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PRESENTS CLIENT X CASE STUDY see also files labeled Vendor management and Header aesthetic and tagline.

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1 PRESENTS CLIENT X CASE STUDY see also files labeled Vendor management and Header aesthetic and tagline

2 Moxie STRATEGIES helps clients realize their websites true potential by providing solutions and instructions that vary in level of detail and language depending on the client, personnel capacity, budget and objectives.

3 Website Revamp for Moxie STRATEGIES Paul&Partners

4 CODING Ampersand Use & Spacing The first major coding SEO issue I identified with your website is your constant use of Paul&Partners throughout the sites text and in your tags. Your direct navigational search traffic queries include Paul and Partners as often (if not more) than Paul & Partners. Unfortunately, even those using Paul & Partners as their search language are not going to be directed to your site. This is because you do not use a space on either side of the ampersand when you refer to your company in the text. Your intent to forgo the spaces may have been to achieve a branding effect. However, such an effect has been achieved at the cost of your sites SEO. A search engine is going to read Paul&Partners" as a single word and won't parse out the individual words. DANGER WILL ROBINSON! In order to keep the brand effect but not lose out on SEO you will want to add in the following code to around 75% of your current uses of Paul&Partners in the content so that the individual words Paul & Partners" display without a space between them but are read by the crawlers as Paul & Partners and Paul and Partners, respectively. Paul & Partners Paul and Partners Do not use this code in every instance however, because then you would no longer be found on searches for [Paul&Partners]. For further info please see this link:

5 CODING cont.... Metatags Precautions Another major issue with your website is your overuse of the same string of keyword phrases in your metatags. Metatags should be different for each page. Too much repetition is a red flag to the web crawlers and they will stop indexing your site the way you want it indexed. Hint: Each keyword in your Meta tags must also appear within your content to avoid search engine spamming penalties.

6 CODING cont.... Long Tail Keywording Your metatags are not geared towards your preferred geographic market. While it is fine to get business from anywhere, as far as searching goes, the majority of people you hope to reach will not just be searching for the best direct mail provider, they will be searching for direct mail + washington, dc or email newsletters + arlington, va etc. Therefore, Paul&Partners should add in metatags, headers and subsequent content references that will tap into the long tail of search to get you the customers with the greatest likelihood of being interested in your products and services.

7 CODING cont.... Google AdWords Coding changes will take some time to result in improved SEO. What will not take time is to go to bid on some of the same long tail search phrases mentioned on the previously slide on Google AdWords. Your competitors are already engaged in this. For example, when a search for direct mail washington, dc was entered one of the paid search results Google turned up was for OmniPrint in MD, another was for a larger company CactusPrint. If this is something that is of interest, we can discuss. At the very least we have to get you registered on Google Maps for local search.

8 Click on post-its for comments on: Prime real-estate Avoiding content overload/ crawler confusion.

9 FONT Too small of a font size + too much text = website user turn-off. All web copy content needs to be changed to Arial size 12 font. From here forward Word doc refers to web copy content changes that will accompany this Power Pt as a word.doc file.

10 Design / Brand Modernization Your website banner is like the sign above your storefront– it says a lot about you and Paul & Partners new header says: We are modern, with it, weve got your needs covered. Our work is going to inspire you to walk confidently. 1) Flash design (on the house) and SEOed. Sized to fit current website parameters.

11 USABILITY Ever been to a store where you cant move in between the racks and people very well. There are signs everywhere and you still cant tell whats what. Well, your website is that store. But never fear! In the next few slides you will find ways you can make your website easier to navigate for your customers...

12 Eliminate Competing Navigation Tools 1.Eliminate side column / create new tabs. 2.Move over text. 3.Eliminate banner mini nav bar

13 Declutter your footer/ Be Widget-wise When choosing widgets (the little insertable applications that you can have displayed on your website or blog) think about your audience... very few, if any, of your customers use the majority of the social networking sites that the current MyBlogLog widget lists. If you are going to list– stick with the more familiar sites and make sure you are comfortable with your presence on these social networking sites before you invite people to join.

14 Linkedin & Facebook LinkedIn and Facebook are the two social networking sites that make the most sense for you to use for the immediate foreseeable future.

15 SOCIAL BOOKMARKING Social bookmarking: A way of storing, classifying, sharing and searching links through the practice of folksonomy techniques on the Internet: that is, the use of tags or keywords. Del.ici.ous and Digg (logos below, respectively) are the only two social bookmarking sites you need to worry about. Though to make it worthwhile track your traffic generation and make sure you are getting your moneys worth out of the time you are putting in.

16 Declutter your footer For the type of business you are in, your website needs to speak to your superior design style sensitivities. You know better than to over clutter a postcard or brochure; dont do it to your website.

17 Update Navigation Bar Switch the navigation bar so that it says: ABOUT SERVICES RESOURCES OUR WORK PRODUCTS QUOTE All of the tabs should have their own associated pages. When you hover over the current [Contact Us] page now, the color of the tab font changes indicating there is an associated page you can click to. All of the above tabs (new and old) should have this. This means you will need to create pages for ABOUT, PRODUCTS and RESOURCES. The following slides will detail the content transfers and updates that will need to occur for each tab. New color= Millennium Cerulean ALL CAPS signifies tabs & establishes organizational supremacy. Bolded and larger tabs are proven keys to increased navigation speed.

18 [PRODUCTS] Create a new page and associate the product tab with this page. This eliminates the confusion of just having this huge drop down list. On this new page simply take links from tab drop down and cut and paste them into the main body, along with the page summarizer text from word doc.

19 [ABOUT] Create a separate page for About. Insert page summarizer text included in Word doc Nix mission link (this text has been reduced and incorporated into summarizer) Transfer over remaining 2 links to this page in this order: About Ellen Paul, letter from Ellen Paul. Add in a picture of the staff in the right hand column and insert caption underneath that says– Your smarter marketing partners. Always on your side! Your success is our success.

20 [SERVICES] Create a separate page for services. Insert page summarizer text included in Word doc.

21 [RESOURCES] Create a separate page for Resources. Insert page summarizer text included in Word doc Add these links currently in left side column into the page Direct Marketing Blog, eNewsletter, P&P FAQs & Industry Standards, Glossary of Terms, Post Office & Industry Resources, and Equipment ListDirect Marketing BlogeNewsletterP&P FAQs & Industry StandardsGlossary of TermsPost Office & Industry ResourcesEquipment List

22 [OUR WORK] Create a new page. Enter in summarizer text from word doc. Then cut the huge pdf file into lots of smaller files and save them into the file library. Upload separate hyperlinks to describe the samples. Ex: Postcards, Selfmailers It is essential to decrease the loading time of the portfolio. It MUST be chopped into pieces so people can easily access what they want and nothing else. The web experience needs to be easy and customizable to their exact needs. This is an extremely important step.

23 SERVICES Create a separate page for Services. Insert page summarizer text included in Word doc. Associate all the content hyperlinked pages currently in the services tab into this page.

24 [QUOTE] Insert explanatory text above quote request (see word doc). Change the quote form text to match the new web-copy text font and then make all the form fields bold. Nix the address field.

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