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YES New Mexico Enterprise Eligibility System

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1 YES New Mexico Enterprise Eligibility System
Human Services Department Lead Agency Good morning, my name is Dan Donoghue, I’m the project manager for the YES New Mexico project and this is Chris Hayes, the business lead. As this is a multi-agency project let me (Introduce others in attendance) Chris and I are from the Human Services Department and we’re here to present the Yes New Mexico project to you. Today, we are seeking certification for $275,000 for the initiation phase of the project. In our presentation we will step you through the project, define the deliverables for the initiation phase as well as how that money will be spent. You have four documents in front of you, our presentation, a change in scope form, the charter, and the PCC certification form. Before we get to the presentation, I’d like to touch on a few points. The project arose from legislation in 2007 to develop a system that implements an enterprise eligibility system across seven government agencies and 26 HHS programs. This project is closely tied to the ISD2 replacement project. When we last appeared for certification, that certification was for both ISD2 and YES and we said that the next time we appeared before this body we would be certifying the YES project individually. At a high level, the YES project is a multi-agency eligibility screening and determination front end to ISD2’s case management back end. The change in scope form is necessary to reallocate the $100,600 in other agency funds from the ISD2 replacement appropriation of $7.2m to the YES NM appropriation of $2.0m Now we’ll switch to Chris to begin the presentation. November 28, 2007

2 AGENDA Project Overview Vision Background Business Objectives
Participating Agencies Project Accomplishments Initiation Phase IV&V Strategy Initiation Phase Deliverables Project Budget Project Governance/Timeline CHRIS Good morning, the agenda page lists the topics we will discuss this morning

3 Project Overview The Human Services Department is planning to implement an enterprise eligibility system that will serve as a web portal to allow citizens to access multiple social service programs The system will streamline eligibility processes across participating agencies The 2007 legislative session appropriated $2.0m in Computer Enhancement Funds for the project CHRIS The Human Services Department is in the process of replacing the outdated , ISD2 eligibility system. During the earliest strategic planning sessions it was soon realized that the starting point should be the modernization of screening and application intake by providing web access to program information and applications to the citizens of New Mexico. It was also realized that other state human services agencies have the same desire to streamline processes. In addition, these agencies share a common client base but are unable to share common client demographic and eligibility data Clients with barriers such as transportation, disability, or language, are often discouraged by the requirement of providing the same information to multiple agencies. The 2007 legislature allocated funding to the Human Services Department to take the lead to design and develop a cross agency web portal to provide improved access to the states social service programs. YES New Mexico stands for Your Eligibility System, New Mexico and has been selected as the name for this project. YES is the first phase of the ISD2 Replacement effort currently referred to as ISD2R

4 Project Overview (cont.)
Chris This graphic shows the tie between YES NM and ISD2R. Eligibility features will be taken from the current ISD2 and combined with the functionality of YES. YES will also automate benefit screening, referral, application submission, and client scheduling. YES will also enhance reporting and notice capabilities. These services will be accessed by the seven participating agencies. The remaining functionality in the old system will be replaced in HSD’s ISD2R phase.

5 Vision Build a common platform Conform to state and federal standards
Offer citizens “No Wrong Door” to HHS programs Develop to be adaptable, scaleable, and modular Meet goals of Social Services Architecture Common information architecture for multiple programs Enables common governance structure to build future coordination Bring social services to one common web portal Chris YES will meet the State’s Social Services Architecture goals of consolidation and a reduction in data duplication and enrollment processes across the participating agencies. The cross agency governance structure of the YES project is setting the stage for statewide enterprise eligibility development. In addition, the project will also set the framework for expanding to additional agencies and programs in future phases.

6 Background Business Need Seven Agencies have the same need
Must solve issue for 26 social service programs Enable No Wrong Door access to services Common Solution Seven Agencies will coordinate shared solution Funding Request To evaluate enterprise level solutions To develop project implementation and deployment strategy To develop the conceptual design for YES-NM Chris This slide outlines what the need is, what our solution is, and what this request is for. The Need – the participating agencies have a common client base and require very similar individual and family information to determine program eligibility. Currently, this information is independently gathered at each agency and stored in stovepipe systems. This places unnecessary barriers for clients to access services. Often eligibility decisions are interconnected between programs and there is no electronic method to share needed information between agencies. The Solution – The seven participating agencies have begun the effort to create a web portal to serve the citizens of New Mexico as well as creating services that will allow interagency sharing of common data. The Request – With this initial funding request, we will hire a strategic consultant to evaluate our current situation and goals. This consultant will provide us with a roadmap to implementation and deployment.

7 Business Objectives Increase access to New Mexico Health and Human Services through a common web portal Develop a common point for anyone to confirm eligibility for any available NM social service Establish common eligibility platform to be shared with future programs Increase productivity and efficiency of field personnel Offer citizens a 24/7 self-service screening option for social services Reduce time and effort for enrollment process Enable coordinated effort with community partners and service providers Improve data collection and integrity Reduce support and maintenance costs CHRIS The overall business objective of YES is to increase the reach of social service programs so that those who are not aware of, or have barriers to accessing, these programs can access them via the web at a time of their choosing. We feel that the automation of the eligibility process, spread across the 26 programs, will serve the citizens of New Mexico substantially better than the current situation. YES will also enable social service and medical providers to assist their clients in accessing needed support services.

8 Participating Agencies
Chris – These are the participating agencies and programs in the enterprise eligibility system. There are seven departments/agencies and 26 programs participating. These are the agencies participating in the first rollout of the system. In subsequent phases of the project, other programs, as well as services, will be added to the system.

9 Project Accomplishments
Hired Project Manager and Business Analyst Named Project Formed Executive Steering Committee Formed Joint Agency Team for 7 Agencies Planning Advanced Planning Document Approved Obtained $2.0m in FY08 funding Dan – Now I’d like to tell you what work has been accomplished so far.. The main achievement was the approval of a planning advanced planning document by our federal partners, the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services, the Administration for Children and Families, and the Food and Nutrition Service. The important aspect of getting a Planning APD approved was that we secured federal financial participation. The Executive steering committee is comprised of the four Health and Human Services Secretaries, (CYFD, DOH, HSD, ALTSD), and they provide policy and inter-departmental guidance. The Joint Agency Team is comprised of members from the participating agencies and provides day to day governance over the project. We’ve also submitted a business case and received $2.0m in funding from the legislature.

10 Initiation Phase Will incorporate the following tasks:
Perform a Strategic Analysis to develop a roadmap to implementation Finish an RFP for design, development and implementation of the system Develop an Implementation Advanced Planning Document Evaluate other state systems based on New Mexico Requirements Request State Project Planning Certification Dan – the initiation phase will encompass a number of key project activities. In this phase, we will bring on a strategic consultant to assist us in accomplishing a number of deliverables as well as set up for the planning and implementation phases. A key element here is the fourth bullet - evaluation of other state systems. The Department plans on importing another state’s eligibility framework and customizing it for New Mexico’s requirements. The consultant will assist us in identifying states that best match our business and technology framework. As part of the strategic analysis, we will, in concert with our planning consultant, develop a security plan for the project, which will encompass web security protocols as well as disaster recovery and backup strategies. In addition, a risk management matrix has been developed and is constantly being updated.

11 IV&V Strategy The project strategy for IV&V in the upcoming phases is to have a vendor responsible for the following: Review the project requirements/specifications so that independent IV&V is satisfied Review all project deliverables Verify that proper project management controls are in place. Participate in necessary project meetings Provide periodic risk assessments to the Joint Agency Team. Provide a Project Status report within the first month of the contract and monthly there after Periodically prepare an IV&V assessment report for the Joint Agency Team and the Department of Information Technology. Provide a post-implementation assessment Dan – the overall IV&V strategy is to meet the Department of Information Technology’s requirements, goals and objectives. The IV&V vendor will be looked on as an integral part of the project team. We view IV&V as an essential player in the project’s success. The IV&V team will provide reports to the JAT as well as the Department of Information Technology. Our plan is to bring on IV&V for the planning phase of the project.

12 Initiation Phase Deliverables
Amount Requested $275,000 Project Needs Feasibility Study $40,000 Procurement $60,000 Strategy & Planning $100,000 Implementation Advanced Planning Document $50,000 IV&V for Planning Phase $25,000 Dan - This is the budget for the initiation phase of the project We’ve estimated $250,000 for the overall strategic planning for the project We are also asking for $25,000 to initiate a contract with an IV&V vendor for the planning phase of the project.

13 Project Budget Source State YES NM Agencies $100,600
FY 2008 Appropriation $2,000,000 Total $2,100,600 Dan – These are the funding sources for the eligibility initiative The $100,600 came from agency funding through the Joint Powers Agreement process. The $2m came from the FY08 appropriation. The funding allocation is as follows: CDHH – 50K DOH – 38K DDPC – 5K ALTSD – 3K CYFD – 2K DWS – 2,600

14 YES New Mexico Governance
Dan – the enterprise eligibility governance structure is headed by the four HHS secretaries. The Joint Agency Team is comprised of representatives from the participating agencies. The four operational teams will assist in those functions listed and the vendors will carry out the design and development of the system The Stakeholders and Advocacy groups – are designed to develop community input and awareness. These groups are being identified now and a meeting with them will be held in Albuquerque or Santa Fe in the near future.

15 Tentative YES Timeline
Dan – timeline reflects the RFP, APD, state certification, implementation and IV&V processes. The important milestone is the bringing on board of the strategic consultant. This will set the table for the rest of the processes

16 Questions? Dan - To summarize, we are asking for $275,000 in certification funding for the initiation phase of the YES NM project. This project is closely tied to the ISD2 replacement project and the two project managers, along with the ISD business lead will work closely together and form the tie between the two projects. The Department believes that this project offers a unique opportunity to expand the reach of social services programs to the citizens of New Mexico.

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