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Event Processing Technical Society Dagstuhl Seminar No 07191 Event Processing 6-11 th May 2007

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1 Event Processing Technical Society Dagstuhl Seminar No 07191 Event Processing 6-11 th May 2007 Peter Niblett (official note taker)

2 2 Event Processing Technical Society Agenda Brief summary of the Seminar Session on future Research Directions Follow-on activities

3 3 Event Processing Technical Society Dagstuhl Center The Center promotes fundamental and applied research, continuing and advanced academic education, and the transfer of knowledge between those involved in the research side and application side of informatics. The key instrument for promoting research are the Dagstuhl Seminars, which bring together internationally renowned leading scientists for the purpose of exploring a cutting-edge informatics topic. The friendly and open climate at the conference center promotes a culture of communication and exchange among the seminar participants. The non-profit Center is a member of the Leibniz Association and is funded jointly by the German federal government and a number of state governments. Leibniz Association

4 4 Event Processing Technical Society 43 Participants from the following organisations Academia Universidade Nova de Lisboa University of Skövde University of Coimbra Universität München TU Darmstadt Universität Mannheim University of Lugano University of Texas at Arlington CalTech - Pasadena Technion - Haifa FU Berlin University of Waikato Kyung Hee University University of Toronto Stanford University Universität Göttingen Academia (continued) Imperial College London Georgia Institute of Technology Uppsala University ASU - Tempe FhG - ISST Berlin Univ. California - Los Angeles Industry IBM Research, Development and Tech sales Microsoft Research Oracle IDS Scheer AG -Saarbrücken WestGlobal - Dublin Cordys - Putten RuleCore - Göteborg CITT GmbH - Regensburg Gartner (Roy Schulte)

5 5 Event Processing Technical Society Backgrounds/Interests of Participants Active Databases Rules-based Event Processing Rewerse project Streaming and Databases Distributed Pub/Sub systems Sensor networks and wireless Simulation and Verification High-end computation applied to Physics Modelling Business Activity Monitoring Crisis Management Ambient Intelligence (Smart Cities) Unification/positioning of events, streams, databases

6 6 Event Processing Technical Society Topics suggested for discussion Three meta questions from Roy Schulte a) What areas should research focus on? b) What should industry do? c) Is this a Paradigm shift? Applications Characterise application space for EP - scenarios, current and future Benchmarks, good benchmarks. design points EP Semantics Semantics of events, temporal uncertainty, programmatic semantics Streams and Event management EP Modelling Positioning of SOA, EDA and EAI Differing models for event processing, also models for events and modelling notation Relationship between Events and BI.. "Event pattern mining" Rule management, Evolution of rules. Visualization of rules Implementation Scalability Approaches to distributed event brokering, aspects, timing Event acquisition. Control of sensor networks, Identification of time-critical events Operational characteristics, "ilities", system guarantees, security Others Vertical Markets Standards Spam and false positives

7 7 Event Processing Technical Society Application scenarios

8 8 Event Processing Technical Society Example: Sessions on Tuesday Graph Transformation approach to EP (Claudi Paniagua-Macia, IBM) Analysis of the new SQL extensions (Carlo Zaniolo, UCLA) EP models in physics, CERN and LOFAR (Tore Risch, Uppsala Univ ) Snoop and its semantics (Sharma Chakravarthy, UTA) Filters and Composite Events (Susan Urban, ASU) Stream semantics (Jonathan Marsh, Microsoft) Handling of uncertainty (Avigdor Gal, Technion) Methods and Tools (Mikael Berntdsson, Skövde) Business Activity Monitoring (Tobias Blickle, IDS Scheer) Classification of events via WS-Topics (Peter Niblett, IBM) Event Algebra (Annika Hinze, University of Waikato) Business Performance Observation Model (Henry Chang, IBM)

9 9 Event Processing Technical Society Suggested Research Directions NoTopicShort Explanation 1.Event Processing Algebra and meta-language Unify all concepts from different industrial implementation in a single algebra that will provide a unified formal basis, and be a source of a common meta-language that will be taken to standard: the different vendors will be able to support it using various implementations 2Software Engineering and Modeling issues Software engineering models and practices around event processing will have crucial role in the practical success of the EP disciplines; research topics include – model-driven approach to EP logic specification, modeling semantics in UML, design methodology, debug and validation tools, non-technical people enablement (model and visualization) 3Implementation issues Optimization for various cases, parallel processing, handling of high throughput, support in real-time constraints, security issues, transactionality and transaction models, inter-operability issues, hardware acceleration 4Pragmatic issuesInvolve academic people in common terminology; getting use cases from industry (functional and non-functional requirements) to academia, to help tune up the research, teaching event processing courses, awareness cross core research disciplines, clear positioning with respect to business rules. 5Various issuesEvent retention and vacuuming, handling of out-of-order events, handling of uncertain event (various types of uncertainty).

10 10 Event Processing Technical Society Follow-up activities A summary of the seminar and all the sessions is now available at!.pdf!.pdf Short Term plans Publish a summary in ACM SIGMOD RECORD Start work to establish an EU Center of Excellence oManagement of Events in the Web oAlex Buchmann, Francois Bry, Avi Gal Add Event Processing terms to the Encyclopedia of Database Systems Apply to form a new ACM SIG Longer Term initiatives Book of articles about EP Portal with a collection of existing courses and other teaching materials Decision on a possible Federated EP Conference Special issue of a popular magazine (e.g. IEEE computer) and a scientific journal EP summer school (perhaps funded by the EU center of excellence) EP journal (handled as part of the ACM submission)

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