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Nobody ever lives their life all the way up... Nobody ever knows anything...

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1 Nobody ever lives their life all the way up... Nobody ever knows anything...


3 Expectations  Must have textbook/s  Dictionary  Notebook/s  Support Material: Internet summaries, criticisms, analysis, etc  CAPE Study Guide  Folder to store papers  An Attitude to Learn!

4 Ernest Hemingway – young life  Born July 21, 1899 in Illinois to Grace and Clarence Hemingway.  Mother was a failed singer, father a doctor.  In 1928 father committed suicide.  Ernest left home in 1917 to work at The Kansas City Star paper.  Was not accepted into the army during WWI because of poor vision.  Volunteered as an ambulance driver.  Injured while on one of his first drives to the frontline.  Fell in love with his Italian nurse. (A farewell to arms)

5 Ernest Hemingway – Mid Life  Went back home after war.  In 1920 became foreign correspondent for the Toronto Star.  Married Hadley Richards in 1921 and moved to Paris.  Met author Sherwood Anderson who introduced him to other great literary writers including Gertrude Stein.  The 1926 ‘The Sun Also Rises’ brought him true fame.  Married four times after divorcing Hadley in 1927.  Travelled widely across Europe, America, Africa.  Lived in Cuba until Fidel Castro overthrew the government there around 1959.

6 Ernest Hemingway – Later Life  Continued to travel, loved fishing and hunting in Africa.  Continued his job as a correspondent during the Spanish Civil War. (1936)  Started boxing as a method of stress release.  Became an abusive alcoholic.  Used his personal life as the basis for his writings.  Won the Pulitzer prize in 1953 and the Nobel Prize in 1954.  Aged as an alcoholic.  Committed suicide in 1961

7 Key Facts  Genre – modernist novel, travelogue; novel of disillusionment.  Narrator – first person; Jake Barnes  Tone; sombre, detached, ironic, nostalgic  Tense; past  Setting (time); 1920’s  Setting (place) Novel begins in Paris, France, moves to Pamplona, Spain and concludes in Madrid, Spain.  Protagonist; Jake

8 Themes  The aimlessness of the Lost Generation  Male Insecurity  The destructiveness of sex  Motif  The failure of Communication  Excessive drinking  False friendships

9 Other Important Issues  Symbols  Bullfighting  The behaviour of the bulls foreshadows the actions of the people in the novel.

10 Characters  Jake Barnes  Lady Brett Ashley  Robert Cohn  Bill Gorton  Mike Campbell  Pedro Romero  Montoya  Frances Clyne  Count Mippipopolous  Wilson-Harris  Georgette  Belmonte  Harvey Stone

11 Types of Assessments Essays Class presentations Speeches Dramatic Presentations Question and Answer Sessions Pictoral Displays Drawings etc

12 End - Questions?!!!

13 Homework - Define the following  Novel, novella, short story  Narrative technique  Setting  Style  Theme  Plot  Point of view  Motif  Stream of consciousness  Interior monologue  Satire  Symbol  Literary context

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