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Deutschland – Österreich und Liechtenstein - Schweiz

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1 Deutschland – Österreich und Liechtenstein - Schweiz
in the Year 2012 ELM in Simhachalam, Germany 6 October 2012 3/25/2017

2 Topics 2012 Book Distribution Ratha Yatra Anniversaries
Yamuna Campaign Online Education in German Temples Outlook 3/25/2017

3 Book Distribution

4 Ratha Yatra Festivals Heidelberg 19.05.12 Zuric 04.06.12
Berlin Cologne Hamburg Leipzig Munich Passau 3/25/2017

5 Anniversaries 15th anniversary of the complete installation of Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Madan Mohan in Goloka Dham, Abentheuer on Sri Krishna Janmastami (10 August 2012) SSRMM had already been worhipped since 1974 Chota Radha Krishna Deities worhipped since 1969 30 Years Sri Sri Prahlad Nrsimhadeva in Simhachalam – Mahabrahmotsavam 21 till 25 September 2012

6 Yamuna Campaign Campaign run by websites of all temples
1500 manual signatures collected, to be handed to Indian Consulates in Germany Letters of request given to Indian ambassadors in Hamburg and Berlin Gopati Das and Mohini-priya Dasi visited all Ratha Yatras and a number of Indian temples with the campaign Good support by Indian organizations in Germany

7 Online Education with 26 students, 3 teachers

8 Temples Footer Text 3/25/2017

9 Temples and their Specialities
Aachen Spiritual Academy RISI in Russian led by Visvavasu Prabhu with about 50 students Frequent participation in public inter cultural events Abentheuer Large holy dham since 1996 Sri Sri Radha Madan Mohan Yatra Deities Centre for studying Deity Worship with HG Damodara Priya DD, two four day seminars in October and November Vaishnavi Retreat for the second time Grhastha Community of ten families Berlin Choir „Bhakti Shakti Singers“ Regular Harinams About to change location Hamburg Congregational householder temple Regular Sunday progammes Jayagoura and Vaidyanath Prabhus represent Hinduism at the „Academy for World Religions“ and the School Board, participating in Interreligious Dialogue

10 Temples and their Specialities, cont.
Heidelberg Congregational householder temple Regular Sunday programmes Jandelsbrunn - Simhachalam Large holy dham of Sri Sri Prahlad Nrsimhadeva since 1980 Spiritual agriculture, cow protection and varna ashrama community Köln „Gauradesh Intense Days“ (seminars) 5 to 6 time per year Large, well established community since 1986 Leipzig Participation in many municipal events Representation of Hinduism in public interreligious forums München Large Indian community (60% Indians during Sunday programmes) Janmastami at hall with 200 guests Numerous Harinam and Kirtan events down town Sends delegation to music festivals

11 Temples and their Specialities, cont.
Wiesbaden Headquarters of ISKCON GBC Representative M Dina Sharana DD M Dina Sharana DD leads a chapter of „Religions for Peace“ Wolfshoferamt, Austria Family farm Zurich, Switzerland Large, well frequented city temple Active participation of „Swiss Tamil Society“ with about 100 guests on Sundays Represented Hinduism at „Week of Religions“ 3 to 4 visits by school classes per month 1000 guests, majorily Indians, for Janmastami Bhakta Programme at temple Sends delegations to Music festivals Langenthal, Switzerland Grhastha Community Regular Sunday programmes

12 Outlook We need more devotees to help in the temples
We want to improve the contacts to our congregation We wish to improve our relationship to the Hindu community and eventually work towards a German Hindu Forum associated with the Hindu Forum of Europe (HFE)

13 Thank you and Hare Krishna.

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