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Cause Marketing Helping local NPOs tap into this potential source of support Charlie Mason Al May John Brooks.

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1 Cause Marketing Helping local NPOs tap into this potential source of support Charlie Mason Al May John Brooks

2 Cause marketing is a strategic marketing partnership that pairs a company or brand with a social cause or cause-related organization for mutual benefit. Cause Marketing Forum

3 The term: cause-related marketing Introduced by in 1983 $1.7MM, 28% increase in card usage

4 Consumers approve

5 Consumers most motivated

6 For Corporations… …it is a way to simultaneously demonstrate a sense of social responsibility and satisfy shareholders demands for increased profits and market share.


8 Conditions for mutual success Organization Fit Continuing Communications Institutional Support

9 The other possible partner NPO CorporationMedia

10 Scope of support

11 Types of Cause Marketing Message Focused -- utilize business resources to share a specific cause-focused message Events -- partner a cause and a company to raise money via runs, walks, celebrations, etc. Licensing -- legally permits use of nonprofit brand by a company in exchange for a licensing fee Transactional -- unlocks a business donation on purchase Digital -- utilize online microsites or social media to unlock business donations

12 Contest to support kids education by inviting participants to tell the story of what their school needs with videos, pictures and an essay Voting generated donations to Our School Needs (OSN) Best Digital Campaign 2011

13 Social media: Twitter parties, Blog Tours, cause blog, playlist on YouTube, contest webinar Teacher incentive Bing launched Double-Your-Impact with, to help schools that submitted entries to OSN but were not determined to be winners Best Digital Campaign 2011 Our School Needs (OSN)

14 Best Digital Campaign 2011 Results: –$200,000 from Bing –422 teachers participated in the incentive and drove 6,926 redemptions to 565 projects. –2,711 public school classroom projects funded in all 50 states, affecting 252,974 students Our School Needs (OSN)

15 Overall strategy –Use PR to drive awareness –Cause marketing helps gain repeat coverage 4 th of July weekend –Promoted locally and nationally –Donation for each bagel sold –Sales way up over traditional volume



18 Good resource

19 Shoestring Cause Marketing: Getting Zing When You Have No Bling

20 CCAs Thanksgiving Food Basket Initiative Held annually for more than 25 years; Provides turkeys and bags of holiday-related food to more than 1,500 low-income families, seniors and persons with disabilities; Involves churches, civic groups, CT Food Bank, schools… and now, increasingly, businesses.

21 Business Partner Selection Start with those who know you, i.e. Board members, other supporters; Best candidates: businesses that rely on walk-in traffic; Make it easy to participate; If cash donations are sought; stay away from businesses where staff rely on tips. Publicize, publicize, publicize your partners involvement.

22 Other campaign tips Track results – increased sales, increased PR, number of items donated per location, etc. Recognize your partners & thank them; Look for ways to expand the partnerships in the future, i.e., coupons, collection cans, helping to introduce partners to potential customers, other mutually beneficial efforts.

23 How Can CRM Work For Your Organization?

24 First, seek out a business that is not controversial or that does not inherently go against your organizations mission, vision and values. Identify businesses with large customer base. Look for a company that has an established marketing/advertising program.

25 Local Initiatives

26 10% of total commission on all group medical policies sold is donated to the policyholders charity of choice.

27 Local Initiatives Metro Taxi dressed one of its cabs with "Take Heart, Take Notice" decals and a red rooftop advertisement and donated $1 from each fare driven in that taxi to help fund American Heart Association educational & programs.

28 How Can CRM Work For Your Organization? Remember, its a partnership. Do not get stuck becoming a marketing firm. Do not become an extension of the company sales force. Agree to the terms and then get everything in writing. Remember the value that your organizations name and reputation brings to the agreement. Ask for a minimum revenue guarantee for the use of your organizations name.

29 Additional Resources

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