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YOUR LOGO. Finally... The About Weight-Management Truth.

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2 Finally... The About Weight-Management Truth

3 weight-loss. Conventional diets emphasize weight-loss. Weight-Loss vs. Fat-Loss key The key to permanent weight-management difference is understanding the difference between weight-lossfat-loss. weight-loss and fat-loss. Why All Commercial Diets Fail

4 Fat is stored energy Your body will adapt to starvation Physiological FACTS You Cant Starve Fat..! requires oxygen Fat requires oxygen to be burned requires exercise Oxygen requires exercise

5 genetically different People are genetically different individual lifestyles People live individual lifestyles One Size Does NOT Fit All Personalization is the Key To Your Success.. food preferences Individual food preferences caloric intake requirements Individual caloric intake requirements

6 9 calories in one gram of fat 3,500 calories = 1 pound of fat Restricted Calorie Dieting By the Numbers The Big Myth... 3,000 calories = typical American daily intake

7 The Big Myth... continued

8 The body is efficient at storing fat Most diets dont include any activity - no oxygen Conventional Diets Lose Muscle... Not Fat! Easier to convert muscle into energy Conventional diets starve muscle Faulty in Design....

9 Starvation Restricted calories = Starvation Hormonal Imbalances Restricted calories = Hormonal Imbalances Conventional Diets Can Cause Damage! Compromised Immune System Restricted calories = Compromised Immune System Agitated Nervous System Restricted calories = Agitated Nervous System It Gets Even Worse..!

10 Age: 40 Body-Fat: 24% A Typical Dieter Height: 6 1 Weight: 200 lbs Meet Joe Dieter Daily Caloric Intake: 3,000 Two Big Meals per day PhysicalCharacteristics

11 Calorie intake reduced to 2,000 per day Typical Dieter: 2 Weeks Restricted Calorie Protocol Results: Weight drops to 190 in just 2 weeks Symptoms: Metabolic rate declines / sluggish

12 Calorie intake cut to 1,500 per day Typical Dieter: 5 Weeks Plateau Busters Program Results: Weight drops to 180 Symptoms: requires sleep / sluggish / headaches Cravings: sugars and fat

13 Results = 170 lbs after 10 weeks Typical Dieter Results: 10 Weeks What Happened..? Body-fat = 22% Lost 30 lbs Lost 2% body-fat Post Diet Stats: Program Results:

14 Age: 41 Typical Dieter: 1 Year Later It Got Worse... Weight: 203 lbs Body-fat: 32% Calorie intake: 2,000 1,000 less calories than last year!

15 Old: You must conform to our program Concept of Individuality Different Philosophies... You New: Our program will conform to You

16 Height You are Unique! Physical Characteristics Weight Gender Ethnicity Age Body-fat Stress Genetics

17 Nutrition Elements of Individuality Exercise Supplementation Supplementation * (optional)

18 Nutrition Calorie Requirements Metabolism Individual Mechanisms...

19 Nutrition Protein Carb Fat * Often indicated by food preferences...

20 Exercise - American Medical Association - Council on Scientific Affairs 1991

21 Aerobic exercise Anaerobic exercise Fat requires oxygen to be burned Oxygen results from exercise Exercise

22 Why Supplement? Cooking / Heat Pesticides / Chemicals Modified animal feed Modern technology depletes foods through: Genetically altered foods

23 How to Achieve Your Goals fat-loss Focus on fat-loss instead of weight loss your body works Discover more about how your body works expert Learn more about foods - become an expert YOUR bodys needs Design a menu for YOUR bodys needs

24 How to Achieve Your Goals fitness expert Retain a fitness expert exercise programYOU Design an exercise program around YOU 4 days Exercise at least 4 days per week YOUR progress Chart YOUR progress - every day!

25 How to Achieve Your Goals Nutritional Supplements Learn about Nutritional Supplements Food first! Take only that which you need. Food first! Consistent Be Consistent

26 How to Achieve Your Goals Take Make the healthy lifestyle commitment for a Lifetime! Action!

27 Thank You...! YOUR LOGO

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