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The Regional Knowledge Base in Framework Projects

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1 The Regional Knowledge Base in Framework Projects

2 Contents Nanofactory Nanofactory Partners and their Expertise Nanofactory Offering How to get involved

3 1.Bring together a network of the established regional expertise in nanotechnology 2.Increase regional R&D spend on nanotechnology 3.Deliver new technologies through to the market as new products and processes Aims

4 Nanofactory Delivery Partners

5 Skin and hair follicle biology Cancer therapeutics Genetic and reproductive toxicology Polymer engineering Pharmaceutical innovation Wireless communication Biomolecular sciences Manufacturing control and machine performance Surface engineering

6 Nanofactory Delivery Partners Membrane and systems biology Engineering fluid mechanics and tribology Advanced energy engineering Particle science and engineering Technical textiles Medical physics Dental materials Colour chemistry Polymer physics Spintronics and quantum computing Nanomanufacturing Structural biology Green chemistry Electron microscopy and nanolithography Nanophysics

7 Biomaterials and tissue engineering Stem cell biology Advanced magnetic materials and devices Microstructures and mechanical process engineering Advanced manufacturing Cancer studies Aging research Nanomaterials engineering Polymer chemistry Nanofactory Delivery Partners Thin films and sensors Materials analysis and research Advanced composites and coatings

8 The Framework Programmes FP714 projects 4m FP6 174 projects 44m FP7112 projects 40m FP6 168 projects 27.3 m FP7 98 projects 37.9 m

9 Case study University able to use position to link regional SME to a large project Brings SME (and University) into contact with a large multinational (and other partners)- future opportunities Small role for SME turned into a much larger opportunity- University had real power and influence Commercialisation opportunities (patents and new product range)

10 Offering

11 Links to future FP7 possibilities Specific FP7 project management and financial expertise Regional universities have real science and technology expertise Support for bid writing where a good project fit is identifiable Offering

12 Events –Nano4Energy 28 June –Medical Device and Healthcare Technologies Open Day 30 June Contact Nanofactory to discuss project ideas- ideas should come before funding! Speak with potential collaborators/ customers/ supply chain How to Get Involved

13 0113 343 2402

14 Acknowledgements Nanofactory partners European Regional Development Fund Nanofactory is receiving £2.59m between 2009-2013 from Priority 1 of the Yorkshire and Humber ERDF Operational Programme

15 If Its A Nanoproduct, It Could Well Be…

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