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1 RDG 301 Introduction to Childrens Literature A Guide to Resources in the Tarleton Libraries.

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1 1 RDG 301 Introduction to Childrens Literature A Guide to Resources in the Tarleton Libraries

2 2 Using Databases Where can I find information for my author/illustrator study?

3 3 From the librarys home page (, click A-Z database list under DATABASES

4 4 Databases are listed in alphabetical order. Click the database name to open it.

5 5 If you are logging in from off-campus, you will encounter this screen when you click on a database name. Enter your NTNET user name and password to access the databases.

6 6 Gale Literary Databases These include information from Something About the Author

7 7 Enter authors last, first name in Author Name box Click the Search button

8 Search Results 8

9 9 Gale Literary Databases Results can include biography and criticism (see Type in right column) Results from Contemporary Authors and Contemporary Authors Online (see Source column) include a Sidelights section with commentary on various titles by the author Most articles provide a Further Readings About the Author section

10 10 Literature Resource Center Click on Person Search in the menu bar. This is another good source of biographical information on authors

11 11 Literature Resource Center Enter authors name in the box under Person Search Click the dark blue Search button.

12 12 Literature Resource Center Search Results – Click on correct authors name

13 13 Results may include literature criticism, biographies, topic & work overviews, reviews & news, primary sources & literary works, and multimedia– click the tabs. The Biographies tab should give most of the information needed for your assignment.

14 14 This full-text biography has a recent publication date and is of high relevance.

15 15 Literature Criticism Online Enter authors name in the box next to Basic Search. Click the Search button. Choose Named Author from the drop-down menu to the right. Choose Childrens Literature Review in the by Series menu.

16 16 Literature Criticism Online The most recently published volume usually has the most information, but check all the results, especially for photos.

17 17 You can read the document online, or print it

18 18 Using LibraryThing How do I find childrens books in a particular genre? (Unfortunately, genres often arent listed in many library catalogs.)

19 19 Go to Click on Your library

20 20 Choose the genre (biography, poetry, etc.) or the book type (picture books, chapter books, etc.) by clicking on it. It will highlight in yellow. This will bring up a subset of books of that genre or type.

21 You can then narrow your choices further using Tags. Click on Tags

22 Tags are also used to designate genres, book types (chapter, picture, etc.), whether or not the book is listed in [the] textbook, multicultural characteristics, and so on. If you are searching a genre collection, you can then use a tag to select just a particular book type (such as picture books).

23 23 This list shows just historical fiction picture books in our library.

24 Click the use it link if the suggested style for viewing this library is not already in use.

25 The list will now include and be sorted by LC Classification (call number) If you have a LibraryThing account (FREE for 200 books), click theto add a book to it.

26 Click the notecard icon (detail page will appear) to get the Dewey Decimal call number. If you have a LibraryThing account (FREE for 200 books), click theto add a book to it. 26

27 27 Most public libraries use the Dewey Decimal system. Check the librarys catalog for their call number.

28 28 Using the Wiki, the Blog, and Meebo Where is a copy of this presentation? Whats new? Can I ask you a question online?

29 The wiki: Click on Library and Other Resources to find a copy of this presentation 29 Chat Links

30 30 The blog: News Chat

31 31 Meebo Me! 1. If you need help, you can check to see if I am online at the blog or the wiki, and send me an instant message with this widgit. 2. Click on "edit nickname" near the bottom and type in your first name. 3. In the box where it says "Type here and hit enter to send a private message," type your question and hit the Enter key.

32 32 If I am online, Ill try to reply right away. Give me a couple moments, as I have lots of windows open! If Im not available, you can leave me a message with a way to contact you, and I will reply.

33 33 Searching the Tarleton Libraries Catalog How do I find books by or about a particular author or illustrator at the Dick Smith Library in Stephenville?

34 34 From the librarys home page (, click Books, periodicals, videos, audio books, CD, DVD, etc. under RESEARCH - LIBRARY CATALOG

35 35 Then click on Power Search to find childrens books by an author

36 36 1. Enter the authors name (last, first )in the box next to author 2. Choose Education book from the drop-down menu next to type Choose Curriculum Collection from the drop-down box next to location 3. Click the Search button. 1. 2. 3.

37 37 You can search for books about an author or illustrator for your author/ illustrator study. Enter the last name first/only in the box and choose subject from the drop-down menu. You can also limit the library from ALL to Dick Smith Library – Stephenville

38 38 STACKS means the book is on the upper level of the library. ELECTRONIC means the book is accessible through NetLibrary. Click on theURL link:

39 39 Click this link to open the e-book reader.

40 40 NetLibrary online reader sample page – click Next to turn the page.

41 Plan Ahead! Deliveries are only made to the Weatherford College Student Services Building, Room 102, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, around 2:30 or 3 PM. The office is open Monday-Tuesday & Thursday- Friday 8 AM-5 PM, and Wednesday 8 AM-2 PM. Home/office deliveries (if eligible) can take longer. 60 students taking this course in Stephenville are also using Dick Smith Library books. Recommend using your local public library. 41

42 42 Quick Tips for the Dick Smith Library 1.You may check out display books. 2.Childrens books take up nine rows - 2 rows of nonfiction (biography, informational, poetry) then 6 rows of fiction (call numbers begin with PZ), then 1 nonfiction row. 3.Books check out for one week, but may be renewed if no one else has placed a hold on them. 4.You may have 20 items total checked out at any one time. 5.Dont reshelve books – let us do that!

43 43 Dick Smith Library Lower Level Tour – see link on wiki

44 44 We are here to help you! Amanda Pape Special Services Librarian 254-968-9251 Office – lower level of library, B05B Im in Facebook – Tarleton network There are other databases, periodicals, and print resources that can help you with your assignments. Please dont hesitate to ask any of the library staff for assistance! Feel free to contact me at any time:

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