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22 May 2007ECASBA SEMINAR1 EU Developments 2007 ECASBA SEMINAR BRUSSELS May 22nd 2007.

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1 22 May 2007ECASBA SEMINAR1 EU Developments 2007 ECASBA SEMINAR BRUSSELS May 22nd 2007

2 22 May 2007ECASBA SEMINAR2 European Commission appointed until 2009 President: Jos é Barroso Transport: Jaques Barrot (TREN) Maritime Policy: Joe Borg (Taskforce) Customs: László Kovács (TAXUD) Justice and Home Affairs: Franco Frattini (JAI) External Relations: Benita Ferrero-Waldner (RELEX)

3 22 May 2007ECASBA SEMINAR3 European Policy Context Transport White paper (2001) Tackle congestion and pollution through modal shift Mid-Term Review White Paper (2006) Sustainable mobility and co-modality Lisbon Agenda (2001) Make Europe most successful knowledge based economy Sustainable Development Strategy (01) Consolidate or enhance current environmental state

4 22 May 2007ECASBA SEMINAR4 Presentation Points of Attention Green Paper on Maritime Policy Consultation Port Policy Consultation Logistics Action Plan and Bottleneck Exercise Air Quality and Climate Change 2nd Reading Imminent and Political Decisions

5 22 May 2007ECASBA SEMINAR5 Green Paper on Maritime Policy Consultation: Started in June 2006 Concludes end of June 2007 Many positions have been sent in and are online on web Positions will be summarized in a Communication to be adopted October 10th A second Communication to be adopted at the same date will outline the Commission Action Plan German Presidency new elements: PSSAs, diesel Following points likely to be included:

6 22 May 2007ECASBA SEMINAR6 Green Paper on Maritime Policy - bis 31 Concepts: Common European maritime space Offshore activities of governments Maritime surveillance Use of naval capabilities for civil purposes Maritime spatial planning on coastal waters Follow-up of regulatory problems identified by stakeholders Analysis of options for EU role in international maritime organisations Maritime Policy Dialogue with EU Neighbours

7 22 May 2007ECASBA SEMINAR7 Green Paper on Maritime Policy - ter Best practice awards for Maritime Industry Annual conference on best practice in maritime governance Ship de-pollution and dismantling Reduction of Air Pollution by Ships High seas biodiversity Whales Improve the fight against Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing Promoting best practice and interlinkages for clusters in both national and regional contexts

8 22 May 2007ECASBA SEMINAR8 Green Paper on Maritime Policy - quater Labour mobility/joint labour pool for maritime clusters Review of exclusions applying to maritime sector Research Interaction and convergence of Ocean-related (Biological, chemical and physical) data services – European Marine Observation and EU Atlas of the Sea Improving sectoral (ocean and coastal) socio- economic data at EU-level Certificate of Maritime Excellence

9 22 May 2007ECASBA SEMINAR9 Green Paper on Maritime Policy - quinies Defining the framework for emerging lead markets (blue biotech, renewable energy) Carbon sequestration in the Seabed Energy Inventory of risk reduction policies and responses at EU-level, including coastal defence mechanisms and plans that exist in Member States and at EU- level Sustainable marine tourism and fisheries Future EU funding for maritime policy goals (regional level) Harnessing the development of Europe s outermost maritime regions and islands

10 22 May 2007ECASBA SEMINAR10 Port Policy - Topics Relations port authorities and service providers Tendering procedures Competition, dominant position and market consolidation Public service obligations Specialisation and coordination of port activities Port zoning

11 22 May 2007ECASBA SEMINAR11 Port Policy – Topics / Bis Port financing State aid guidelines Transparency directive Port charging and infrastructure charging

12 22 May 2007ECASBA SEMINAR12 Port Policy – Topics / 3 Sustainable port development Birds and Habitat Directive (Natura 2000) Dredging limitations (Waste, Water Framework, Landfil Directives) Air quality Shore side electricity Waste Reception Facilities Coastal spatial planning Motorways of the Sea and Marco Polo

13 22 May 2007ECASBA SEMINAR13 Port Policy – Topics / 4 Port labour and technical-nautical services Monopolies and public service providers Limitations to market access Social dialogue Quality of employment

14 22 May 2007ECASBA SEMINAR14 Port Policy – Topics / 5 Ports and the supply chain Logistics policy NAIADES Logistic security ICT integration of modes Co-modality

15 22 May 2007ECASBA SEMINAR15 Port Policy – Topics / 6 Overall port competitiveness and relations with non-EU ports Market structure in terms of competition; intra- and interport competition Competition in the Mediterranean, Baltic and in short also Black Sea Consolidation trends in the market

16 22 May 2007ECASBA SEMINAR16 Port Policy – Topics / 7 General Provision of sufficient port capacity Further integration of ports in TEN-T Interrelation with customs policy Interrelation with Green Paper on maritime policy NEW: further emphasis on climate warming combatting measures expected

17 22 May 2007ECASBA SEMINAR17 Port Policy - Consultation Commission Consultations Finished Consultation Topics: Relations port authorities – service providers State aid Environmental restrictions and port cooperation Labour relations and technical-nautical services Logistic Chain Non-EU competition

18 22 May 2007ECASBA SEMINAR18 Port Policy - Bis Commission will conclude consultation end of May at ESPO Conference Algeciras Commission is expected to produce first text by October 17th 2007. State aid guidelines are expected the first document to appear

19 22 May 2007ECASBA SEMINAR19 European Port Policy - ter Stakeholders generally have the feeling that extra legislation is unnecessary Market access: legislation to be avoided. Port authorities generally have and should have the flexibility in determining the best operators. This has particular importance for prolongations and extensions. State Aid: legal principles and clear categories should suffice

20 22 May 2007ECASBA SEMINAR20 European Port Policy - Quater Environment: A revision of the Birds and Habitat Directive in order to incorporate more appropriately the economic and social dimension Port cooperation: Market principles should have preference Labour relations: it seems advisable to keep divergent issues away from Commission involvement. One way of doing that could be to have a social dialogue on EU policy.

21 22 May 2007ECASBA SEMINAR21 Logistics Consultation concluded Impact assessment performed Bottleneck exercise started up Action Plan

22 Logistics -bis Action Plan: Commission Communication foreseen October 2007 Impact assessment Selection of possible topics: - e-freight intelligent transport systems - quality - simplification - vehicle dimensions & loading standards - green corridors - urban transport/logistics

23 Logistics - ter Heritage: 45 foot: declaration Commissioner that exception status is available for 45 to those enviseaging it – start for exception cascade EILU and Freight Integrator Action Plan: Integrated in Logistics policy

24 22 May 2007ECASBA SEMINAR24 Logistics - quater Bottleneck exercise started up Meeting revealed a massive number of bottlenecks Significant part of the bottlenecks national Division of remaining bottlenecks in infrastructural, operational and administrative. Ownership of bottlenecks and Groups asked by May 25th. Plenary meetings expected to be 6-monthly; working groups in between Stakeholders requested representation of other COMM Directorates

25 22 May 2007ECASBA SEMINAR25 Air Quality and Climate Change Air Quality Directive will go in second reading September 2007 Biofuel Directive (2003) to be revised in 2007 Sulphur Directive (2005) to be revised in 2008 Recommendation on Shore Side Electricity (2006) Political objective to introduce shipping into Emission Trading System

26 22 May 2007ECASBA SEMINAR26 Air Quality and Climate Change - bis Political Objective to expand PSSAs: Baltic, North Sea, and others to follow Establishment of EP Committee on Climate Change Establishment of a Green Paper on Climate Change Political proposals to ban heavy fuel in EU waters

27 Third Maritime Safety Package - Plenary voted on draft proposals in March and April - port state control - expansion of inspections to vessels with high risk profile & oil/chemical tankers and passenger ships above 12 years - extension role pilots in detecting shortcomings - support for incorporation 2006 ILO maritime labour Convention in EC law - vessel traffic & monitoring information system - vessels in distress to be accepted in places of refuge - MS ensure compensation of costs & economic loss for ports - equip vessels between EU ports with LRIT ( long range identification and tracking system)

28 Third Maritime Safety Package-bis - investigation of accidents - MS obliged to open safety investigation after marine incident - strengthen independence investigative body - liability of carriers of passenger - civil liability & financial guarantee of shipowners - all TRAN Committee amendments endorsed, including the controversial ones - ship inspection & survey organisations - assessment committee monitoring work & quality of classification bodies - flag state control - support Commission proposal - providing MS more flexibility on implementation IMO conventions at national level

29 Third Maritime Safety Package -ter - Council expected to present a common position for second reading on 6 June 2007 - German Presidency intention for Council Decision on draft proposal Port State Control at Transport Council meeting in June - Transport Council of Ministers has abstained from discussing proposed Directive on flag state control & civil liability/ financial guarantees for shipowners

30 SSS- Short Sea Shipping Short Sea Shipping - 2003: SSS Promotion Porgamme; 14 actions - 2006: Mid-Term Review; evaluation & analysis 14 actions - 14 actions divided into legislative, technical & operational : 1. implementation Directive on certain reporting formalities for ships (IMO-FAL) 2. Marco Polo - ensure utilisation MP to the benefit of SSS until 2010 & beyond 3. Intermodal loading units - not advanced 4. MoS - new benchmark needs to be set for making first MoS operational; deadline 2010 - MoS quality label for logistics excellence in SSS? 5. Environmental performance SSS - continuation of environmental strategy

31 SSS-bis Short Sea Shipping 6. Guide customs procedure for SSS - last update 2004; further updates after adoption of the modernized customs code 7. Identification & elimination of obstacles - continuation of solving identified obstacles & identification of further obstacles (especially in new MS & port sector) 8. Approximation of national applications & computerisation of Community customs procedures - continuation of work in customs contact groups to harmonise national legal & local applications 9. Research & technological development - SSS priority in 7th Framework Prog. as part of waterborne platform

32 SSS-ter: 10. One-stop administrative shops - continue promotion 11. SSS focal points - work continues by meetings focal points 12. Shortsea promotion centres - extension scope SPCs - secure medium-term financial security for SPCs 13. Promotion image SSS - improving integration SSS in multimodal logistics supply chain 14. Statistical information - finetuning of conversion matrix & final realisation of a single statistical source for tonne-kilometre data

33 Other issues Motorways of the Sea - Currently 30 priority projects; 4 done - TEN-T programme 2007-2013 - 1st call end 2007 (projects) - Vademecum expected October 2007 Marco Polo II - first call (catalyst, modal shift, MoS, traffic avoidance & common learning actions) has been postponed until the 6 th of July 2007

34 22 May 2007ECASBA SEMINAR34 Other issues - bis Dredging: Waste Directive amendment ESPO/FEPORT/ECSA adopted to exclude non-polluted dredged substances. Council and Parliament agreement on this issue Naiades, inland navigation policy, progressing RIS AIS (slightly modified in IWT) ERINOT, PAXLIST, BERMAN II, ERIMAN, WASDIS

35 22 May 2007ECASBA SEMINAR35 Other issues - ter Security: Critical infrastructure – opposed Minimum security standards – opposed Logistics security – under re-assessment AEO – New Guidelines expected June 2007 100% container scanning - opposed

36 22 May 2007ECASBA SEMINAR36 Thank you for your attention

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