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What is History?.

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1 What is History?

2 Essential Questions 1. What is history?
2. How does a person’s history impact his future?

3 Objectives Describe life in ancient Africa and Asia.
Describe the evolution of man. Aanalyze archaeological evidence and evaluate the impact on human life. List inventions created by prehistoric man.

4 Definitions Evolution a process of continuous change over time History
story of man’s past based on archaeological evidence

5 History Historians look at two sources of information:
Primary Sources are written/created in the moment. Secondary Sources are written/created long after an event has taken place.

6 Telling Time B.C. = Before Christ
A.D. = Anno Domini (In the Year of Our Lord) c. = circa (Sometime Around) B.C.E. = Before Common Era C.E. = Common Era 5000 BC » 3000 BC » 1 BC » 1 AD » 1000 AD » 2009 AD

7 Stages of Man’s Evolution
Australopithecus – Southern Ape c. 4 million years BC appeared in Africa walked on two legs instead of four What benefits came from being able to walk on 2 legs instead of 4? Homo habilis – Handy Man c million years BC appeared in Africa has bigger brains, more intelligence How did a larger brain and more intelligence benefit?

8 Stages of Man’s Evolution
Homo erectus – Upright Man c. 1.5 million years BC appeared in Africa learned to make tools, hunt, gather food, make shelter, fire and communicate spread from Africa to Asia and later to Europe. Homo sapiens neanderthalensis – Neanderthal Man c. 120,000 BC appeared in Africa, Asia and Europe first humans to bury their dead died out in c. 33,000 BC as modern humans appear

9 Stages of Man’s Evolution
Homo sapiens sapiens – Modern Man c. 40,000 BC appeared in Africa, Asia, Europe and Australia skillful tool makers and hunters c. 13,000 BC crossed from Asia into the Americas

10 Man’s Pre-History Old Stone Age c. 2 million years ago - 10,000 BC
first stone tools are made New Stone Age c. 8,000 BC created sickles and hoes Middle Stone Age c. 10,000 BC created a greater variety of stone tools

11 Man’s Pre-History Copper Age Iron Age c. 5,000 BC c. 1,000 BC
begins in the Middle East metal tools are made Iron Age c. 1,000 BC iron was used for tools iron was stronger than bronze Bronze Age c. 3,000 BC Copper + Tin = Bronze stronger tools

12 Think About... 1. Describe the five evolutionary phases of man.
2. List three inventions created by prehistoric man and discuss how they impact life. 3. On what continent does archaeological evidence show where man first appeared?

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