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Take Notes like your life depended on it. OMG, J/K, J/K

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1 Take Notes like your life depended on it. OMG, J/K, J/K
Napoleon Take Notes like your life depended on it. OMG, J/K, J/K

2 Who was Napoleon? Napoleon Bonaparte was an officer when the French Revolution began. In 1799 he staged a coup and declared himself first consul of France. He is important because he ended the Chaos of the French Revolution. Also because he spread the ideals of the Revolution all over Europe.

3 5 years later he declared himself Emperor of France.
He reformed the laws of France. The reforms are known as the Napoleonic Code. They included Enlightenment principles like Equality, and religious toleration.

4 What did the British think of Napoleon?
They called him the “Corsican Crocodile” because he was born on the island of Corsica. Who are the Frogs?

5 What did the Germans think of Napoleon?
Germans didn’t like Napoleon much either. That’s because he conquered almost all of Europe. Where does this picture suggest Napoleon came from?

6 How did the French see him?
Napoleon was very popular in France. His reign ended the chaos of the French Revolution and his military victories brought glory to France.

7 Napoleon became Emperor of France.
He crowned his wife Josephine Empress.

8 As Emperor Napoleon built an empire.
He conquered Belgium, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. The rest of European countries were allies of France except Portugal, England and Russia.

9 When he conquered Italy he declared himself Emperor of Italy too.
To isolate England, Napoleon began the Continental System. Basically England wasn’t allowed to trade with Europe.

10 Napoleon made a mistake. He invaded Russia.
His “Grand Army” was defeated in Russia by “General Famine and General Winter.”

11 Napoleons 100 Days After his defeat by Russia, Napoleon lost power and was sent to the island of Elba. Louis XVI’s brother Louis XVIII became King. Napoleon came back and took power again. He remained in power only 100 more days. He was finally defeated at the Battle of Waterloo by the British and Prussian Armies.

12 After he was defeated he was sent into exile on the island of Saint Helena.
The rest of Europe was pretty happy to be rid of him and the French Revolution.

13 Napoleon died on Saint Helena.
At the time his doctor said he died of Stomach Cancer. People have speculated that he may have in fact been poisoned.

14 After his death his body was brought back to France and entombed.
His tomb is really big.

15 One last thing Napoleon was probably about 5’2.
That’s why in caricatures he is always really short.

16 Review 1. Why is Napoleon important?
2. What was his nickname in England? 3. What was Napoleons worst mistake? 4. What is Waterloo known for? 5. How does Napoleon compare to Alexander the Great? Julius Caesar?

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