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1 Presentation By: André Visser
3/12/2013 Fabrinox ADC Business Network / Exporters Club 20 June 2013 Presentation By: André Visser

2 3/12/2013 BACKGROUND 2013 Offering one-stop custom manufactured solutions with workforce of 148 2005 Implementation of ERP SYSPRO. Establish relationship with Middle East 1997 Secured first international under-licence manufacturing contract 2012 ISO 3834 Certification. Acquiring of additional premises (15000m2) 2001 Implementation of ISO 9001 1993 Established as sheet metal component manufacturer

3 KEY FIGURES 3/12/2013 TOTAL NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: 141 60% Production
4% Manufacturing Design 10% Marketing / Sales 5% Management 11% Pre-Assembly & Installation 3% Quality 4% Logistics 3% Procurement

4 FIELD OF ACTIVITIES Custom Manufactured Solutions SUB-ASSEMBLIES
3/12/2013 FIELD OF ACTIVITIES COMPONENTS Laser cutting, bending and surface finishing SUB-ASSEMBLIES Assembly of components with additional value adding, such as precision welding, coating, bead blasting etc. PROJECTS Under-licence manufacturing, installation, project management, commissioning and spare parts. INSTALLATIONS 6 x Installation Teams (National & International) Custom Manufactured Solutions

5 3/12/2013 FABRINOX NETWORK Agriculture Food & Beverage Mining General Engineering Renewable Energy Architectural, Building & Construction Supply Network Water Treatment General Engineering & OEM’s

3/12/2013 LATEST TECHNOLOGY & FUTURE CAPACITY 3kW Trumpf Fiber Trulaser 5040 Trumpf CNC Bending Brake Model Trubend 5085 Tube bending Process flow enhancement & automation Live production tracking information Investment in youth Training Entry Level Employment

3/12/2013 UTILISED OPPORTUNITIES INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION PARTICIPATION DTI & IDC (Department of Trade & Industry) – Grants and Support UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organisation) - TAP (Technology Assistance Program) Funding - DST (The Department of Science and Technology) - CSIR (The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research)

8 Source & Select Consultant Implementation / Commissioning
3/12/2013 DTI & IDC GRANTS Start-up Grant Expansion Grant 1: Trumpf Trumatic L4030 Laser Machine Expansion Grant 2: Trumpf Trumatic L4050 Laser Machine Trumpf CNC Bending Brake Model Trubend 5085 Expansion Grant 3: Trumpf TruLaser 5040 L47 Fibre BLM Tube Bender Source & Select Consultant Submit Business Plan Approval Placing of orders Implementation / Commissioning Claim / Grant Important measurements & timeline to adhere to

9 3/12/2013 UNIDO 2010 – First Audit “In a recent survey, completed by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (Unido), Fabrinox showed its competency by emerging as a world class company. The benchmark not only rated companies in terms of hard output, but also evaluated the internal processes and people management within the company. Fabrinox has proven itself to be a truly global competitor and surely should be ranked as a solid example for organisations in South Africa trying to enter and compete in a very tough world market.” (Michel Basson, SASSDA) 20 000 15 000 5 000

10 UNIDO Results Continue
3/12/2013 UNIDO Results Continue Comparison based on similar size company based on turnover and workforce size in: Australia France Germany Poland Sweden United Kingdom United States South Africa

11 UNIDO Results Continue
3/12/2013 UNIDO Results Continue

12 UNIDO Results Continue
3/12/2013 UNIDO Results Continue

13 UNIDO Results Continue
3/12/2013 UNIDO Results Continue Since 2009 to 2012 Fabrinox has grown turnover beyond 18% and a 26% growth for the last financial year (end May 2013). The increased turnover by 26% over past year, improving EBIT by 31% and creating 33 new job opportunities in the process.

14 3/12/2013 Questions?

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