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MU Innovation & Commercialization R.V. Duncan, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Research Professor of Physics February 27, 2012

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1 MU Innovation & Commercialization R.V. Duncan, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Research Professor of Physics February 27, 2012

2 MU Research and TT By the Numbers FY2010 Research, Instruction and Public Service, and Academic Enterprise External Awards: – Research: $178.0 million (Total @ MU: $238.5M) – External Instruction / Public Service: $105.7 Million – Academic Enterprise: $222.0 Million – Totals over $500M per year in FY12! MUs research funding rank at 87 has increased by 11 places from 2005 to 2009 (NSF Table 24) UM System is in the upper quarter of 160 universities in licensing revenues

3 MU Licenses and Options FY2011 to date

4 Technology Commercialization Licensing revenues grew from $4.7M in FY07 to a high of $10.1M in FY09, then to $7.4M in FY11. These market-exposed revenues show large fluctuations, as do our fee-for-service activities. Licensing revenues total almost $70M from over $1B in gross sales by companies that have licensed MU technology Licensing deals expand to take equity, and to secure footprint (plant location) commitments in Missouri Missouri Life Sciences Business Incubator at MU Shovel Ready Technology Park at Discovery Ridge Jake Halliday, Executive Director of MIC / Incubator Centennial Investors

5 MURR Evolving Competencies FDA-approvable cGMP and GLP Programs 1,000+ shipments year to 11 countries of 34 different radioisotopes for pharmaceuticals, & a cyclotron operated under a public/private partnership.

6 Pharmaceutical Research 25-year history of successful and innovative pharmaceutical research, including the development of: Ceretec TM (with 99m Tc), a diagnostic used to evaluate cerebral blood flow in patients. Quadramet ® (with 153 Sm), a therapeutic for treatment of pain associated with metastatic bone cancer. TheraSphere ® (with 90 Y), a glass microsphere used to treat patients with inoperable liver cancer. Zegerid ®, an antacid and not a radio-pharmaceutical, is by far our most successful drug, generating $40M in licensing revenues & half-billion dollars + in total sales Future: major new collaborations on drug development on MUs campus, and in the KC area

7 Savage River Farms Financing Innovation Commercialization Royalty Equity Follow on Research Local Investment

8 Organovo and Organ Printing Invented by Professor Gabor Forgacs at MU, Keith Murphy is CEO Marketed through and Now, Modern Meadows!! The Economist Magazine

9 On the Horizon Shasun NBI, LLC attracts millions of dollars from Chennai, India to create high-end drug development jobs in Missouri. Very Promising! At last years R&D Advisory Board Meeting, VC Martin Sanders teamed with MU Associate Professor John Viator to create a company that detects blood-borne pathogens photo-acoustically. Viator Technologies, Inc. Proposed system under development to produce 150M gallons / year of butanol from woody biomass along major river valleys in the USA HLB Horizons, LLC, EternoGen, & more!

10 Coulter Foundation Support Second Round Partner Institutions (2011) Columbia University Johns Hopkins University University of Louisville University of Missouri University of Pittsburgh University of Southern California First Round Partner Institutions (2005) Boston University Case Western Reserve University Drexel University Duke University Georgia Tech/Emory University Stanford University University of Michigan University of Virginia University of Washington University of Wisconsin

11 Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance (SKINR) at MU $5.5 Million gift, plus equipment Five-year duration SKINRs objective is to determine the physical origin of the anomalous heat effect. I chose MU for this important gift because it is a comprehensive university, experienced in using its deep scientific research capacity across many fields with its firm commitment to serve the public good.

12 IDEXX Buys MU RADIL On Monday, November 7, 2011, MU sold its fee-for service animal diagnostics lab, called RADIL, to world leader IDEXX Corporation for $43M. Steve Wyatt was the Deal Lead.

13 Student Entrepreneurial Programs Collaboration, Leadership, and Innovation for Missouri Business Luis Jimenez, student president of CLIMB, started EternoGen Student Angel Investment Network and Course, and other student entrepreneurial programs within the Business School Reynolds Journalism Institute, Engineering, and Student Competitions Over $50K in pitch competition seed money (CLIMB, REDI, Missouri Technology Expo) and students own their IP MU received on of three student entrepreneurial seed grants from Kauffman Foundation in 2010

14 Path Forward? Much more inter-institutional collaboration, especially regionally, but also (inter)nationally More innovation on how to manage and advance innovation -- Teaming and strategic alignment & relationship building with industry More of an entrepreneurial spirit in everything that we do at MU, esp. student mentoring and engagement Much less fear and bureaucracy, and more caution, systematic implementation, and determination

15 Discovery is Disruptive! If we all worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true is really true, there would be little hope of advance. Orville Wright

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