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Whole Systems Change with Dynamic Facilitation & the Wisdom Council Nexus U March 28, 2008.

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2 Whole Systems Change with Dynamic Facilitation & the Wisdom Council Nexus U March 28, 2008

3 Choice-creating where people… address a high-care problem are creative, innovative and collaborative are authentic - drop their roles seek a solution that works for all

4 Managed = BOXSelf-organizing = Circle All is alive, in relationship and growing All is in change … with spontaneity Not only do we choose, but we also create The measuring process often impacts quality and integrity The process is crucial Follow the heart The universe is dead stuff except me Causality accounts for all.. There is nothing new! There is no free will and no creativity All is measurable. We can use numbers to assess the quality of things The process doesnt matter Follow the plan There are two forms of change

5 Classical scienceNew science Objective reality An independent observer assesses and manipulates dead stuff. Reductive thinkingTo understand we must take things apart. System = sum of parts. Linear processFor something to be built there must be builder and a plan. Extrinsic motivation (Physics)An object needs a cause or it wont change. Control changeSet goals and achieve it by managing extrinsic forces. Dont go backward! MeasurementManage change by determining measures and tracking progress. Participative Reality We are all part of one whole creating itself. Intent affects reality. Living System Each part co-creates a new whole. Its meaning comes from the whole. EmergenceThere are spontaneous, non- linear shifts that lead to new, unpredictable properties. Intrinsic Motivation (Biology)Things grow and change from within … spontaneously. Facilitate growthSpark/support transformation and emergence. Quantum uncertaintyAttempts to measure can impact the essence of things. Classical science is a subset of quantum science Science is evolving…

6 Two models of change / Two Paradigms of Thinking self-organizing managed Managed change is primary Self-organizing change is primary Box Paradigm Circle Paradigm

7 Meetings with different ways of thinking Is authentic and cares deeply Stays in role, is dispassionate Ideal attendee … solving the real issue, where all are happy achieving predefined goalsSuccess is… LESS… sometimesMORE… sometimesTime cost: a win/win shift, or co- sensus a decision, then commitment The aim is to reach… Is where all are authentic & creative Is orderly and under control A good meeting… Is real (messy is ok) Is well-defined The issue… Decision-makingChoice-creating

8 CONCERNS DATA SOLUTIONS 1 2 4 3 Mission- building PROBLEM- STATEMENTS Trust- building Innovation- building Perception- building OF COURSEs Dynamic Energy Dynamic Facilitation Flow ISSUES

9 Outcomes of Dynamic Facilitation People discover the real issue People determine unanimous perspectives (co-sensus) People develop wisdom and clarity Trust develops a sense of we? There are breakthrough solutions and shifts People commit to specific answers

10 Detached Tame Impossible High-care II-Problem-solving I-Decision-making III- Creative thinking IV-Choice-creating (Dynamic Facilitation) When to use Dynamic Facilitation? Wicked Range of issues Relationship to the issue

11 Transforming the System… Box System Circle System Choice-creating conversations

12 What does it look like? System charters an ongoing process Periodic DF-events Randomly select participants from the system DF group, they pick the agenda, communicate their story and insights to the larger system Engage the larger system in conversation and action Track what emerges Continue the process

13 Experiments are happening… Farm credit bank Homeless people City and regional Coops Schools Government agencies Other countries

14 Outcomes of the Wisdom Council Creates a continuous feedback mechanism Identifies points of collective agreement Catalyzes change Empowers and inspires individual leadership

15 Additional Resources Jim Rough & Associates, Inc. - Dynamic Facilitation training, corporate and government agency facilitation and consulting ( Center for Wise Democracy - application of Dynamic Facilitation and the Wisdom Council in the public sphere ( Our Community of Practice Blog - articles, stories, newsletters, etc. about Dynamic Facilitation and the Wisdom Council ( Dynamic Facilitation Manual & Reader - available online at or for $15 purchase from Jim Rough & Associates

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