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Walt Disney & George Lucas

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1 Walt Disney & George Lucas
By Gabriela Rodriguez

2 Walt Disney Walt Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago Illinois As a young boy he developed his love for drawing. Walt would often sell drawings to his neighbors to make extra money. He pursued his career by studying art and photography in night courses at the Chicago Art Institute.

3 George Lucas George Lucas was born on May 14, 1944 in Modesto, California George Lucas’s first passion was car racing. This changed when he was involved in a terrible car accident just after his high school graduation. Once he recovered, he enrolled in a local junior college and then moved on to the University of Southern California film school. That is where he knew that film is what he loved.

4 Ways Of thinking Walt Disney
Walt Disney believed in being an innovator and was very passionate. He wanted to create a place where his employees could spend time with their families. (Disneyland and Disney World) Always positive and in a happy mood

5 George Lucas George Lucas had a passion for what he did.
Before becoming a director, he wanted to be a race car driver He is very adventurous and outgoing

6 Accomplishments Walt Disney
Created a place where families can spend time together (Disneyland and Disney World) Spanned development of motion pictures with many of his movies Created many characters Many honors around the world, 7 Emmys, and 48 Academy Awards

7 George Lucas Created numerous movies Earned various Academy Awards
Created Star Wars which is one of the most successful films in Hollywood history Star Wars created a industry of toys, comic books, and other collectables which established Science Fiction as Hollywood’s dominant genre. One of his most significant achievements was implementing increased frame rates and the use of optical zooms to create the illusion of light speed space travel. Lead to Skywalker Sound.

8 Similarities Both joined some sort of military service.
Both were turned down for a reason (Walt because he was underage and George Lucas because of his numerous speeding tickets) Nominated for Oscars Both were evolved in entertainment Created important businesses

9 Differences Walt Disney created an amusement park- George Lucas didn’t
Walt created first full length animated movie- George Lucas created Skywalker Sound which was first used in his movies (state-of-the-art audio) Different style of movies Walt opened new doors to creativities- George opened new doors to filmmaking, sound, and visual effects.

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