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Boletín de la Titulación de Matemáticas de la UAL Online Mathematical Project.

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1 Boletín de la Titulación de Matemáticas de la UAL Online Mathematical Project

2 Motivation Motivation to study Science (especially Maths) of secondary school students is not very strong. It’s necessary to tackle local actions in the students’ environment. These actions must be complementary to general policies. We want to promote Maths among students. Strengthen relationships with secondary schools and their Maths teachers.

3 Presentation Online free journal. It’s not a customary journal. It’s a virtual place where teachers and students write about their experiences. Main characteristics: Short articles. Easy to read. Real life applications. Mathematical contest. 5 year experience spreading Maths. As far as we know, there are no similar projects in our country.

4 More… We are here… We are available in free- format from our web page. We use free software to produce this journal: The final format is a PDF document.

5 Our targets This is a joint experience with people working or studying in different levels of the Spanish educational system. Secondary school students are the main target of this project. We want to put together people with different knowledge on Maths. All of us work to make students like Maths, developing their mathematical skills, and improving their perception and assessment of them.

6 Impact More than 115.000 visits and 45.000 downloads from our web site last year.visits News in local newspapers. Visits to secondary schools. Prize for Excellence in Teaching Innovation in 2011 awarded by the University of Almería. Prize Last year visits statistics

7 Description Published 3 times an academic course (October, January, and April) Short-length and easy-to-read articles. 20-25 pages per number. Secondary school level. 5 main sections: Interviews, mathematical activities, and news. From Secondary School to University. A mathematical contest for secondary school students. Mathematical Spreading. Student Area.

8 Some articles Examples

9 Mathematical activities and news Interviews… Claudio Procesi: Former vicepresident IMU (International Mathematical Union) Olga Gil: Former president RSME (Spanish Royal Mathematical Society) Francisco Triguero, General Director of Universities from Andalusian Government. Isabel Fernández, invited session speaker in ICM2010. And more… Mathematical activities, mainly in our region. General mathematical news. FAQ.

10 From Secondary School to University Teaching experiences. Learning Maths in a foreign language (mainly English). Solutions to the university entrance exam Maths problems.

11 Contest A mathematical contest for secondary school students (some examples of winning solutions on the left image).

12 Mathematical spreading History of Mathematics. Applications of Mathematics. Women and Mathematics. Culture and Mathematics. Review of books and web pages. Mathematical quotations and puzzles.

13 Student area Made by students on their own. Articles about their experiences. Including mathematical activities. Interviews with Erasmus students and alumni from our university.

14 Boletín in the local press “Premio para un alumno del IES Aguadulce por resolver un ejercicio matemático” (11.01.2012) (link)(link) “Nuevo número del Boletín Matemático de la UAL” (05.02.12) (link)(link) “Geometría de un partido de fútbol” (17.01.12) (link)(link) “Lo que distingue al matemático es su capacidad para resolver problemas” (30.10.11) (link) (link) “Resolver los entresijos del juego del Buscaminas” (07.10.10) (link)(link) “Dos estudiantes del IES Aguadulce con medalla matemática” (19.01.10) (link)(link) “Profesores de la UAL publican un boletín para dar una visión diferente y nueva de las Matemáticas” (03.02.09) (link)(link)

15 Boletín in … DivulgaMAT ( Mathematical website promoted by the Spanish Royal Mathematical Society (RSME) They provide the summary of Boletín when this is published.summary Facebook. We have our wall in this social network called Almería Matemática.Almería Matemática

16 Press samples

17 Merchandising We also promote this mathematical project through merchandising. T-shirts. Ballpoint pens. USB memories.

18 Conclusions This activity has a very positive effect on teachers and students. We have had around 115.000 visits and 45.000 downloads in the last 12 months. We have set up a realiable atmosphere between professors from our university and teachers from secondary schools. It has permitted to develop other activities jointly (meetings and collaborations). Our Maths students benefit from this project and it exists a growing interest among secondary school students in studying the degree in Mathematics.

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