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Advanced Energy Conference New York, NY October 31, 2012

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1 Advanced Energy Conference New York, NY October 31, 2012
The Architecture of the Next Generation Control Centers Anjan Bose Washington State University Pullman, WA Advanced Energy Conference New York, NY October 31, 2012

2 Tomorrow’s Power System
Managing Future Power System Complexity will Require a New Grid Operating System

3 Drivers for the New Generation EMS
Tectonic Changes in the Electricity Grid The power system is revolutionizing at an exponential pace into a highly interconnected, complex, and interactive network of power systems, telecommunications, the Internet, and electronic commerce applications Drivers of Change Variable Generation Demand Response Electric Vehicles Smart Meters Distributed Generation PMUs Communications

4 RC1 RCi RC10 CC1 CCj CC10 Sub1 Subk Sub100 Act1-10 Sen1-100


6 Why is the New Generation EMS going to be fundamentally different?
More Real Time data Phasor Measurements Data from distribution (DG, DR, EV, MG, etc.) Faster Communications – Larger Volumes Intelligent Substations Distributed Database Architecture is Different

7 Proposed Communications

8 PMU Communications

9 Each Application – Different Data
Monitoring at the control center Needs all data points But at slow rates (every few seconds) Special Protection Schemes Needs few data points But at fast rates (many times a second) Each application must access this data in a different way Moving real time data from source to application is a complex optimization task

10 Data Base Issues Real time data base must be distributed
Large amounts of calculated data must be part of this data base Static data base must be distributed Historical data base will require still another design Substation data bases and system level data bases have to be coordinated All data bases in the same interconnection will have to be coordinated Standards will be key

11 Potential New Applications
Distributed vs Centralized More calculations done at substations (e.g. Distributed State Estimator) Automatic vs Manual Closing the loop (e.g. Oscillation Detection vs Oscillation Control) Wide-area control/protection (e.g. more SPS, more FACTS control) Model based control (e.g. SE based SCOPF)

12 Where are we on this path?
PMU deployment and Substation Automation Distribution Automation (including smart meters and smart customers) ARRA Projects a big boost ($9B) New Applications lagging Need more interconnection-wide coordination Need Utility-Vendor Partnerships

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