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Learning Age Project Active Ageing in the North West.

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1 Learning Age Project Active Ageing in the North West

2 Active Ageing and LAP Active ageing ……the process of optimizing opportunities for health, participation and security in order to enhance quality of life as people age. It applies to both individuals and population groups. Active ageing allows people to realize their potential for physical, social, and mental well-being throughout the life course…The word active refers to continuing participation in social, economic, cultural, spiritual and civic affairs, not just the ability to be physically active or to participate in the labour force LAP has provided a range of courses which help support active ageing…….examples include: Physical Health & Well Being Projects Social Inclusion reaching those most excluded due to illness, social disadvantage in neighbourhood renewal areas, geographical location etc Mental Health Projects Cultural Projects Intergenerational Projects–Linking the Generations to learn together Providing opportunities to engage on issues affecting older people e.g. Arts Council OP Arts Consultation/City of Culture Consultation/Pensioners Parliament etc and also to participate in projects supporting their peers e.g. Think Drink and Dont ….be my Guest!

3 YOGA: In the North West we have piloted Yoga for more elderly participants & those less able bodied or less mobile or generally less fit. Participants relax and enjoy a more gentle approach to Yoga. Participants can enjoy the class whilst working from a chair or from their mat on the floor. The class aims to work three main areas followed by relaxation. Anti-Rheumatic Group Loosens the joints, excellent for those suffering from rheumatism, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart problems & where vigorous exercise is not advised Digestive/Abdominal Group Improve the digestive system, build flexibility & strength into the abdominal area Eye Exercises Relax & strengthen the eye muscles e.g. muscles that help focus the eyes. Relaxation and Breathing: Taking time out of your busy day to relax, unwind & just be.

4 Body Wisdom Working with local Professional Dance Company Echo Echo Provides contemporary dance and movement courses for older people Learn about the body, how it moves & responds, how to deal with physical problems and working through these Physical Activity & Relaxation Poetry of Movement Performance Work Mapping Memories 2011 and Views from the Hill 2012 Attracted other funding BBC Performing Arts Fund

5 Learning to Safeguard & Protect @ Home Devised Performance Dont….be my Guest! – A Play and leaflet about Bogus Callers and how older people can learn to safe guard themselves at home Performed by two LAP Drama Groups/Workshop Discussion After performance/Audience Feedback on Awareness of Issues Toured 10 Community Venues & OP Projects in Winter 2012, funded by the Policing & Community Safety Partnership DVD & Resource Pack Launch for Community Groups 7 th November 2012 Filming on location: May 2012

6 Health and Nutrition Cookery for Men/Cooking for One/Cooking on a Budget Men who have lost their partners or partners unable to cook All Courses have included awareness of good nutrition, budgeting, shopping as well as cooking a range of healthy meals quickly and easily.

7 DRINK THINK Campaign A Project run by the Bogside and Brandywell Health Forum Ladies from the two LAP drama groups were involved in a publicity campaign to highlight safe and sensible drinking for older people Poster/Flyer Campaign

8 Old Library Trust Health 4 Life Programme A Five Year Programme Funded by the Big Lottery Open to those aged 60+ Programme includes: Gym and Spin for all Abilities Line Dancing Boccia Walking Club Healthy Eating and Cooking Foot Care Clinic Gentle Yoga The Social Hour Memory Club- Dementia Group

9 OLT Chat and Chew Club 1pm Lunch 2pm Stay and Chat in Drop In Room Hear Speakers or try new activities Drop in Club operates twice once during the day and one evening Drop In Club: Deciding on Courses

10 Bogside and Brandywell Bogside & Brandywell Health Forum is a community-led organisation established to address health inequalities and enhance health and wellbeing. Getting on Well will target people over 60 years old at risk of isolation or ill health living in Creggan, Bogside, Brandywell and Fountain areas of Derry and will deliver a number of distinct programmes to improve their lives. Programmes will include: A gardening/grow your own initiative based both at peoples homes and at a number of new allotment and communal gardens A health and social engagement programme for older men A complementary therapy programme to relieve pain and stress An intervention and support programme linking with 'Operation Snowball' during difficult winter periods and community based initiatives during seasonal disturbances

11 Bogside and Brandywell Service users eligible for support are over 60, living in the Triax area and could be experiencing difficulties such as: Isolation Loneliness Low self esteem Stress Poor mental health Poor health Overweight Long term illness Addiction Poverty Debt

12 U3A Foyle Idea of U3A set up in Toulouse in 1972 In Ireland since 1990 U3A Foyle is one of the few who have their own Premises Run voluntarily by over 100 of their members Over 50% of Courses taught voluntary by its members Cross Community Links to other groups e.g. mens health programme New Active Ageing Centre opened May 2012

13 U3A Foyle Health Activities include: Badminton Boccia and Bowls Dancing & Movement to Music Mens Keep Fit Club Walking Club Gardening Self Defence Tai Chi/Yoga/Pilates

14 Thank you for listening For further information about the Learning Age Project; Please contact: Sinead Devine Development Officer LAP Tel: 028 71 369947 WEA Magazine Studios 5-6 Magazine Street Derry.Londonderry BT48 6HJ

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