency mode / Exception Reporting User Defined CriteriaUser Defined Criteria E.g.: 1 minute early – 3 minutes late E.g.: 1 minute early – 3 minutes late Minimises Network Resources 64 byte Messages64 byte Messages Reduces Costs Public Access Digital Networks (GPRS, TETRA, etc.)Public Access Digital Networks (GPRS, TETRA, etc.)

21 Central System Benefits All information at your finger tips, anytime, anywhere Real-time – adjust to special (tourist) eventsReal-time – adjust to special (tourist) events Flexible user defined tailored informationFlexible user defined tailored information Web-enabled – internet accessWeb-enabled – internet access Real localized solution - Multi lingual Easy to implement with existing systems Self learning Timetable Database systemSelf learning Timetable Database systemSelf learningTimetableSelf learningTimetable Independent of database (SQL, Informix)Independent of database (SQL, Informix) Independent of network operating system (Unix, Windows)Independent of network operating system (Unix, Windows) Open TCP/ IP based solutionOpen TCP/ IP based solution Risk-free and easy to maintain Standardized product based solutionStandardized product based solution

22 Communication Benefits Independent of supplier No proprietary solution, Open communication !!!No proprietary solution, Open communication !!! Choice of Communication based on local situation:Choice of Communication based on local situation: Voice RadioVoice Radio Cellular Networks (GSM, PCS, …)Cellular Networks (GSM, PCS, …) Wireless LANWireless LAN Digital Radio Modems (TETRA, GPRS)Digital Radio Modems (TETRA, GPRS)Flexibility Supports public and private networksSupports public and private networks Mix & MatchMix & Match Network supports IP addressNetwork supports IP address

23 Vehicle Benefits Easy to integrate, accommodates every vehicle Interfacing to any in-bus equipmentInterfacing to any in-bus equipment Interfacing to any communications technologyInterfacing to any communications technology Wireless LAN, support TCP/IP addressWireless LAN, support TCP/IP address Integration in total traffic management systems Traffic Priority and Schedule AdherenceTraffic Priority and Schedule Adherence Location based advertisementLocation based advertisement Fully configurableFully configurable Hardware and O/S independent softwareHardware and O/S independent software

24 Management Information



27 Summary Advanced Open System based on latest technologies Choice of Hardware and Software Platforms System components based on standard products Lower cost / high valueLower cost / high value Lower system implementation riskLower system implementation risk Easy integration to other 3 rd Party Systems Hybrid solution for bus and light rail in one Easy to Install and Maintain Scalable

28 Major References Manchester UK (current project 500 vehicles)Manchester UK (current project 500 vehicles) Southampton UK (100 vehicles)Southampton UK (100 vehicles) Reading UK (400 vehicles)Reading UK (400 vehicles) Harogate UK (60 vehicles)Harogate UK (60 vehicles) Blackburn UK (10 vehicles)Blackburn UK (10 vehicles) Wokingham UK (30 vehicles)Wokingham UK (30 vehicles) London UK (12 vehicles)London UK (12 vehicles) Sacramento US (150 trams)Sacramento US (150 trams) Copenhagen Denmark (150 vehicles)Copenhagen Denmark (150 vehicles) Eindhoven Netherlands (150 buses, 20 lines)Eindhoven Netherlands (150 buses, 20 lines)

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