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Nursing Orientation / Registration

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1 Nursing Orientation / Registration
WVNCC Nursing Faculty Introductions

2 Welcome and Congratulations on your achievement of acceptance into the WVNCC Nursing Program

3 Nursing Orientation Program Requirements
Required Attendance EC Building Wheeling Campus Fee $10.00 CASH ONLY July 25 4pm 121EC Name Tags starting at 4pm

4 Is This Trip Really Necessary
Nursing Is NOT: Insurance Policy Doctor Assistant Nursing IS: Profession > Ethics and Commitment Keep skills current Job Security What Nurses do all day Interview patients Analyze problems Develop careplans Document progress Counsel grief-stricken families Collaborate with other Health Care Professionals

5 How Long Will This Trip Take?
3-year Plan 2-year Plan Looking Beyond the Horizon

6 How Much Will This Trip Cost?
Tuition Books Uniform Special Equipment Fees Transportation Deferred Income Scholarships

7 Rules of the Road Read the rules College Catalog
Academic Instruction Nursing Information and Curriculum Student Handbook Get Clarification if you have questions

Keep and Review Student Nurse Handbook Essential Functions Adhere to Policies and Procedures Comply with Dress Code Complete Physical Exam Incurred Health Expenses Fees Travel Personal Changes WV State Board of Nursing


10 DO YOU HAVE? 
A strong background in math and science Good hand-eye coordination Lots of common sense The ability to stay calm in emergencies Excellent communication skills A sound body A stable mind An above-average intellect An affinity for machines and computers A compassionate heart Teaching abilities Leadership qualities Patience, tolerance, flexibility, persistence A strong ego An affinity for problem solving Confidence in your decision-making Good organizational skills Reliable powers of observation The ability to see the best in people in the worst of times No objection to working on Christmas

11 YES The more of these attributes you have, the more likely you are to make a success of nursing – and the more likely nursing is to make a success of you !

12 Essential Functions Health Science students must possess sufficient skills to perform competently and safely in the clinical setting to maintain the high standards for delivery of patient care.

13 Essential Functions Bend, crouch, walk, climb steps Demonstrate eye/hand coordination Stand for 8-12 hours Lift, carry, pull a minimum of 50 pounds Discriminate sights, sounds colors, odors, touch Recognize work related hazards Respond to emergent situations Follow written and oral instructions Read and write effectively Maintain composure during stress Comply with dress code and personal hygiene Meet assigned schedules

14 Core Competencies of Nursing Education
Professional Behavior Communication Assessment Clinical Decision Making Caring Interventions Teaching and Learning Collaboration Managing Care

15 Role of the Associate Degree Professional Nurse
Provider of Care Manager of Care Member of the discipline of nursing

16 CPR Certification Must have current (within one year) CPR certification Health Care Provider

17 Items that may be in progress:
Health Records Completed, submitted, and will be reviewed by August 1, 2013 Items that may be in progress: 1. Second step of 2-Step PPD (initial and within 3 weeks) 2. Hepatitis B Immunization (3 part-series) Must be initiated.

18 Health Records LAB WORK: 3. Varicella Titer
4. MMR – Antibody Titer (Rubella-Rubeola-Mumps) Hepatitis B Antibody Titer (If 3 part-series completed) Or sign Release Waiver Titers = Lab results MUST BE ATTACHED

19 Uniforms Must have for ALL clinical or campus lab experiences.
Order Placement: Meridys Must have for ALL clinical or campus lab experiences. Lecture casual – no caps – no holes – no revealing attire -

20 Name Tags Completed today….$5.00 Cash
Faculty will pass out first day of Class. Must wear first day of class and every class and clinical.

21 Nursing Advisors / Instructors
Meet the Experts Expect the Best Roles Student Guides Pavers Officers Judges

22 Advisor Lists Wheeling: Hans A-C Watson D-G Wycherley H-K Kuca L-N
Tyburski      O-R Keyser                                   S-U Berry                                     V-Z

23 Weirton Lists VanFossan A-F Aftanas G-L Bonacci M-R Riter S-Z

24 New Martinsville Blatt

25 See Nursing Rotation Schedules at:
Clinical Rotations See Nursing Rotation Schedules at:

26 example 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Date 8/24 9/2 9/9 9/16 9/21 9/28 10/5 10/12 10/19 TBA 11/18 12/2 12/9 Weekday W F Clinical CL P IM COM SIM Facility Lab OV Instructor RB SB AK KMu

27 REGISTRATION Online Alternate Pin Numbers NOW
Registration will be online. Meet with advisor by appointment prior to each semester start of registration. Alternate Pin Numbers subsequent semesters NOW Home or Kiosk

28 Books Web Site > already a student > A_Z > Bookstore (your campus) NUR104, NUR 107, NUR115

29 Preparation for Class Blatt
Class rooms listed on NOW in student schedule 8:30 am Mondays Lecture Theory Laptops Phones Powerpoints/notes Reading prior to class Testing

30 Preparation for Campus Lab Berry
First day of clinical each semester is on the campus (campus lab) to outline the requirements of the clinical experience. First semester students will prepare for facility onsite clinical experience for about 7 weeks on campus in the lab. Students will wear uniforms for campus lab. Students are expected to be in campus lab at time specified.

31 Preparation for Clinical Riter
Uniform / dress code. Acquiring patient information the day before clinical experience. Preparing for patient care. Arriving at the clinical site early.

32 SURVIVAL TIPS Take Care of Yourself Take Care of Each Other
Take One Day at a Time Take Care of Business

33 More Miles Per Gallon Time Management
Efficient Effective From A to Z Memorycise listen /learn read / remember

34 Business Routes Words delivered in person: Words delivered on paper:
Know your audience Know purpose Construct Rehearse Deliver Words delivered on paper: Purpose Requirement Quality

35 DETOURS / GOALS Know warning signs Wishbones verses Backbones
Be assertive Goals to Go

36 The Last Leg Life in the Fast Lane

37 Campus Information Wheeling 121EC Weirton 308EC NM 309EC
Second year students will go with each group After information will see you all August 19th…

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