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Planning to Support Mixed Ability Teaching

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1 Planning to Support Mixed Ability Teaching
Sharon Gunn SDP Coordinator

2 Background in Mixed Ability Teaching
School opened in ----- Broad banding 1998 Switch to Mixed Ability Ongoing evaluation of Mixed Ability

3 Mission Vision and Aims
Should I remove this slide? I’ve used it to replace the overview slide but does it suit this presentation?

4 SPHE Programme Closely linked to our Mission Statement
Our wish is that …’our students leave us with a positive self-image, with the skills and attitudes which will enable them to make a positive contribution to an ever-changing society.’

5 Class Organisation issues… Class Group 1
Concerns about inferiority complex/ poor self-image/ low expectations/ discipline issues/ motivation issue Sense that we were doing this group a disservice Since Mixed Ability we no longer have a ‘Problem Class’ & discipline issues are diluted. Some changes made to this slide

6 Class Group 2 Misplaced students not catered for in Higher level Maths/ English/ Irish Extra classes offered by concerned teacher Need therefore to address this issue of access Result: Mixed Ability has allowed us to offer all subjects to all pupils

7 Planning for Mixed Ability Teaching
Inservice prior to decision (establish the rationale) Subject departments used to working with one another (work through concerns together/ share materials & methodologies) Tutor System (monitor student achievement through attendance & Journal) SPHE Programme promotes positive self-image & tolerance of difference Learning Support initiatives Changes have been made to this slide to try to address what is needed in order to introduce MAT but it also explains how we maintain it.

8 Role of SDP Coordinator
Support Subject Departments: Timetable inservice/ department meetings Provide evaluation materials & encourage dialogue on teaching & learning issues Facilitate end of year subject planning day Communicate with Student Tracking POR This slide is here to show how I support MAT in my school. Relevant??

9 Mixed Ability Teaching pupils of different learning styles with different levels of talent, knowledge, speed and motivation……… New slide - definition

10 The Teacher: Planning challenges
Can involve extra planning for the teacher Involves planning for all learners As awareness of all types of learner develops the task gets easier as resources build up over time. Challenge is to engage the better able and maintain the interest of those who struggle. Differentiation is the key Challenges….should invest time in this

11 Differentiation How does it work?
Differentiation - the merits…..Variety of stimulus/ encourages a number of ways of approaching the same topic so that all learners gain/ encourages innovation/ encourages peer mentoring. Differentiation can occur: by resource/ by task/ by outcome/ by classroom organisation. A move away from teaching ‘to the middle’ by employing good teaching methodologies. Answering the challenges. Please note the changes made to this slide.

12 Class Plan for MAT: German
Core information: Learn vocabulary (Draw a picture/ word search/ crossword/ hangman) Must know Developing the skills of sentence construction (mix & match exercises/ pair work conversation) Should know Look for deeper understanding (reading comprehension/ application of grammar previously learned /ability to express own ideas in writing) Could know Additions made to this slide

13 MAT techniques Questioning (open) Self-marking Role play
Use of homework for extension exercises. AFL inservice provides useful support for MAT. Not sure about this slide

14 Maths 1st Year: Mixed Ability
Set number of topics covered with all classes ‘Wouldn’t have it any other way’ ‘No problem getting the course covered’ (McGarry 2006) 2nd Year: classes are set based on the results of a common paper at the end of 1st Year Range of questions on the paper i.e. it is differentiated- building in opportunities for success Spread of ability across 1st year. Not judging pupils on one performance/ sometimes results are skewed by coaching/ pupils are given time to find their own level/ maths teachers make their own judgement about student ability based on common 1st year test 15% and under do foundation level 2nd Year:6 base classes get 7 teachers & the classes are blocked on the timetable 3 classes do H.L, 3 do O.L & 1 small foundation level

15 New slide

16 Assessment Differentiation by outcome: Pupils do the same task with the same resources but the teacher’s expectations for each pupil will be different and will be reflected in the marking. Differentiated worksheets: pupils are given the same worksheets containing gradated exercises. Differentiation by task: Pupils do different tasks with different resources. Sometimes you need to ask weaker pupils the questions they know the answers to, to boost their confidence.

17 Supporting MAT Student Tracking POR SDP Coordinator
Effective Subject Departments: Reporting structure/ shared resources Inservice to refresh/ remind/ revise Learning support initiatives: Team teaching/ SNA s support classroom teaching Induction of new staff End of year subject planning day/ annual evaluation Recent inservice in AFL. Inservice (CPD) important in sharing new methodologies. MATis just employing good teaching methodologies. Reporting structure means depts are in the habit of documenting what they’ve learned.

18 Support/Inservice can…
Help initiate the exploration of Mixed Ability Teaching Update methodologies Refresh the approach Help us assess our effectiveness at what we do.

19 Agenda for Subject Departments
What were the desired outcomes for MAT? Have they been achieved? Have results changed/improved? How do departments organise the ability of students for teaching and learning and how are students grouped in each year group? What values are behind these decisions?

20 Workshop 1 What structures do you have in your school to support Mixed Ability Teaching at the moment? What steps do you need to take to support effective introduction of mixed ability teaching?

21 Workshop 2 Evaluating mixed ability teaching:
Identify indicators of success in relation to mixed ability teaching at whole school level at subject department level Resources. Time. Inservice

22 Initiatives for evaluation of student achievement
Look at results – student tracking (POR) Better use of available data: using it proactively Template to identify the achiever/underachiever Formative assessment in first year Subject department questionnaire Student questionnaire: What Qs might give clues about the value of MAT

23 Mixed Ability 10 years on…
Concerns about high achievers Student tracking Social benefits: no ‘problem class’ Educational benefits: equality of access Discipline issues have been diluted Recent AFL inservice maintains momentum Regular evaluation Changes made to this slide

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