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Portable media player RD –A 谢国佳.

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1 Portable media player RD –A 谢国佳

2 Main Chip Introduction

3 KEY FEATURES ◎Dual 32bit CPU 400+ (Main Processor, Coprocessor)
Embedded Architecture ◎Main Processor used for Operating System & System Control, Audio Processing: ARM 920T CPU (200MHz,>220MIPS), 16KB I-Cache + 16KB D-Cache + MMU ◎Coprocessor used for Video Header Parsing, Video Post Processor Control: ARM 940T CPU (200MHz,>220MIPS), 4KB I-Cache + 4KB D-Cache

4 ◎Multi Standard Video Codec including
MPEG1/2/4, H.263 and JPEG/MJPEG ◎Multi Functional Video Post Processor Win CE 3.0/4.0 Compatible 2D Graphic Accelerator ◎Image Processor with Real Time Digital Zoom & Three Auto Processing ◎Pseudo Message Broadcasting with Command Write Buffer Memory Control Bus Architecture for HighPerformance Pipelined & Burst Data Operation

5 ◎USB 1.1 Host Controller, USB 1.1 Slaver, IrDA
(FIR, MIR, SIR), 4CH UART ◎LCD Controller, 16CH.DMA, Timer, Interrupt Controller, RTC, Ultra DMA ◎PCMCIA, Compact Flash, MMC, SD, Memory Stick Controller ◎AC'97 Controller, SPDIF In/Out Controller, CD-ROM Decoder, DeCSS, MPEG I/F, RDI I/F ◎I2C, I2S, SSP, Touch Screen ADC, GPIOs, PWM, Power Manager ◎Whole Chip Operating Clock 100MHz

6 Video (H/W Video Processor)
FUNCTIONAL SPECIFICATION Video (H/W Video Processor) ◎MPEG1 Decode (Video CD) ◎MPEG2 Encoder (P, I frame only) Decode (DVD playback, SD-TV) ◎MPEG4 ASP x 480, 30fps (DivX 3.11/4.x/5.x Playback)

7 ◎MPEG4 SP Encoder / Decode @720 x
480,30fps (MPEG4 Camcorder, PVR, MMS) ◎MPEG4 SP/H.263 L3 x 288,30fps (Video Conferencing) ◎JPEG Encode or Decode up to 4M pixels (DSC) ◎MJPEG Encode or x 480, 30fps (Security Camera)

8 Speech & Audio (ARM920T CPU S/W)
◎Need software development or porting at ARM 920T ◎Support from WinCE.NET: MP3, WMA ◎License from 3rd party: G.723.1/G.729/AMR Speech Codec, ADPCM (G.722/G.726) Codec, AC-3 ◎MPEG1/2 Audio Codec, AAC-LC ◎Support from MagicEyes: PCM

9 High Performance 2D Graphics & LCD Controller (H/W)
System (ARM920T CPU S/W ) ◎DVD, H.323/H.324M, MPEG4 System, SIP High Performance 2D Graphics & LCD Controller (H/W) ◎Resolution up to 1024 x 60Hz ◎Two Hardware Video Overlay Surface Support

10 PMR5350 One Page Spec ◎ Contents ◎ Features ◎ Controles /Indicator
/ Connectors

11 Hardware Architechure

12 MagicEye MMSP2 Power Manager LCD Bias LED Driver RTC IC DS1672
Video DAC PVI3001A PVC 3.5” LED Panel SDRAM 64MBytes AV codec TV Encoder SAA7113H MagicEye MMSP2 AV IN Storage Nand Flash 64 MBytes TV Decoder CX25874 AV OUT MagicStor 1” HDD AC97 Codec WM9710 Head Phone SD Slot Mic USB 2.0 IC USB 1.1/2.0

13 UI Spec ◎ Video ◎ Music ◎ Photo ◎ Recorder ◎ Setup ◎ AV in ◎ SD card

14 Feel freely to give directions!
Thanks! Feel freely to give directions!

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