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New Prefixes for the Dictionary

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1 New Prefixes for the Dictionary
Meaning Example Milli 1/1000 millimeter Centi 1/100 Centimeter Deci 1/10 Decimeter Deka 10x Dekameter Heka 100x Hekameter Kilo 1000x Kilometer

2 Learning Target I will collaborate with my table and class and learn how to use the chart to convert within the metric system.

3 Class Challenge Everyone scores 3 out of 3 –
It never has happened before. Doesn’t mean it can’t happen now!

4 You need scratch paper today:
There are 1000 meters in a kilometer. How many meters are there in 6.62 kilometers? There are 1/1000 meters in a millimeter. How many millimeters are there in 3 kilometers?

5 Far Side – Sort Of

6 Announcements: 1) Video homework will be accepted late, but looks bad on progress report. 2) Look for a project over break! The more you share with me, the better your chances. 3) Quiz retakes after school Thursday, 10/17. Meeting today – can’t do it.

7 Measuring

8 What are three things we can measure?
#1 – Weight (Mass) We use “grams” #2 – Volume We use “liters.” #3 – Distance We use “meters.”

9 Converting within the Metric System
Its as easy as moving the decimal point.

10 The Table is the Key 7 Kilo 6 Heka 5 Deka 4 3 Deci 2 Centi 1 Milli
1000x 100x 10x 1x 1/10x 1/100x 1/ K H Da No Prefix D C M

11 For Example: I want to convert 3 KILOMETERS to MILIMETERS.
Grab your table and let’s begin.

12 Answer the Following: Which number is kilo? Which number is mili?
What is the difference between the two? 7 (kilo) – 1 (mili) = 6 WE WILL MOVE THE DECIMAL 6 PLACES! (But, in which direction?)

13 If we move between Kilo and Mili on the table…..
In which direction are we moving? Right or left? RIGHT We will move the decimal SIX places to the RIGHT.

14 Summary 3 Kilometers = milimeters A very long road!

15 The instructions written on your chart
1) Write down the number for the first prefix 2) Write down the number for the second prefix 3) Subtract the two numbers 4) Determine which direction you move on the table between the two 5) Move the decimal

16 Another Problem I want to convert 3 dl to 3 hl
What is the first number? What is the last number? What is the difference between the two?

17 6 – 3 = 3! Which direction? Left

18 Summary: 3 deciliters = .003 hekaliters

19 WARNINGS If there is NO PREFIX, this means we are talking about #4 on the table. If there is one letter, that means that we are talking about #4 on the table. One M ALONE stands for Meter – not Mili! When moving to the left, if there are no more numbers, you need to include a zero for each space you need to move.

20 Practice Problems 50 meters = ???? Km 2.3 mL = ???? cL
.001 hg = ???? g

21 Practice problems 4) 84 dg = _______ cg 5) 100 L = __________ Kl
6) hm = __________ m 7) 16.1 mm = __________ hm

22 Answers: 4) 840 cg 5) .1 KL 6) 8234 m 7) hm

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