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1 SKYLER WHALEN AKA “Gunny Whalen”

2 Allegations Claims: United States Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant
Been to Combat (4) different times Combat Action Ribbon with (3) stars Silver Star recipient Drill Instructor With (1) stars Navy/Marine Corps Medal recipient Recruiter Afghanistan (twice) Iraq Selected Marine Reserve Medal (twice)

3 Allegations Cont… Has been in Force Reconnaissance Company since March of 2009 Is associated with a Col James Masterson He claims he is the Commanding officer of 1ST Recon Batt (as he spells it) The Co of 1ST Recon Bn is not an 0-6, nor is it this individual.


5 Uniform discrepancies

6 Uniform discrepancies
1.) Silver Star – No record of a “GySgt or SSgt, or Sgt, or Cpl, or LCpl” Whalen receiving a Silver Star. 2.) Navy Marine Corps Medal – Out of all the Marines I have ever served with I have NEVER seen this awarded. (including Marines who have received Silver Stars and Navy Crosses) 3.) Combat Action Ribbon (with 3 stars) – Given out for separate conflicts, i.e. (1) for Iraq and (1) for Afghanistan, (1) for Somalia, (1) for Gulf War, (1) for Grenada – I dought this person is near 50 years old. 4.) Selected Marine Corps Reserve Medal – he is not a reservist. 5.) Drill Instructor (with 1 star) not how the ribbon is awarded, not a drill instructor. 6.) Also was a recruiter? 7.) National Defense Medial (with 1 star) 8.) Jump wings and Marine Combat Diver breast insignia – Contacted those school houses, did not attend.

7 Uniform Discrepancies
Out of Height and Weight standards. Belt length at least (3) inches too long. - Pants not fitted properly -Broke d**k shirt that doesn’t fit Looks about 16 years old.


9 Summery This person is not who he says he is. Is NOT a Marine
Not a Reconnaissance Man Is not a member of ANY Force Reconnaissance Company Did not go to Basic Airborne School Did not go to Marine Combat Diver School Did not receive Silver Star Did not Receive Navy Marine Corps Medal Was not a Drill Instructor Was not a Recruiter Is (10) years too young to be the rank he claims to be.

10 Acknowledgements All of the photos of the individual in question were obtained from the individual’s Facebook website.

11 Location His Facebook page states that he is from and lives in Kingman AZ. Note the railroad abutment and fill.

12 Location

13 Location Note the small, square house. - Note the RV in the drive way.

14 Location Small, square house - Appear to be an RV

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