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Ravinder Nath ANISETTI Dean, Development & UGC Affairs Osmania University

2 Contents Executive Summary of the IDP SWOT Analysis
Specific Objectives and Outcomes Action Plan Institutional Development Finishing School Strengthening PG Education & Research Training Need Analysis Faculty Development Plan Staff Training Plan Relevance and Coherence of IDP Participation of Departments/Faculty in IDP Preparation Institutional Project Implementation Arrangements with Participation of Faculty & Staff

3 Executive Summary

4 SWOT Analysis In terms of  methodology used, analysis and information and data as collected and inferences derived with respect to strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats/challenges Based on SWOT analysis, provide the “strategic action plan” developed for institutional development.  How the key activities proposed in the Institutional Development Proposal are linked with the results of SWOT Analysis. 

5 Specific Objectives and Outcomes
In terms of, “Institutional strengthening and improvements in employability and learning outcomes of graduates”. These objectives and Outcomes should be linked to the SWOT analysis. 

6 Action Plan Institutional Development Finishing Studies
Strengthening of PG Education & Research

7 Action Plan - Institutional Development Proposal
Improving employability of graduates  Increased learning outcomes of the students  Obtaining autonomous institution status within 2 years  Achieving the targets of 60% of the eligible UG and PG programs accredited within two years of joining the Project and 100% accreditation obtained and applied for by the end of the Project of the eligible UG and PG programs  Implementation of academic and non‐academic reforms  (details  given  in  RUSA Document)  Improving interaction with industry  Enhancement of research and consultancy activities 

8 Action Plan – Finishing Studies/School
Organizing a Finishing Studies/School and for improving the academic performance of SC/ST/OBC/academically weak students through innovative methods, such as remedial and skill development classes for increasing the transition rate and pass rate with the objective of improving their employability.

9 Action Plan - Strengthening of PG Education & Research

10 Training Needs Analysis
Faculty Development Plans Staff Training Plans

11 Training Needs Analysis - FDP
Provide Faculty Development Plan for the first 18 months for improving their teaching, subject area and research competence based on Training Needs Analysis in the following areas. Basic and advanced pedagogy  Subject / Domain knowledge enhancement  (Through Attendance in activities such as Workshops, Seminars) Improvement in faculty qualifications  Improving Research capabilities Management Capacity Building 

12 Training Needs Analysis – Staff Training
Provide an action plan for skill development training in functional areas for both technical and other staff

13 Relevance and Coherence of IDP
With Reference to State Industrial Development Plans/Policy State Economic Development Plans/Policy

14 Participation in Preparation of IDP
Departments Faculty

15 Institutional Project Implementation Arrangements

16 Subjects covered as per RUSA Document



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