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Czech Republic one of the Visegrad 4 : European Quartet

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1 Czech Republic one of the Visegrad 4 : European Quartet

2 A few basic facts on the country
Czech Republic A few basic facts on the country Tourism attractiveness and opportunities Trade Shows – Business and economy

3 Czech Republic – in the centre of Europe
Area: km2 People: 10.5 million Language: Czech Currency: Czech Krown, CZK GDP: 3.8 trillion CZK (purchaser price) Trade Investment Seminar with the Visegrad Group, Cape Town, 6 March 2012

4 Czech Republic – the story
Slavonic nation in the Central Europe with ancient history and legends of kings, later part of the Habsburg empire and since of Czechoslovakia. Economic and political transformation in Czechoslovakia started in 1989 with the Velvet Revolution, later Czechoslovakia split in two countries by their mutual agreement and the Czech Republic came into being on January 1st, 1993. In 2004 it joined the European Union. Since 2007 in the Schengen visa area.

5 Czech Republic – Tourism in Numbers
Travel and Tourism generates 2.7 % of GDP of the Czech Republic Arrivals 6.7 mil. and overnights 19.4 mil. (2011) The Czech Republic leads among the Visegrad 4 Arrivals from South Africa to the Czech Republic grew from 3 th. in 2005 to 6.2 th. in 2011 and a South African visitor stayed on average 2.5 nights (2011)

6 Czech Republic – Prague and much more
12 UNESCO World Heritage sites in the Czech Republic, one of them the capital Prague 82 % of South African visitors to the Czech Republic go to Prague

7 Czech Republic – Prague and much more
More Czech UNESCO World Heritage sites Kutná Hora, St. Barbora Church Holašovice Telč Český Krumlov Gardens of Kroměříž Třebíč, Jewish quoter Lednice-Valtice The Green Mountain (Zelená hora) Litomyšl Chateau

8 Czech Republic - Prague and much more
Spa with hot mineral springs – there are many. Karlovy Vary remains the most famous throughout the centuries. In July it hosts KVIFF.

9 Czech Republic - Prague and much more
Opportunities for an Active holiday in the country are plentiful and rewarding: biking, walking trails, rafting, winter fun sports.

10 Czech Republic – thematic visits
Take part in a glass making workshop or taste the local cuisine while watching glassmakers at work: Ajeto, Nový Bor

11 Czech Republic: Prague and much more
Conferencing and MICE tourism booming! Several trade show grounds - in Prague and other cities Brno hosts regional trade events: International Travel Trade Fair (Go) and International Fair on Regional Tourism (RegionTour): January Salima (food), Vinex (wine): February MSV International Engineering Fair, Welding: October Styl and Kabo (fashion): February and August - and many others!

12 Czech universities with programmes in English

13 Now: about business and trade
Czech Republic Now: about business and trade

14 Czech Economy - good ratings
AA-, outlook stable (2012) A+, outlook stable A1, outlook stable (7/2013) Czech trade reflects strong industrial tradition Czech trade with the world % Manufactured goods and articles 18 Machinery and transport equipment 55

15 Czech Republic´s Major Sectors
Power engineering (coal, nuclear & hydro) Machinery (machine tools, turbines) Mining technology Transport vehicles and automotive components Iron and Steel (forgings, castings) Electrical and Electronic equipment Software and Telecoms Glass industry Medical equipment Biotech, Nanotech Food processing industry Beverages/beer

16 Czech - South African Trade
South Africa is the No.1 trade partner on the African continent for the Czech Republic since 2004 Trade is varied, substantial role e.g. Automotive supplies SAB-Miller, Mondi, Napster and Bidvest are the South African investors in the Czech Republic Bilateral Trade turnover might reach new record in 2013

17 Traditional Czech brands
Skoda Auto Mlada Boleslav, a.s. Established in 1895, the family business of Laurin and Klement in Mlada Boleslav originally produces bicycles, motorcycles and, starting in 1905, automobiles. The company merged with Skoda Plzen in 1925 and grew rapidly. In 1991 Skoda Auto became part of the Volkswagen concern. Today it sells over 550,000 of its Fabia, Octavia, Superb and Roomster models each year. Over 80% of these cars are exported to more than 90 countries around the world. It is the country´s key exporter and a major player in the sector; others are e.g. Hyundai and Toyota/Peugeot/Citroen.

18 Traditional Czech brands
Plzensky Prazdroj, a.s. - member of the SABMiller group Beers like Pilsner Urquell, Gambrinus and Radegast can be purchased in about 50 countries around the world. Beer brewing has a long tradition in Plzeň (Pilsen), dating back to the founding of the city at the end of the 13th century. The trademark „Pilsen Beer“ was registered with the Plzen Chamber of Commerce and Trade in 1859; the new trademark Prazdroj Urquell was created in The joint-stock company was established in the 1990s and in 1999 it became part of South African Breweries plc.

19 Czech Republic´s Cape Town footprint

20 Thank you! Contact details: Ivana Klimova
Embassy of the Czech Republic in Pretoria Tel.: +27 (0) , 5

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