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Fracture Properties Needed

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1 Fracture Properties Needed

2 Fracture porosity & permeability
are both a function of Fracture Width (e) & Fracture Spacing (D)

3 Fracture Porosity

4 Fracture Porosity Magnitude

5 Difficult to Calculate
Fracture Porosity is Difficult to Calculate and Even More Difficult to Interpret

6 While Fracture Porosity is Small in Magnitude
It is very effective porosity A possible large volume per well due to large drainage area and reservoir thickness An assumed high recovery factor

7 Fracture System Volume as a Function of Fracture Porosity & Drainage
Nelson (1985)

8 Fracture Porosity & Scale
2 ft Nelson (1985)

9 Depth & Depletion Corrections Than in Matrix Porosity
Are Much More Severe in Fracture Porosity Than in Matrix Porosity

10 Fracture & Matrix Porosity

11 Fracture & Matrix Permeability Tr Ss from Daw & Others (1974)
Compressibility Tr Ss from Daw & Others (1974)

12 Fracture Porosity Calculator
Nelson (1985)

13 Fracture Porosity Determinations

14 Fracture Porosity from Core Analysis

15 Fracture Permeability
Fracture Porosity vs. Fracture Permeability Nelson (1985)

16 Fracture Porosity/ Permeability Relationship
K. North Sea Chalk Valhall Field Fracture Porosity/ Permeability Relationship Nelson (1985)

17 Fracture Porosity from Outcrop Fracture Intensities
Nelson (1985) Assumes Fracture Width for Ls at 10,000 ft from Lab Measurements

18 Sometimes Fracture Porosity & Matrix Porosity are Related

19 Calcite Filled Vessicle Trains Surrounding Fractures in Tert. Basalt
West Rozel, Great Salt Lake, Utah

20 Matrix Saturation Around Fractures Calcite fill in Outcrop
in Tert. Basalt Calcite fill in Outcrop West Rozel, Great Salt Lake, Utah

21 Calcite Along Vessicle Trains Along
Fractures in Basalt West Rozel, Great Salt Lake, Utah

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