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Freelancing with Website Development

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1 Freelancing with Website Development
Mohammad Zakaria Chowdhury Director, Sylhet IT Academy

2 Overview Website Template Design Static Website HTML CSS Javascript
Dynamic Website PHP MySQL

3 1. Website Template Design

4 Website Template Design
Necessary Software Photoshop (PSD File) Illustrator Design Idea from Learn From

5 Website Template Design
Design Theory Web 2.0 Z Layout F Layout Color Theory Visual Hierarchy

6 Z Layout

7 Z Layout

8 F Layout

9 F Layout

10 Projects - Template Design
Get Projects From oDesk (5601 Projects, $5-$8/Hour) Freelancer (1855 Projects) Elance (1589 Projects, $5-15/Hour) Price: $50 - $500 Sell Templates to (446 Items) Price: $5 - $10 (Maximum: 344 Sales => $1720)

11 2. Static Website

12 Static Website - HTML What is HTML? Hyper Text Markup Language
HTML is not a programming language It is a markup language A markup language is a set of markup tags HTML uses markup tags to describe web pages Learn From

13 Static Website - CSS What is CSS? Framework Cascading Style Sheets
Styles define how to display HTML elements CSS can save a lot of design work To create similar design for all pages of a website Reusable & Easily Customizable Website design can be change by changing CSS Framework CSS Blueprint / 960 Grid System

14 Static Website - Javascript
What is Javascript JavaScript was designed to add interactivity to HTML JavaScript is a client side scripting language JavaScripts are executed on the browser A scripting language is a lightweight programming language Framework JQuery

15 Projects – PSD to HTML Get Projects From
oDesk (339 Projects, $10/Hour) Freelancer (67 Projects) Elance (107 Projects, Less than $500) Price: $50 - $500 Sell Templates to (2374 Items) Price: $3 - $25 (Maximum: 3235 Sales => $32,350)

16 3. Dynamic Website

17 Dynamic Website - PHP What is PHP? PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
PHP is a server-side scripting language PHP scripts are executed on the server PHP supports many databases (MySQL, Oracle) PHP is an open source software Learn From

18 Dynamic Website - MySQL
What is MySQL? MySQL is a database server MySQL is ideal for both small and large applications MySQL supports standard SQL How to Start? Install Apache Server > XAMPP

19 Open Source Scripts CodeIgniter Wordpress Joomla osCommerce Magento

20 Projects – PHP/MySQL Get Projects From
oDesk (8620 Projects, $5-$15/Hour) Freelancer (2429 Projects) Elance (2332 Projects) Price: $50 - $5,000 Sell Templates to (1464 Wordpress Items) Price: $12 - $60 (Max: 9422 Sales => $1,64,885)

21 For More Information Blog -
Site - Group -

22 Thank You

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