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The PC role: models of service delivery Matthew J. Sullivan, Ph.D.

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1 The PC role: models of service delivery Matthew J. Sullivan, Ph.D.


3 PC Survey Kirkland and Sullivan (submitted to FCR) 54 PCs, 20 Questions 44% psychologists 19% MSW 15% Masters level counselors 11% Bachelors level counselors 11% attorneys

4 PC Survey 18 years total practice experience 8 years practicing as PC Percent of practice 5-70% 40% on average

5 PC Survey Fees $20-400, $200 average 90% retainer, 20 hours typical Term 2-3 years to open ended 92% Use of collateral sources Complaints 11% formal complaints, 1 civil suit, none sustained


7 Essential elements of PC services Evaluative/Assessment – Methods of assessment – Appointment comes with CE – Formal methods, impasse model

8 Communication Protocols and Procedures


10 Communications protocols and procedures – Clients: Access to the process, communication with coparent, communication with others – PC: contact with parents; children; professionals - attorneys, therapists (parents,children), others - significant others, coaches, teachers

11 Access to information – Previous (health, MH) - parents and children – Current – Substance abuse, medication – Collaborative teams of professionals confidentiality

12 Facilitation of agreements – Is it mediation? Methods of generating agreements (dispute resolution in the PC process) – Working with parenting plan - structure, defaults, eliminating gray areas

13 Arbitration/decision-making – Shifting to decision-making - demarcation – Rules of Arbitration – Scope, expertise, evaluation, use of 3rd parties

14 Documentation Within the process, in relation to the court Confidentiality, use in court Writing orders/recommendations/agreements Writing reports


16 Case Management – Monitoring and enforcement of parenting plan – Professional teams - referrals, coordination of interventions – Terms, fees

17 Review of work (decisions and conduct) – Procedures for objections – Relationship of PC process to the court None, de novo, subordinate judicial process that is appealed with a standard of review Grievances - procedures Multiple review bodies for professional conduct – Courts, professional licensing board, professional organization (APA, ABA), civil lawsuit

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