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Cornerstone Lab GEB 3031L April Edwards.

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1 Cornerstone Lab GEB 3031L April Edwards

2 Tonight’s Agenda Initial Client Contact Project Initiation Blueprint
Statement of Purpose SMART Goal Setting Documents from Text Client Agreement Form Project Manager For Next Week

3 Initial Client Contact
Teams must arrange a meeting with their client ASAP! Prepare Agenda/Minutes Give a copy to client as follow-up Business Casual Attire Arrive On Time & Be Prepared! Determine Preferred Method/Days/Times for Client Contact

4 Project Initiation Blueprint
Due Week 4 – worth 45 team points Guidelines – Cornerstone Website Components: Statement of Purpose SMART Goal Worksheet for Identifying Project Objects The 10 Worst Things That Could Happen Client Agreement Form (revised*)

5 Blueprint - Statement of Purpose
2-3 pages in length Outlines your team’s commitment to your project and will include: Team Motto – why you chose it Why project appealed to your team Team’s initial impression of the client and how you will add value Visualize your finished product Instructor’s role in achieving your goal

6 Blueprint - SMART Goal A one-sentence goal that describes what your project is going to accomplish/produce. S – Specific M – Measurable A – Action Oriented R – Realistic T – Time-Limited Example: By Nov. 15th, Team X will raise $1800 to be used for The Coalition to Save the Ducks to build a new duck habitat.

7 SMART Goal In order to reach your goal, you must prepare the steps…Objectives. Teams must submit at least 3 objectives Don’t forget about the contingency plans! Project Managers are required for each objective – each team member will be a PM during the semester

8 Project Mgrs. should track what needs to be done
Make sure your objectives are SMART Project Mgrs. should track what needs to be done Project Mgrs should assign duties

9 Contingency Plans The “key” to project success
Always have a contingency plan in case you fall short of target for an objective. For Example: When our speed dating event fell short, we executed our Contingency Car Wash to earn $200 by 10/13/08

10 Project Manager A team member can only act as PM for one SMART Objective. Opportunity to wear “Management Hat” The PM is the individual who is most familiar with a particular objective. They study the objective, identify the tasks that need to be completed, and develop a timeline to insure success.

11 Staying SMART Meet Regularly Continuous Benchmarking Monitor Timelines
Face-to-face is best, but… Virtual meetings are better than not meeting at all Continuous Benchmarking Are you meeting your targets? How far ahead/behind are you Monitor Timelines Keep track of your other assignments and allow extra time

12 Staying SMART Execute Contingency Plans Appropriately
Don’t wait until it’s too late in the semester Act on your back-up plans quickly Trust Each Other and be Trustworthy Do what you say you will do If you can’t meet your obligations, let your teammates know ASAP

13 Staying SMART Communicate Regularly With your teammates (constantly)
With your client (weekly updates) With you lab instructor (whenever you need advice, assistance, or a cheering section)

14 Blueprint - Text Resources
Must complete the following documents from your text: Worksheet for Identifying Project Objects Use this form to begin developing your objectives Review business needs, stakeholders’ needs The 10 Worst Things That Could Happen What could stand in the way of success? Likely problems that may need to be addressed (weather, poor showing, team conflict) Situation vs. Reaction

15 Blueprint - Client Agreement Form
Use the revised* form on my website Standard “contract” for semester Client Responsibility Team Responsibility Project Information Skill Requirement Signatures Contact Information All elements must be typed except for signatures

16 Miscellaneous Consider using Team Contract (sample on my website) – not required Begin drafting timesheets 25 hour minimum per student One objective must be scheduled to end no later than Week 5

17 For Next Week… Blueprint due at beginning of class Team Information
No late papers accepted! Team Information Team Photo Team Name/Contact Info Team Client/Contact Info Progress Report Presentations Review guidelines (due week 5) Pass/Fail (individual assignment)

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