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Race Color Religion Sex (gender) National Origin Ancestry Disability Age.

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2 Race Color Religion Sex (gender) National Origin Ancestry Disability Age

3 Excluding students with disabilities from honors and awards Only considering men for a custodian position because the job requires lifting Separate tutoring requirement for all students of a particular race that did not score proficient on the MAP Only asking students of a particular race if they are homeless or migrant

4 Non-renewing a bus driver because of age Favoring students because they go to church with you Refusing a promotion to someone because she is pregnant Excluding a student from a school activity because she is pregnant

5 1. Unwelcome And 2.Offensive to the reasonable person


7 Any unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature, whether the behavior is written, verbal, or physical.

8 Quid Pro Quo: Supervisor or person in control conditioning action on sex, date, etc. Hostile Environment: Words or actions so pervasively offensive that they alter the working conditions.

9 As an employee of Willow Springs R- IV Schools, you have a duty to provide a learning environment that is free of sexual harassment. As an employee you are obligated to foster a working environment that is free of sexual harassment.

10 Conditioning grade on kiss Racial slurs or jokes Allowing students to pick on a student because the student has a disability Giving choice work assignments or better evaluations to persons if they date you Discussing how bi-racial children should not have been born.

11 Sexual or gender based jokes or teasing Words such as honey, sweetie or babe Wolf whistles or other derogatory noises Rumors about a persons sex life Comments about a persons body Derogatory comments based on gender

12 Excessive touching of students Discussions of sexual activity, sexual innuendo Suggestive pictures, calendars E-mailing sexually suggestive messages Condoning bra-snapping, reaching under skirts, touching genital areas Name-calling: homo, fag, slut, gay, etc.

13 Obscene posters, cartoons, and pin-ups Computer graphics and obscene messages on computer bulletin boards. Offensive models, statues, and figurines Inappropriate clothing

14 Staring Physical gestures that have a sexual connotation Suggestive looks and facial expressions that have sexual implications Blocking the pathway of another to make a sexual advance.

15 Sexual harassment is most prevalent in (elementary, middle, or high) schools. (choose one) Answer: Middle School Where in the school environment does most sexual harassment occur? Answer: School Bus What percent of girls experience some form of sexual harassment during their K-12 education? Answer: 80%

16 What do we know about sexual harassment? (continued) A one-time comment, joke, or verbal innuendo does not constitute sexual harassment. Answer: True Verbal forms of sexual harassment are considered least offensive, but can become the basis for sexual harassment if comments are persistent. The number of sexual harassment claims by males is increasing. Answer: True I didnt mean anything by it is a valid defense to excuse offensive behavior. False It is the impact, not the intent, that is important.

17 An act that is severe, persistent, or pervasive. Limits a students ability to participate in, or benefit from, an educational program, or Creates a hostile or abusive environment.

18 A Student Issue A Employee Issue Anyone can be a victim or perpetrator of sexual harassment

19 Sexual harassment behavior can be a career killer. Even unsubstantiated allegations can be very damaging. Dont take unnecessary risks!

20 Peer-to-peer sexual harassment among students. Sexual harassment behavior between school staff members including administrators. Inappropriate touching of students by teachers and staff members. Inappropriate behavior of coaches in athletic programs.

21 Take prompt action and stop the harassment. Report all incidents to the appropriate school administrator. Provide the names of all parties involved and any witnesses Help document exactly what was said or done. Remember that liability begins when nothing is done!

22 Hook up at school – no kissing or touching E-mail or write love letters at school Keep each other from doing your job Bring your relationship to school Turn a welcome relationship into an unwelcome one

23 Date a student Talk about dating a student in the future Kiss or fondle a student Write love notes to a student Use obscene language around a student Discuss sexual relationships with a student outside of an approved class curriculum

24 Inviting students to home or going to students home Friendships with students Transporting students Relationships with teachers assistants Extracurricular/after-school activities Special education students Cards/letters/e-mails to individual students



27 Title IX Compliance Coordinator

28 Serious offense. Protected by law.

29 Written complaint Interview Testimony at a hearing

30 Additional training Letter to the personnel file Suspension Loss of extra duties Reassignment Termination Jail

31 Additional training Letter to the personnel file Suspension Loss of extra duties Reassignment Termination Jail (mandated reporter)

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