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2010 Tradeshow Program.

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1 2010 Tradeshow Program

2 Overview • Tradeshow Kits • eNewsletter
Foodservice Rewards will be promoted at the NRA, AHF, NACUFS and SNA National Conferences in We’ll use the following to promote the program: • Tradeshow Kits • eNewsletter • Gift cards • Advertising banners • Floor mats • Codee, the FSR mascot! • eBlasts We invite you to participate in this promotion to help make it a success! 2010 Show May 22-25 Chicago, IL 2010 Inaugural Conference June 5-9 Austin, TX 2010 National Conference July 7-10 San Jose, CA 2010 National Conference July 11 – 14 Dallas, TX

3 Tradeshow Kits Foodservice Rewards will provide each exhibiting Sponsor one tradeshow kit. Tradeshow kits will include: Enrollment Sheets Table Easels “Ask Me” Buttons Tradeshow kits will be delivered to Sponsor booths at the tradeshows to Sponsors that reported their booth number to FSR.

4 Sell Sheets This full-color enrollment sheet explains how Foodservice Rewards works and the benefits of joining. It is a quick and easy way to promote Foodservice Rewards to attendees who are in a hurry or want to learn about the program later.

5 Table Easels Place a Foodservice Rewards easel on any surface area in your exhibit so attendees know you’re part of the program. Easel size: 8.5” x 11”

6 Buttons Don’t forget to wear your Foodservice Rewards buttons. Attendees will easily spot you and will ask, “What’s new?” to claim their bonus points!

7 Gift Cards Gift cards will be customized with your logo and will have a unique bonus code to track how many attendees enter your code. We strongly recommend that you distribute these from your booth. The gift cards are the single most effective tool for driving traffic to your booth and engaging operators. Pre-show communication will reference these cards and encourage attendees to visit your booth to receive a card. Last year, 378 unique operators participated in the program redeeming a total of 633 Gift Card Codes. New gift cards should be ordered annually to participate in this promotion. Cost: Gift card quantity: 500 – 999 = $1.00 each Gift card quantity: 1,000 – 4,999 = $.50 each Gift card quantity: 5,000 + = quote Sponsor funded bonus code Shipping costs

8 Floor Mats Floor mats are a non-intrusive and highly visible way to brand Foodservice Rewards. They take up no space and attendees can’t help but notice the bright yellow mats when they walk in or near your exhibit. Floor mats are approximately 3’ x 2’ in size. Cost is $30 each.

9 eBlasts We’ll send eBlasts for the NACUFS, SNA and AHF tradeshows asking attendees to stop by participating sponsor booths to pick up their gift card with Bonus Points. Each eBlast will be targeted to the FSR database of active operators in each conference’s corresponding segment.

10 eNewsletter We’ll utilize the eNewsletter to announce and remind FSR participants about the tradeshow program. Copy will include each participating Sponsors booth number and a message that they can earn points simply by stopping by your booth and asking, “What’s new?”

11 Advertising Banners These 140 x 100 pixel ad banners will display on for six weeks prior to each show and will encourage tradeshow attendees to stop by your booth to earn points!

12 “Codee” FSR’s latest addition to the tradeshow program is our new mascot, Codee ― bright yellow, square, and all-knowing of things Foodservice Rewards. With Sponsor logos on his back, Codee is sure to attract attention and help support enrollment and engagement initiatives. Look for this smiling face to be sporting the yellow!

13 Going The Extra Mile… Like last year, Foodservice Rewards has brought tradeshow registration to the rewards catalog! Participants can use their points to register for NACUFS & SNA and it works just like regular reward merchandise redemption. 2010 National Conference July 7-10 San Jose, CA 2010 National Conference July 11 – 14 Dallas, TX

14 Benefits of Participation
The Foodservice Rewards tradeshow program brings Operators to Sponsor booths. We break through the clutter providing you with the opportunity to speak face-to-face with your very best customers. Operators find the promotion fun and engaging. The FSR gift cards are a great way to have FSR presence at these shows and to stay top of mind even after the shows end. FSR Marketing Materials are displayed at Sponsor booths showing solidarity and the strength of the program!

15 The Power of the Coalition
The Foodservice Rewards tradeshow program has proven to be extremely effective in generating new enrollments, engaging existing participants and driving traffic to Sponsor booths. To order gift cards or floor mats: Contact Tyler at or

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